The Play by Play – The New World of eCommerce with special guest Game Time

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The Play by Play – The New World of eCommerce with special guest Game Time

Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talk about all things retail, eCommerce and the role of digital media.

– The shift from in-person to online shopping

– The impact of digital media on retail

– The Play by Play Top Ten

– Game time with a special guest


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Transcript follows:

Jack McFarlane 0:06
Hi, everyone, and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Network. This is The Play by Play podcast hosted by myself, Jack McFarlane, and Nick Schlemmer.

Nick Schlemmer 0:13
Hey guys, how’s it going?

Jack McFarlane 0:15
We have another very exciting episode planned for you guys today. And we just wanted to say thank you so much for tuning in once again. And for all the continued support you guys have given us through 13 episodes.

Nick Schlemmer 0:25
13 episodes, that’s what we’re on now. Number, the big one, three, the big one, three, man, if time times flying, and I don’t know about you, but like, since our last episode, it’s only been a couple of weeks. But I was thinking about it before we started recording. And I was like, man, we haven’t done this in a while. It hasn’t been that long. But in my head, it’s like, ya.

Jack McFarlane 0:43
I know, I feel the same way. Well, I think you know, we got a great thing going and we’re putting out great content. So I’m definitely liking the direction that we’re heading. All right. Well, with that being said, let’s jump right into it. So segment one today, guys, we’re gonna be talking all about Prime Day. And what’s known as the Amazon effect. currently recording this is the first day of Prime Day, July 11. And I believe it runs through the 12 or 13. And this has been something that Amazon has been doing for a number of years now. Which it basically is like a big blowout sale, you know, back in the day at like a Macy’s or Kohl’s. It’s just a way for them to bring in a lot of money during the downtime of the summer, you know, right before school starting, but not quite back to school. Yep. It’s the sudden Black Friday, the summer Black Friday, that is a great way to put it. Yeah. But they this has really been like a detrimental thing for in person stores and just other online retailers. And this has become known as the Amazon effect.

Nick Schlemmer 1:52
Yeah. And then I don’t know if you’ve ever taken part of this. But this is the first time we’ve ever actually ordered something during the Amazon Prime couple days. I’ve only ordered one thing. But I mean, it was delivered. I ordered it last night it was delivered today. I mean, fast shipping, like, couldn’t be any happier with it.

Jack McFarlane 2:11
Yeah. And that is part of the Amazon effect is not only the reduced prices, but the incredible shipping. So what the Amazon effect means is basically a term for all digital shopping, not just Amazon, but definitely kick started by Amazon back in 2012. I believe it’s when it really took off. And it’s really just kind of a term for the shift from, you know, in person to online shopping. And I think the biggest factor is the speed of how quickly you can get items online, just like you mentioned.

Nick Schlemmer 2:42
Yeah, I mean, whenever it says if you order it within these five hours, you could potentially get it that same day. Like if it’s still in the business hours, you could get that same day, which I mean, like you said, like something Amazon is doing with that is it’s just incredible how they’re able to produce these times to get it from your laptop, clicking place order to your front door.

Jack McFarlane 3:03
Yeah, it’s truly crazy. Because the big drawback used to be you will you can get it online, and it might be a little cheaper, but you’re gonna have to wait may take two weeks like yeah, you don’t know how long it’s going to take, you know, going in store, you get it that day. But now it’s turned to you might get it that day. Most you’ll get it the next day. Yeah, most you’ll get it tomorrow, which is incredible. I mean, they experiment with drones dropping off packages, they’ve got new electric vehicles to help with like, reduce admissions, they’re doing everything they can to get your package super quick.

Nick Schlemmer 3:33
Yeah. And then tying all those things together. All that is done, just create in massive, massive amount of profit for Amazon. I mean, it estimates that the sales on Prime Day hit 12.9 billion globally. That billion not million, billion billions. And that’s in two days, two to three days fans, like, you know how many times people are clicking place order to make that happen?

Jack McFarlane 4:01
Yeah, it’s got to be, I wish there was just a statistic for how many orders per second during Prime Day Amazon is getting, and the fact that it doesn’t slow them down. Like it doesn’t backup the factory or the or the distribution like they are ready for it. And the crazy thing about that $12 billion globally, that was last year’s prime date. And every year it has gone up. So I’m interested to see how much it gets up to this year. I mean, I don’t know how you get over 12 billion. That’s an ungodly number. But it’s got to be more I would ask maybe 13-14 billion this year.

Nick Schlemmer 4:39
Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, it seems like with each year coming and going online shopping, and whether that’s all kinds of different categories for the online shopping as well has just been making a massive impact. And everybody seems to be doing it.

Jack McFarlane 4:56
I’ve seen the world and I’m sure you have to and I’m sure listeners you guys have to into this New Age store, you’re seeing stores that are basing online and they’re in person is more of a customer service type. Type rep. munchie. Tell us a little bit about Nordstrom local.

Nick Schlemmer 5:13
Yeah, so the the New Age retail store, like you said, Nordstrom, local. So it’s a clothing store just like any other Nordstrom would be, but it doesn’t have any dedicated inventory. So it’s pretty much I don’t know, if you want to call like a holding facility for customers to come and pick up their online orders, make returns, give feedback, whatever it may be. It’s kind of just like, yeah, just like a holding spot for, for people to make orders. Maybe they don’t want to ship directly to their house to their front door. They can just have it shipped to that store. And yeah, like you said, it’s only helping the online, it’s not competing with any of the in store normal retail.

Jack McFarlane 5:51
I think that’s the big change right there is that the New Age store is trying to help the online store, it’s not so much a competition anymore, because they’re going to lose if you’re if you’re a store that is refusing to go online, you’re not going to make it very long. In today’s day and age, you have to have an online component, at the very least, I mean, even grocery stores are, you know, you can order your groceries now. And that has just blossomed over the last couple of years. And it’s going to continue to do so. So with the store like Nordstrom local, being a holding cell, it is really smart, in my opinion, because you still get the customer service, or if there’s a problem with item, you can go in person and be like, Look, there’s something wrong, I need my money back or I need a different item.

Nick Schlemmer 6:33
Exactly. And chances are like we said that it has really no dedicated inventory, which is true. But I mean for their their best sellers, their top sellers, their most rated products, highly rated products. Somebody ordered the wrong size. Like you said you can bring it there to return it. Chances are they’re going to have something like that in their inventory to just help with that customer satisfaction.

Jack McFarlane 6:56
Yeah, exactly. I mean, they’re, they know the trends of of what, what’s being bought the most. And they usually have those in stock or a lot in reserve online. Yeah. In the no dedicated inventory. It reminds me almost of like a TJ Maxx type place where you kind of don’t know exactly what you’re going to find to which adds, like, to me it adds an element of like, oh, this is fun. Like, sometimes when you go shopping, it’s fun to just kind of see what they have, you know.

Nick Schlemmer 7:23
Like the TJ Maxx, Ross, every store could be different. Yeah, totally different. Different clothing, different shoes, different everything.

Jack McFarlane 7:32
Yeah, and going along with TJ Maxx, and Ross, if you’ve noticed, they also are building an online store presence. So even a store that you go in specifically looking for things that you don’t know what you’re gonna find. You can now shop there online as well. And I think that’s one of the biggest things that you’re gonna see in this everywhere is going to have online shopping.

Nick Schlemmer 7:53
online, online online seems to be the word nowadays for for our generation and the world itself. But we’re also seeing the subscription stores come into play. Yes, you want to touch on that?

Jack McFarlane 8:06
Yeah, so I mean, you’re seeing it in all facets, from from clothing to food, another clothing, one kind of like, you know, Nordstrom logos, a clothing store. A very popular one is rent or Rent the Runway. Yeah. So what they do is they’ll send you clothes, you can, you know, lease them or just have them for a little bit. And you know, you pay so much to have it and then you send it back. Or if you really like something you know, you can buy it for yourself. So it’s almost a way to try it on at home like a test drive. It’s like a test drive for new clothes.

Nick Schlemmer 8:39
To test drive for clothing. And yeah, another one. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s called Stitch Fix.

Jack McFarlane 8:44
Yes. Same. Yeah. Same type, same concept. Yep. Yeah. And then in the food industry, that’s where I really see it when you see things like HelloFresh, where you might not think of that is online shopping, but you’re going online, you’re picking out your meals, and they’re getting delivered to you every week, two weeks, right to doorstep, you don’t have to go the grocery store. You don’t even have to think about do I have all the ingredients? Is this going to be good? Like I mean, these are professional meals, the easy to cook for all of them. And it’s another subscription based service.

Nick Schlemmer 9:14
Yeah, and going off everything we’ve talked about with this your subscription based services, the the impact of digital media has also been just crazy. We have some notes written down here and 1.2 6 trillion worth of offline offline retail sales were influenced by some sort some kind of digital media. And fame report estimates that that number would be 1.4 trillion in three or more years.

Jack McFarlane 9:43
Yeah, we’ve now graduated from billions to billions to trillions of dollars. And what the digital media means is like when you’re watching YouTube, and you get, you know, the HelloFresh ad, or you get the Stitch Fix ad or the Amazon Prime Day ad, it’s all the things that you’re going to see You see every day and you don’t even think. And it’s really having a big impact on everyone when it comes to shopping, whether you realize it or not.

Nick Schlemmer 10:08
Yeah, I mean, we, we all get these, I’m sure a lot of especially in Gen Z, watch, watch YouTube. And those ads pop up where you can just skip them. And like, for me, at least I just think of like, I’m never going to order something from that. Why would I ever do that? Like, I just skip it all the time. But it turns out that people are actually clicking on these ads, causing this boom of just social media impact digital media, and just this boom of profits for all these companies.

Jack McFarlane 10:35
Yeah. And then with those ads, you know, you have to wait five seconds to skip them. So even though you’re like, I’m never going to ever buy from HelloFresh with these ads annoying. It’s in your head, like, you know what HelloFresh is? Whether you like it or not. And if you were ever, hey, I’m gonna try a food subscription service. What’s the first one you’re gonna think of? Whether you like it or not? As HelloFresh? Or another subscription based service like that?

Nick Schlemmer 10:59
Even though that I’m sure like, these companies are placing these ads in these social media and YouTube and whatnot. They’re putting these ads in there. Yeah, you may not buy something from that ad, the first time you see it, like you said, something, somebody’s gonna say something that’s going to click in your head all of a sudden, like, Hey, I’ve seen that. And then you’re exactly they’re building for the future.

Jack McFarlane 11:19
Exactly. But let me tell you that not all hope is lost for in person stores, mostly of retail. But you can see this at all, all facets of shopping in person. And this, these statistics are going to be according to Forbes, and they polled Gen Z and millennials to see what would they most liked to see in an in person store to get them going back to places like the mall or the grocery store. And just some couple quick ones here. 92% of people say that they want a mobile experience. First thing that comes to mind is like the McDonald’s app, right? You want to be building points or Smoothie King app, that shoppers want that mobile reward system that feels really easy from their phone, they feel like, Hey, I just give them this four letter or four digit code. And in one week, I can get a free sandwich like, yep, that is something huge that shoppers are looking for. Another thing is that this was 73% of people, they want an M POS system. For those who don’t know, a POS system is a point of sale system that most companies use it like a checkout or register that you know, the workers running. What an M POS system is that mobile, I’m sure we’ve all seen it, it’s basically most of the time, it’s an iPad, that is flipped towards you that you can interact with, you can do all the touching. In simpler terms, it’s basically less customer service. But with a worker, they’re so they’re there to help. But you’re not interacting with them as much.

Nick Schlemmer 13:00
It’s less of that interaction component that that normally people would want to have. We want to have that good customer service, that good interaction. But yeah, like you said, whether it’s at a store, we have this at restaurants now, where you could play games on it, pay your bill, yeah, there to exactly where and the waitress may only have to bring out your dishes and refill your drinks, whatever.

Jack McFarlane 13:24
And I think that’s got to stem from the Amazon effect and my opinion, because I think it’s trying to make it feel like you’re online shopping, even though you’re in person. So it’s kind of flipped out, you know, online shopping. First, when it was, you know, fairly new it was It tried things like virtual trials and stuff like that to make you feel like you were in a store, you know, 24/7 Customer Support always right there for you. And now you’re seeing it reversed where when you’re going in person, they’re trying to make it more of an online personal solo experience that you know, that I feel like a lot of people have really enjoyed, especially since COVID. Maybe maybe the isolation and just being alone, and not very social has also impacted that. But that’s a topic for another day. Yeah.

Nick Schlemmer 14:12
And touching more on this. I had a question for you, Jack. So we talked about one of the statistics was that 47% expect some kind of a personalized service. With this rise in E commerce and online shopping. How do you make that more personal? Like what do you think how what have you seen? Is there anything that sticks out? Like how do we make this more personal for each for each shopper?

Jack McFarlane 14:39
Yeah, so I mean, that’s a great question, and I definitely have a great answer coming up not to be cocky or anything, but I’m currently a salesperson at an online store called curated. They sell all types of outdoor equipment, ski equipment, hiking, I work in the golf section, but basically how we make that personalized and how Oh, I think other companies are starting to is a customer will go online and they’ll fill out like a quick survey or quiz like, you know, male or female, right or left hand, how tall how often you go, what’s your handicap, stuff like that, then they get matched with an expert or a salesperson in my case, and I’m able to send recommendations over, I’m able to talk to them in chat, I can give them phone calls, send like zoom type recorded videos, I can help them put stuff in their carts, check out all that. And I think that’s definitely the way that most online shopping is going to be going to where you can’t do it by yourself. That is an option on curator you can go on there just normal online store, you also have the option of getting with a personal salesperson, expert worker, whatever you want to call it. And that’s going to make it really personal.

Nick Schlemmer 15:53
Yeah, for sure. Now, does that add like any kind of additional like fees at the end of it to like, get that help or anything?

Jack McFarlane 15:59
Not at all is totally free?

Nick Schlemmer 16:01
Yeah, that may have to get on? Get on that website here.

Jack McFarlane 16:05
Right? Yeah, never. Yep, guys curate it. You know, feel free to search up Jackman. lifestar Golf expert. All right, well, I think we’re going to take a quick break here, and then we’ll be right back at you with a top 10.

Jack McFarlane 16:25
Alright, guys, so for this edition of Top 10, we’re going to be looking at the top 10 TV shows, according to Gen Z. This is a poll done by Yahoo. And then after that, we’ll be giving our top fives and comparing it to see how it all stacks up.

Nick Schlemmer 16:40
Yeah, I’m excited to see how it all how it all compares. But so I’ll go ahead and with the first five here, this is going from one to 10. So I’ll take the top five, and then I’ll do the last five. Yep, sounds great. All right. Number one coming in. We have The Last of Us. Number two Outer Banks personal favorite. They’re gonna say number three, we have you number for Stranger Things. And number five is Grey’s Anatomy.

Jack McFarlane 17:05
Yeah, number six, we got a fairly new show Wednesday. Number seven is Family Guy. Number eight is the Mandalorian number nine young Sheldon and number 10. all time classic been on for years South Park. So what are your initial thoughts on hearing this listening? What really jumps out to you?

Nick Schlemmer 17:25
I was gonna say just just hearing all of these different titles and I’ve only seen and actually watched a handful of these but what I’ve noticed is all of these have Gen Z characters, whether it’s yes character, or just a background, whatever it may be. It’s all Gen like people our age that are in.

Jack McFarlane 17:46
I noticed that same thing. It’s a majority of Gen Z themed grooms of characters with like Stranger Things and outer banks or, or comedy as well with with like Family Guy, young Sheldon and South Park. I mean, big comedies. I felt like the outlier here for us was like Grey’s Anatomy, which medical trauma, and maybe the last of us a little bit, but that still does deal with a multitude of Gen Z characters as well. So yeah, I think it’s an obvious trend. It’s some top 10s It is difficult to see you might have like, three or four that are like, well, how does that fit in? But I mean, with the TV shows, it blew me away. It really did blow me away.

Nick Schlemmer 18:30
Yeah, no, no, I’m kind of surprised that Oh, I am surprised and I’m not same time and that feeling I know you’ve had that feeling. But yeah, what I’m trying to say is that comedy, I guess that’s what we’re looking for is Gen Z. We love kind of like, yeah, I love a good comedy. I can’t lie comedies. Oh, me too. I love comedy. But whenever you have like a nice action packed thriller, whatever it may be like that’s, that’s also something that I look for as well.

Jack McFarlane 18:56
Yeah, I agree. And, and I think on the comedy end, especially with with Family Guy in South Park, not so much young Sheldon, that’s more of a family friendly comedy. Yeah. It could be Gen Z. You know, we’re, we’re turning we’re getting a little older. You have a little more doll. Yeah, I think people are gravitating towards the more adult humor. I guess cartoons is what you’d call it. But I mean family. So part Simpsons is another one just like that. Oh, yes, Bob’s Burgers. There’s a bunch that are kind of that a adult style of comedy that I think Gen Z is starting to, you know, turn to away from this sadly away from Spongebob no more SpongeBob guys, it’s fairly classic.

Nick Schlemmer 19:39
How do you go from Spongebob to Family Guy? I don’t know.

Jack McFarlane 19:42
Yeah, Gen Z is crazy, man.

Nick Schlemmer 19:45
Definitely, but I’m looking forward to knowing I want to hear your top five top five TV shows.

Jack McFarlane 19:50
I gotta say I I’m probably not the best TV watcher. I’m very much once I like something I will just watch that over and over and over again. So I don’t like watch the most wide variety of shows season a season I watch a couple episodes and I’m like, No, I don’t like this and I don’t watch it. So that I feel very passionate about my top five. Okay, so let’s start. I’m gonna start at number five. We got to build some suspense. Number five, this might be a shock to a lot of people make us laugh at me IV 1000 pound sisters. Guys, let me tell you this show is incredible. It is a real like, it’s like a reality TV show. It follows these two sisters that are you know, overweight and it’s their journey. It’s their weight loss journey. But man, they are so funny. It’s just it’s such a fun show. It’s good to see. It’s nice to watch them like you know, lose the weight and really work hard for it. But they’re very funny. It’s very much a reality TV show. I got Stranger Things for incredible show. I’ve watched each season probably 100 times. Go hopper. He’s the best character full swing. And you know me, Nick, love golf. In the golf program. How could we not love a show? Or I guess you could maybe call it a documentary maybe Jason basically. For those who haven’t seen it follows the PGA season and has different episodes based on.

Nick Schlemmer 21:11
A documentary split into episodes.

Jack McFarlane 21:15
Exactly. But that also is like a show though, because it has more seasons, like like there will be another season each year. The golf season ends a new season of full swing comes out. Now number two and number one, were slightly tricky. But number two is survivor. I love just love survivor shout out, Jeff, you’re the goat. Please let me be on survivor. I think I would win it. It is so fun just watching them compete and all the strategy that goes into in the backstabbing. So I’m a big fan of Survivor. But man, this last show. Now I haven’t done the math in a while. But I did it especially over COVID I’ve watched about 56 days worth of this show. And that shows the office. It is my favorite show. By far. I know every episode. I know every word. I follow all the actors like I listen to the office. Let us podcasts. I got the books about the office. I have everything the office and I just absolutely love it. I am interested to see what you have to thank my list of what your list i It’s crazy list. I get it.

Nick Schlemmer 22:24
Yeah, no, I just want to talk about mainly one and five. We’ll go five briefly. But really number one, so number 5000 pounds, sisters, I just see that title. And I just think next.

Jack McFarlane 22:40
It’s fantastic. It is so fantastic. Because it is reality TV, but it’s not scripted that much. I don’t believe I think it is for the most part real. And it’s just it’s fascinating. That’s the best way to describe it’s fascinating. But I love it and I I support you, Tammy, I support you, Amy with that weight loss journey going.

Nick Schlemmer 23:01
And then go into number one, the office. I know, this is huge. So many people love the office. And then I get so much backlash from what I’m about to say that I don’t like the office. Like I watched the first like three episodes. And as soon as I say that, as soon as I say that, look, you’re about to say it. You got to watch more. You can’t base it off the first three. The first three are bad. And I was like, well, that’s why I turned it off.

Jack McFarlane 23:29
Okay, well, okay, let me give you some insight. So the first one, the first episode is a shot for shot line for line remake of the British office because they wanted to test and see how it would do in an American audience. So the first season is short, and they didn’t have a lot of freedom on what they could do. That’s why it’s considered like really bad. Obviously, I still love it. And I love the first season episode three basketball, iconic episode I have coming up. So I have that was the that was the better one that was like I’d say the first real good one. But I would say give it a chance. Maybe just jump into a random season down the line and just watch an episode. And I mean, it really gets it gets really good. Because I was the same way Believe it or not, I did not like I was not a huge fan of ops at first. But it was COVID. I left it on running that background and started tuning into it and it’ll change your life now. It’s life changing.

Nick Schlemmer 24:22
What do you say we jump into my list that we have here? Yes, I would love to hear it. And like Jackie had five episodes. I’m a little bit shorter than that. I only have four because I’ve only really watched about four different if it’s not sports or YouTube or something like that. I’m probably not watching it. But so here we go. Number one, Outer Banks. Every season that’s came out. I’ve watched the whole thing as soon as it’s released until it’s over. I’ve wasted my whole day watching the whole the whole entire season. So that one’s coming in at one number two full swing Yeah, of course, like Jack mentioned before. Number three though, Master Chef, something about watching people cooking and like different strategies and stuff like that and just preparing these cool dishes really intrigued me. And then big brother. I don’t know about you. But growing up, right, a big, big brother was just like, the family sits down. We’ve watched Big Brother. Yep, same here.

Jack McFarlane 25:20
I mean, that’s great.

Nick Schlemmer 25:21
I was like, I had to include that. And then like I said, I don’t have a fifth one because I generally don’t know what else I would watch.

Jack McFarlane 25:28
You know, that’s fine. You know what you like? Yeah. Let me start with with Master Chef now Master Chef, that I don’t know if I would have like, predicted. I think I could have predicted the other three But Master Chef, so I mean, I haven’t seen much of it. But from my understanding, it’s like, it’s like competitive like it’s very stress cooking. Like it’s very high. Intense, right?

Nick Schlemmer 25:49
Yeah. Like you said, competitive, competitive cooking. It’s competitive go around that knocking people off to get to the winter. And yeah, just

Jack McFarlane 25:59
So I think you’re in our list. Our trend is reality TV rains. Rains pretty big for us.

Nick Schlemmer 26:06
Pretty much yeah, anything that could be live TV reality, of course.

Jack McFarlane 26:12
It’s so good. But see, this is where I’m gonna come in and be the hater. You don’t like the office? I don’t understand Outer Banks everyone I’ve ever talked to loves it. I know Carlene Halle. Love it. All my friends. They’ll do the same thing. They will stay up and watch it on one day. Yep. And font back guys. When was it Season Three came out. Yep. Snake did not go to sleep. Watch it all in one night. I don’t get it. You’re gonna have to fill me in out of bed. I’ve seen the first season like I don’t get it. That’s my story there. I don’t I don’t understand it.

Nick Schlemmer 26:52
Yeah, I know. And I love that you bring that up that? I did. I stayed awake the whole night right across the room from you. And I don’t know I didn’t wake you up because I was talking and screaming I stayed up the whole night.

Jack McFarlane 27:06
I think it would be more interesting to watch you watch it.

Nick Schlemmer 27:10
Probably. I need a reality TV show.

Jack McFarlane 27:14
That’s right. We need a reality of The Play by Play reality TV shows. Well, we’ve come to a conclusion here. All right, well, that was great. And a great segment there and we hope you guys enjoyed it. We’re gonna be right back or take another quick break and we’re going to end it with a very special gametime.

Jack McFarlane 27:41
Alright guys, it is that time again, everyone’s favorite segment. I know it’s our favorite segment. We love making it. We love playing it. It’s game time. Today’s game is one that you’ve probably never heard of as it’s a brand new invention. Definitely not taken from anywhere else. CBS Welcome to The Price is Almost Correct.

Nick Schlemmer 28:04
Like the little spin on the name there.

Jack McFarlane 28:07
I am your host Jack McFarlane. I’m looking for Nick Schlemmer. You are the next contestant on The Price is Almost Correct. Come on down. Let’s go. I’m ready. But hey, we can’t do this with just one. I’m also going to need a Trish Steed. You are the next contestant on The Price is Almost Correct. Come on down.

Trish 28:28
I’m here. I’m ready to play.

Jack McFarlane 28:31
All right, everyone. We are going to have five rounds with the grand finale round at the end. Each of the first five are worth one point. The final round is worth three points most points when all right for those of you who don’t know how the game works, I have prepared five everyday items with their price and your job is to contestants is to guess that price without going over your switch who goes first each round. We’re going to start ladies first for the first guest.

Trish 29:01
I say I’ve listened and I play your game times in the car and I’m really bad at game time.

Jack McFarlane 29:07
who knows?

Nick Schlemmer 29:09
I love to hear that because I’m no good.

Jack McFarlane 29:11
Ok guys as the host of game time, I gotta say I’m not very good at game time either.

Trish 29:19
When I’m in my car listening to the podcast, Nick beats me every time.

Jack McFarlane 29:24
Alright, we’ll see if that range true today. Okay,

Trish 29:26
okay, I’ll try my best.

Jack McFarlane 29:28
Alright guys starting off with our first sight on once again, she will be guessing first. We have a Frito Lay variety pack party mix already count bags of chips. So this includes Doritos Funyuns Oh, okay. Frito Lay Company chips. 40 bags of just standard chips.

Trish 29:49
Like the little bags like la subway. Okay, okay. 40 bags. I’m going to say 14.99.

Jack McFarlane 30:03
As your guests Nick, what do you think? And remember, you have to get as close as you can without going over.

Nick Schlemmer 30:08
Yes. So I’m gonna go with 12.99

Jack McFarlane 30:12
Ooh 1299 Those are very good guesses, no exact guesses. Okay, but the winner of round one in the first point is Trish. The actual retail price is $16.30

Trish 30:27
I was kind of going off of like 25 cents a bag.

Jack McFarlane 30:30
Yeah, I think that was that that I think those were both very good guesses. So that it Hotstar for both But trust us get the first point. Awesome. Moving on to our second round. This is a portable charger with six built in cables. So different charging ends and three personal USB inputs as well. It is 10,000 Mega amps or what is it? An amp I believe right for energy. So 10,000 amps so it’s gonna last I believe it said like 1012 hours for this one. So yeah, Nick, you are up first for this round.

Nick Schlemmer 31:08
I am a first okay. I’m gonna go with $35 Even

Jack McFarlane 31:15
35 Even

Trish 31:17
I like that. I feel like that’s a good guess. I was thinking in the 30s Maybe. Can I just say like I have used my paychecks little you know, personal personal What are just so long that I have no idea what these really fast so shout out to my friends paychecks. Thanks for that, but I’m gonna go with I’m gonna see like $39

Jack McFarlane 31:42
Oh, this is where the want more more comes out as both players have gone over and no one will earn a pointless round. Oh, the actual retail price was 29.99 Oh, Nick was so close. Nick, you’re like close, but just over. Oh darn Nick. And we don’t give any any leeway here we’re talking at the price is almost correct,

Trish 32:04
Nick. If you were on on my podcast, you would have gotten a point for that one for sure.

Nick Schlemmer 32:08
Oh, I appreciate that.

Jack McFarlane 32:09
She definitely gives out participation trophies, I’ll say. Alright, let’s get intense here. So let’s move on quickly to the third item with Trish you will be going first. This is a Betty Crocker no big bites cookies and cookie dough so basically edible cookie dough bites. I didn’t even know they made this. Yeah, I mean these are fairly new I’d say it’s basically a way to not get salmonella when you’re eating cookie dough.

Trish 32:37
Is it like a personal size?

Jack McFarlane 32:38
It’s like a snack bag size like like an on the go like almost like a chip bag size. bytes so by cookie dough bites,

Trish 32:47
just one little bag of

Jack McFarlane 32:48
it one little bag. Like you’d find it in like a grocery store aisle or near the checkout aisle.

Trish 32:52

Jack McFarlane 32:55
Is that your guess? 4.99 That’s awesome, I guess Yeah, so as you guys perfect

Nick Schlemmer 33:01
4.99 I’m gonna update a little bit just because I feel like cookie dough is not something that you can make too cheap. So I’m gonna go 7.29

Jack McFarlane 33:10
Those are both really good guesses and we almost have an exact gas. It is 5.63 so pretty close to your 4.99 True scrubs and other point

Trish 33:22
I think I might have been buying groceries longer than you but I’ve never heard of that.

Nick Schlemmer 33:25
Yeah, I’ve been to the grocery store a handful of times on my own now.

Jack McFarlane 33:32
Don’t worry Nick not to fear even though you’re down two points. There are still two standard items left and the grand finale so you can still blow this out of the water and when it was still possible five points on the

Nick Schlemmer 33:43
For the win so I’m going for the win!

Jack McFarlane 33:47
So for our fourth item here we have a casper sleep original pillow. Standard white pillow. Is Nick going first Nick will be going first one

Nick Schlemmer 33:57
first. Okay, so I’m gonna go 24.99

Trish 34:03
I am gonna go a little bit higher Jack at $100

Jack McFarlane 34:09
Oh $100 That was the first thing the first thing that popped to mind. Well sadly that was the wrong number to guesses you are well over as it is 45.50 Nick gets on the board with a point

Nick Schlemmer 34:20
you know I wasn’t really that close but I’ll take it one point here we go. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 34:26
You just closest without going over is the is the name of the game here.

Nick Schlemmer 34:29
If it was gonna be 100 or more I was gonna go so see one thing No,

Jack McFarlane 34:35
this is not your memory foam pillow. It’s just a standard. No, no, no. It’s just your standard Casper pillow. Yeah, it’s a good standard white pillow.

Trish 34:47
Oh wait. It’s not like a fancy pillow.

Jack McFarlane 34:49
Nope. That’s why I said it’s the original just standard pillow.

Trish 34:52
Can I just did my defense. We’re recording this very late at night and I was sound asleep before this. So

Jack McFarlane 34:57
was it on a Casper?

Trish 34:58
No it was Oh Oh,

Jack McFarlane 35:01
well, maybe if it was you could have seen the price tag or something but so let’s go to our Nick cutting in half. Time for our final standard item is a Vizio 40 inch full HD 1080 P Smart TV. And Trish you got the first guest

Trish 35:19
okay Vizio TV 40 inch of 40 inch. Like I’m positing like I really know like 298 $298

Nick Schlemmer 35:35
I feel like that’s a pretty good guess. But I’m gonna go a little bit lower. I’m gonna go with 239 who

Jack McFarlane 35:44
both contestants are over once again, as it can be hard to visualize a 40 inch This isn’t one of the big like 70 inch TVs. It is priced right now at $168. Really? So it’s a very good price. Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s great. I mean, TVs have definitely gotten watch on Amazon Prime people go out there and get that that’s on Amazon. Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s a prime mine but that is on Amazon. Yes. That’s a great price. Nick, you would have been close to there. But sadly, as you both have gone over No. Nobody’s worried at a point. It’s come to all comes down to them. Whoever wins this will win. The first edition of the price is almost correct. Oh my gosh.

Trish 36:19
Because we won a Vizio TV audience too.

Jack McFarlane 36:23
Sadly, we did not have that to give out today. We’re just gonna get out a good old congratulations. for that. Vizio come on Vizio. Anyway, this is grand finale time. This is mega big showcase time.

Nick Schlemmer 36:36
All right, and I get to first pick. Yes, he does.

Jack McFarlane 36:40
Well, this is not two separate showcases. It will be one showcase that you both are guessing the same, right. So here we are, Nick, you’ll have the first guest. Okay, here’s your Showcase. Starting off with a five day two person trip to Paris airfare included. You’ll be spending five nights and just a standard Paris Hotel three stars. Right in the middle of the city. It’s not we’re not very fancy over here the price price that so hey, this is what you get. But it’s a five day trip to Paris airfare included flying out of New York LaGuardia,

Nick Schlemmer 37:16
five days and airfare included.

Jack McFarlane 37:19
But that is not all. You can work on that vacation body with a new in home gym. Goodness. This includes the bench, dumbbells and a squat rack and the mats. Okay, that’s not all because you’re gonna have to get to the airport somehow. And you’re going to be able to do that. I got a brand new car 2024 BMW i Five. Oh, ranu man showcase. So we are finding all of those all three combined together for one mega price.

Nick Schlemmer 37:56
Okay, let me let me crank some numbers here.

Jack McFarlane 38:00
And while you think of that, you know, we took out a little bit of the you know, luxury of the Paris trip with a normal hotel and put it into that BMW. So yeah, we are kind here.

Nick Schlemmer 38:10
Okay, so I’m gonna go with a grand total of

Jack McFarlane 38:15

Trish 38:22
My guess is $76,000 Jack.

Jack McFarlane 38:26
Whereas those are both very, very good guesses, but one is just better. And that is Trish as the actual retail price. $79,500. So you were just about 3000 off from that guests. Congratulations. You want a new BMW trip to Paris.

Trish 38:46
I love the game. I play you guys.

Jack McFarlane 38:50
Yeah, thank you so much for joining us here today Trish for this very special edition of game time and that you will get it next time.

Nick Schlemmer 38:59
Next time maybe guys, hopefully you did better than I did. Hopefully. Trish today.

Jack McFarlane 39:05
Yeah, hopefully everyone, Beatriz. That’s what we were going for

Nick Schlemmer 39:08
till the next time. I can’t wait.

Trish 39:12
This is so fun. Thank you for having me on.

Jack McFarlane 39:15
Thank you for coming on.

Nick Schlemmer 39:17
Thank you. So what a way to wrap up a great game time with I couldn’t think of anything better than everybody’s favorite part. So everyone’s favorite part. It’s mine. I may be a little bit biased, but the quote of the show, and I think that’s when it goes great with everything that we talked about in our first segment today with Amazon, the New Age stores and everything of that matter. And in this firm, the one and only Albert Einstein. Oh, okay. And this man has so many good quotes but I like this one the best for today’s episode. And it is you cannot solve a problem from the same conscious that created it. You must learn Learn to see the world and new. So just like we were talking about, we got to see how we have to see the new in the world we have to see the new commerce, the new everything digital. I just think that was perfect with it.

Jack McFarlane 40:12
Yeah, that is incredible. The quote of the show never fails to this always leaves me speechless. Great way to end the show today. We just want to say thank you so much for listening once again. We absolutely love making these and hope you guys are enjoying them as much as we are. So thank you once again.

Nick Schlemmer 40:29
Yes, thank you guys, and we can’t wait to be back here in the next couple of weeks with a new episode. Love y’all

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