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The Power of Storytelling in the Workplace

This week we met with Melanie Steinbach from MasterClass to talk about the benefits of using storytelling in leadership development.

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Air Traffic Controller Staffing Shortages Persist, More Close Calls Result

In this episode Steve discusses how ongoing staffing shortages of air traffic controllers are leading to more aircraft near-misses and travel delays in the US.

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To Ensure You’ll Never Escape Work, Data Shows Sunday Emails are “Best”

In this episode Steve discusses a recent survey that revealed the “best” time to send a work email is Sunday at 3PM, but this could help erode employee’s work/life balance even further.

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Fostering Family and Cultivating Change in the Workplace

This week we are discussing the traditions of new parents in the workplace, and how we can celebrate and include parents differently.

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More Organizations Focusing on Skills-based Hiring

In this episode Steve discusses the trend of organizations increasing their focus on skills in the hiring process, and reducing formal degree and qualification requirements.

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New Research Shows the Value Caregivers Can Bring to the Workplace

In this episode Steve shares new research on the significant value employees who are caregivers can bring to the workplace.

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Empowering Women and Businesses through Menopause Conversations

This week we met with Shelly MacConnell from WINFertility about the importance of addressing menopause in the workplace.

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Navigating the Shift to Hybrid and Flexible Work Environments

In this episode Mervyn talks to Matthew Davis, Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology at Leeds University, about their major research project on how work and workplaces are changing to adapt to hybrid and flexible working.

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UPS Job Searches Surge Following New Labor Agreement That Boosts Wages

In this episode Steve shares how there has been a surge in jobseeker interest in UPS driver jobs in the wake of the company’s new 5-year labor agreement with the Teamsters Union.

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Executives Want Employees Back in the Office, But Don’t Really Know Why

In this episode Steve discusses how some senior leaders are mandating workers return to in-person work, despite having litte or no data or evidence that these mandates improve business results and employee experience.

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