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Without Limits – Building People Up, One Performance at a Time

This week, we met with Kati Hassall to talk about working with individuals with disabilities and how to help them achieve their goals.

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Data shows that US Workers are Embracing Flexible Work Arrangements

In this episode Steve shares key findings on remote and flexible work arrangements from the McKinsey American Opportunity Survey.

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Off the Clock vlog – Episode 371

Go “Off the Clock & take a break with Trish and Steve! Today we chat about @feedly alerts, staying in the Mystery Machine with @Airbnb, @Paychex Student loan info, #Beyonce new release & more. Join us!

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What Happens When a Corporate Offsite Team Building Event Goes Horribly Wrong

In this episode Steve discusses a recent corporate offsite team building activity that went horribly wrong.

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A Mid-Year, Informative 2022 Status Update with Ben Brooks from PILOT

This week, we met with Ben Brooks to get an update on PILOT, employee retention, development, experience, Allyship, and more!

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Off the Clock vlog – Episode 370

It’s break time! Join Trish and Steve as we celebrate #Juneteenth , talk #US monuments, #VHS tape auction news, #TopGunMaverick movie, & big #TIKTOK news with @Oracle cloud. We need to chat with @CSORoland about it.

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Off the Clock vlog – Episode 369

Take a break with Trish and Steve! We’re @OfftheclockV and talk about the @bts_bighit latest news. Who’s your fave? We also chat about @netflix and a #SquidGames update, a @Disney world tour and more – Join us!

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How Bias Shows Up in Employee Performance Feedback

In this episode Steve shares findings from a recent study on bias in employee performance feedback published by Textio.

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The Disconnect Between Executives and Employees on Return to Workplace Programs

In this episode Steve discusses the growing disconnent between executive demands and employee expectations over Return to Workplace programs.

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Creating Healthier, More Civil Workplaces for Everyone

This week, we met with Catherine Mattice to discuss workplace bullying and how to stand up and speak out against it.

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