We’re Only Human 25: How to Forecast Hiring Needs Like H&R Block

Hosted by

Ben Eubanks

Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

About this episode

Guest: Kristi Jones, H&R Block

How do you forecast hiring needs before you need to start recruiting? What’s the difference between working as a recruit and leading a team of recruiters?

In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, Ben speaks with Kristi Jones, a sharp talent acquisition leader at H&R Block to learn the answers to these and other questions, such as how to build high-quality relationships between hiring managers and recruiters (hint: show them your data, don’t hide it). Additionally, we discuss how to create strong talent pools when you don’t have the luxury of “just in time” recruiting methods.

While H&R Block is commonly known as a “stuffy tax company,” Kristi and her team are doing some incredibly innovative work around forecasting, hiring, and more. For instance, does your business hire seasonally? Well, in the US nothing is more seasonal than taxes, and H&R Block is one of the biggest dogs on the porch (to use a Southern phrase). They are able to use hiring funnel data to back into their sourcing, screening, and pipeline needs to meet incredibly tight timelines for hiring.


If you enjoy this episode, be sure to reach out to Kristi and connect! She loves to network with other passionate HR leaders: Twitter / Linkedin

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