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A 15 Year Celebration of the HR Happy Hour Show

Today, we sat down to take a look back at the last 15 years of the HR Happy Hour Show.

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How Remote and Hybrid Working has Changed American Worker’s Eating Habits

In this episode Steve discusses how increased and sustained remote working has changed American workers dining habits and impacted the business prospects of downtown dining establishments.

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How Gen Z and Millennials are Thinking and Feeling about Work

In this episode Steve shares some key findings and recommendations for HR leaders from the Deloitte 2024 Gen Z and Millennial Survey which examines how these generations are experiencing the workplace.

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American Workers were Generally Less Satisfied with their Jobs in 2023

In this episode Steve shares data and trends from the recent Conference Board survey on US worker satisfaction – despite a small increase in overall satisfaction, many categories of the workplace experence showed drops in satisfaction in 2023.

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Creating a Dynamic Workforce: Innovating Employment, Growth, and Transitions

In this episode Mervyn Dinnen talks to Abigail Britnell from global certification consultancy Top Employers Institute about their latest research on how to create, develop and retain a dynamic workforce.

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US Workers Facing an Unexpected Post-Pandemic Challenge: Increased Loneliness

In this episode Steve discusses how over four years since the start of the pandemic, workplace shifts and disruptions have led to a significant increase in US worker loneliness and feelings of isolation.

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New Survey Shows 41% of LGBTQI+ Workers have Faced Discrimination at Work

In this episode Steve discusses a new Randstad survey which shows despite some improvements, large numbers of LGBTQI+ workers still face discrimination and hostility in the workplace.

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Unlocking Connection: The Power of Thoughtful Questions in the Workplace

Today, we met with Topaz Adizas from The Skin Deep to discuss the significance of asking thoughtful questions to build better workplace relationships.

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H3 Live! May 23 2024 – Episode 437

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Most American Workers are Unable to Disconnect from Work During Vacations

In this episode Steve discusses a new Harris Poll Survey of American workers and their attitudes and behaviors on taking time off from work.

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