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Inclusion Crusade 8 – Developing Skills and Overcoming Obstacles in your Career

Today, I have the wonderful privilege of speaking with Mercedes Johnson, a Talent Acquisition Professional who recently hit the spotlight after a viral incident online.

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Leveraging Outbound Recruiting to Compete for Talent

This week, we met with Steven Jiang, CEO and Co-Founder, and Shannon Pritchett, Head of Marketing and Community, from HireEZ to discuss the leave and wellness revolution and how caring for your employees has taken on a whole new power.

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HR Happy Hour 499 – Building the “X” in HXM

This week, we spoke with Meg Bear and Amy Wilson about Human Experience Management (HXM), and their vision and straregy behind it.

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Radical Research 11 – Insights into Conversational AI for Talent Acquisition

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano is joined by Josh Secrest, VP of Client Advisory at Paradox and former Head of Global TA at McDonald’s.

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Radical Research 7 – How Scientific Data Improves the Talent Acquisition Process

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano is joined by Mike Hudy, Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire to discuss how provable, scientific data can help improve overall talent acquisition process.

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HR Happy Hour 448 – How Google Took its Famous Internship Program Remote

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, we were joined by Kyle Ewing from Google, to talk about how Google shifted their famous and legendary summer internship program to a 100% remote model, in a very short timeframe. Kyle shared the key elements of a successful internship program, how they adapted the program in the time of the pandemic, and gave advice for HR leaders on how to make the most of their internship programs.

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Radical Research 6 – The Benefits of Conversational AI

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano is joined by DeLisa Atkinson, Director of Talent Acquisition at Sport Clips, to discuss the benefits of conversational AI and the best use cases in talent acquisition.

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