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In Japan, Labor Shortages Spur Plans for an Automated Cargo Transport System

In this episode Steve discusses how prolonged labor shortages and the lack of truck drivers, which are expected to persist, are prompting officials in Japan to propose an ambitious fully-automated 310-mile cargo transport system to deliver packages between Tokyo and Osaka.

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Chipotle is Testing a New Robot to Take on a Task that Employees Hate

In this episode Steve shares how robotics and automation are soon to help employees at Chipotle with one of their most-disliked work tasks.

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Radical Research 8 – Automation with Humanity

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano is joined by Barb Hyman, CEO of Predictive Hire.

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HR Happy Hour 336: Hiring Success with Recruitment Automation

This week Steve Boese is joined by Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research Partners to discuss some new research they’ve recently published on Recruitment Automation.

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HR Market Watch 17: Robots Finding Our Resumes

In this episode, George explores this topic and meets a new company, QJumpers, from New Zealand that is now launching in the U.S. after success at home.

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HR Market Watch 16: When Will The Robots Start Scheduling The Interviews?

In this episode, George takes a look at one of the most surprisingly complex parts of the hiring process: interview scheduling.

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HR Market Watch 12: AI and Its Impact On The Recruiter

In this episode, George takes a look at how AI and automation is being used in recruiting today, and what we can learn from it to better understand the future of the recruiter.

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