We’re Only Human

Hosted by Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. Ben highlights how modern technology and new ways of working are creating a more people-centric workplace.

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Ben Eubanks

Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

We’re Only Human Episodes


We’re Only Human 39 – Pricing Skills Versus Jobs with Labor Market Intelligence

Today’s workplace is more flexible and fluid than ever before. In some cases, jobs are too broad, vague, and slow-moving to account for the speed of business.

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We’re Only Human 38 – How to Approach HR like a CFO

We hear all the time that HR needs to be more financially minded. It’s too soft. The problem is when Ben asks audiences how many get into HR because they like ROI, numbers, and data, two hands go up.

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We’re Only Human 36 – Delivering HR Technology for 75,000 Global Employees

Ben interviews Jim Rhodes, VP of HR Information Systems at Emerson Electric, a firm with a global workforce of more than 75,000.

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We’re Only Human 35 – Stomping out Stereotypes with AARP’s Heather Tinsley-Fix

When we think AARP we think retirement, but with more workers staying in the workforce even longer than ever before, the organization is increasingly focusing on careers and employment conversations to guide its members.

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We’re Only Human 34 – How Delta Airlines Designs its Candidate Experience

One of the negative consequences of today’s talent acquisition processes is that we have so many more candidates that don’t get picked for open jobs. With one-click apply, the availability of job boards, and other technologies to lower the friction of applying for jobs, employers have more candidates than ever flowing through their applications.

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We’re Only Human 33:Open Sourcing the Recruiting Playbook at Northwestern Mutual

What if you had a way to continuously research and qualify candidates, creating a never-ending pipeline of interested individuals ready to take the jobs your company is hiring for?

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We’re Only Human 28: Four Millennial Myths to Avoid

In this episode, Ben talks with Kristina Minyard about some of the comments that are directed at Millennials around the world.

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We’re Only Human 27: How McDonald’s Measures Learning Outcomes

In this episode, Ben is joined by Kevin M. Yates to look at a question for HR leaders: What’s the ROI of the investments and effort you’re putting into your work?

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We’re Only Human 26: Make the Most of Your Next HR Conference

In this episode, Ben talks to Donna Quinney on the topic: How to get the most out of the HR conferences that you attend.

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We’re Only Human 25: How to Forecast Hiring Needs Like H&R Block

In this episode, Ben speaks with Kristi Jones, talent acquisition at H&R Block, to discuss how to build relationships between hiring managers and recruiters.

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