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Welcome to Radical Research, a new conversation in HCM research. One that moves beyond what has happened in the past and looks at what is important for the future. We feature guests that are leading the way in helping companies with their HCM strategy, processes and technology

Hosted by

Madeline Laurano

Founder at Aptitude Research

Radical Research Episodes


Radical Research 7 – How Scientific Data Improves the Talent Acquisition Process

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano is joined by Mike Hudy, Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire to discuss how provable, scientific data can help improve overall talent acquisition process.

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Radical Research 6 – The Benefits of Conversational AI

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano is joined by DeLisa Atkinson, Director of Talent Acquisition at Sport Clips, to discuss the benefits of conversational AI and the best use cases in talent acquisition.

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Radical Research 5 – Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement

During this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano talks with Jeanette Leeds Maister, Head of America’s at Oleeo, about how recruiting enablement and automation gives companies the tools they need to be more efficient and improve quality of hire- especially during today’s uncertainty.

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Radical Research 4 – Improving Hourly Recruiting: Alexander Mann Solutions

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 82 million workers in the United States are paid hourly, representing 58.5% of all wage and salary workers.

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Radical Research 3 – Putting Your Employees First During a Time of Uncertainty

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano interviews Bree Davern, Head of Business Development, at RFX- a women-owned transportation company in Massachusetts.

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Radical Research 2 – Coronavirus Outbreak Explained

This next episode of Radical Research includes an interview with Dr. Patricia Hibberd, Chair and Professor of the Global Health Department at Boston University.

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Radical Research 1 – The Role of a Researcher

Welcome to the first episode of Radical Research. Join host Madeline Laurano as she is joined by her friend and fellow researcher, Lance Haun.

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