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Millennial Employees Support Remote Working More than Gen Z and Gen X

In this episode Steve discusses how Millennial employees are leading the charge in support of sustained remote work policies, while Gen Z and even Gen X are more likely to want more time in the office.

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Understanding Workplace Stress: Employee Well-Being and Mental Health Strategies

Today, we spoke with Dr. Sophie Dix, a behavioral neuroscientist, about workplace stress and it’s impact on employees’ mental health.

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The Link Between Men’s Labor Force Participation and College Enrollment Trends

In this episode Steve discusses the shift in men’s and women’s college enrollment and graduation rates, and the impact that is having on the composition of the labor force.

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Essential US Workers Increasingly Burning Out Due to Excessive Overtime

In this episode Steve discusses how persistent understaffing in healthcare, public safety, and other essential services is leading in excessive employee overtime and increased burnout.

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Workplace Movie Hall of Fame: Barbie

This week, Trish and Steve dive into the 2023 blockbuster movie, Barbie, and the workplace trends within it.

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HR’s Role in Promoting Financial Wellness and Reducing Money Stigma

In this episode Mervyn talks to Jamie Lawrence from financial software specialists Bippit, about their latest research into the stigma around Financial Wellbeing in the workplace and how HR leaders can help.

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Waffle House Workers the Latest to Advocate for Better Pay, Working Conditions

In this episode Steve shared another recent example of US labor organizing and activism as Waffle House employees protest for increased wages and better working conditions.

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UNLEASH Conversations: Exploring HR Meta Trends for 2024

Today on the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish and Mervyn were joined by Maryann Abbajay on the main stage at UNLEASH to examine the HR trends for 2024 in workforce management and retention.

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WORK BREAK vlog – Episode 431

HR Happy Hour LIVE with guest Kimberly Crawford recorded at isolved Connect. Join us for a conversation on #healthcare #HR, hiring, retention, #HRTech and more!

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Evolving Trends in Employee Benefits Include Weight Loss Drug Coverage

In this episode Steve discusses important 2024 trends in employee benefits including more organizations extending coverage for weight loss drugs like Ozempic.

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