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Tales from the Labor Market: A National Shortage of Pharmacists

In this episode Steve discusses how a nationwide shortage of pharmacists is causing retailers like Walmart and CVS to reduce their pharmacy’s operating hours.

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New Strategies for Workplace and Personal Success in 2023, featuring PILOT

This week we met with Ben Brooks from PILOT to talk about finding success in the new year by building in new strategies for personal and professional growth.

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Reverse Mentorship: Transforming the Workplace for the Better

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talk with Tawanna Myers from BBBS about the importance of reverse mentorship and what it means to Gen Z.

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Employee Engagement in the U.S. Declines for the First Time in a Decade

In this episode Steve discusses the latest Gallup survey on employee engagement, which showed engagement declines across the board among US workers.

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The Lines are Blurring Between Work and Vacation

In this episode Steve talks about the rise of the workcation and how US workers often struggle to truly disconnect from their work.

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Beamery Announces $50M Series D and Becomes WorkTech’s Newest Unicorn

Beamery CEO and Co-Founder Abakar Saidov discusses their $50 million Series D Round and $1 billion unicorn valuation with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque.

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The Latest Updates from the Largest Trial of the Four-day Work Week

In this episode Steve shares the latest updates from the largest yet trial of the four-day work week in the UK. Spoiler alert, the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

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The Battle Over Remote vs. In-person Work Rages On

In this episode Steve shares some of the most recent news about battles over remote vs. in-person work in US companies, including a new return to office mandate at Disney.

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The Creative Workplace: Lessons from an NYC Tattoo Shop

This week we met with Mikhail Andersson from First Class Tattoo to talk about how the perception of tattoos in the workplace has evolved through the years.

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HR Means Business 4: Making Remote and Flexible Work Successful for our People

In this episode Mervyn talks to Gemma Dale, who is a senior HR lecturer and researcher at Liverpool John Moores University and previously a senior HR professional.

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