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Unlocking Potential: Navigating Autism in the Workplace

Today, we met with Keith Wargo of Autism Speaks to explore how to foster neurodiversity in the workplace.

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Mandated Pay Raises for California Fast-Food Workers Soon to Go into Effect

In this episode Steve discusses a new California law soon to go into effect that will raise minimum wages for many fast food workers to $20 per hour.

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Atmospheric Rivers, The New World of VR, and Super Bowl

In this podcast episode, they chat about how atmospheric rivers are messing with the world’s water supply, and look at how Apple’s hot new VR system is performing.

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Gen Z and the Workplace: What the Newest Workers are Seeking from Employers

In this episode Steve discusses what recent surveys reveal about what Generation Z workers value most about work and from their employers.

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Workplace Mental Health Trends and Insights for HR Leaders

Today, we spoke with Melissa Frieswick about about workplace stress and mental health trends for 2024.

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How Buc-ee’s Connects Compensation to Employee and Business Success

In this episode Steve shares how regional travel center chain Buc-ee’s uses highly competitive employee compensation to attract the best employees to help create great customer experiences in their stores.

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Supporting HR Strategies and Priorities for 2024

In this episode Mervyn talks to Kay Phelps about their latest research on HR priorities for the year ahead in both the US and UK, and the support they need from the HR Technology sector. 

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US Remote Workers Increasingly Looking to Foreign Employers

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent study from Deel that shows increasing numbers of US remote workers taking on positions with international employers.

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Workers at America’s Largest Private Employer Will See Pay Gains in 2024

In this episode Steve shares how Walmart, America’s largest private employer, plans to raise wages for both its store managers, and its frontline hourly staff in 2024.

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The Menopause Revolution in the Workplace

Today, we met with Joanna Strober of Midi Health to talk about a new revolution in the workplace – menopause care! 

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