Marketing Excellence: Nike’s Swoosh Tactics, NBA Playoff Fever, and Fake News

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Marketing Excellence: Nike’s Swoosh Tactics, NBA Playoff Fever, and Fake News

Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer met up to cover a variety of fun and engaging topics. Hear their thoughts, opinions, and predictions on today’s show.

– Nike’s marketing strategies, including logo placement and jersey production time

– NBA playoffs and sports bets

– Game time: Fake News Headlines

– Quote of the show



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Transcript follows:

Jack McFarlane 0:07
Hi, everyone, and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Network. This is The Play by Play podcast hosted by myself, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer.

Nick Schlemmer 0:14

Jack McFarlane 0:16
Well, we are back. We know it’s been about two, maybe three weeks. It’s been a little bit since the last episode. Our previous two, we did an interview with Colin Kanyuck about cryptocurrency and then, you know, the Qualtrics X4 event review. And those are, you know, a little more serious, a little more, you know, business focused. So today, we decided we’re just going to have fun, we’re going to do a big fun episode. And that includes a game time, so make sure you stick around to the end. So let’s just jump right in.

Nick Schlemmer 0:52
Alright, we’re back for the first segment of the show. And we’re gonna be talking about Nike. And there, let me make sure you hear this right there billion dollar logo. So as you might know, Nike has a huge sports brand that has their logo on almost every team’s jersey, whether it’s MLB, NBA, on the golf polos for the PGA Tour, and NFL, they’re everywhere, every sport you can think of chances are Nike has some sort of logo deal with that team. So even with that being the case, they still have a very sneaky way of advertising when it comes to where they put their logo on the jersey and what the reason is behind that. So Nike usually pays around $3 billion in total just to have their logo on these jerseys. But the catch is that Nike doesn’t actually make the jerseys. They don’t produce them. They just have the logo that gets stamped on there, stitched on there. So we’re gonna dive deep into that, how they do it, why they do it, and kind of how it works. And what makes it so valuable.

Jack McFarlane 1:59
Yeah, like Nick said, the Nike logo is everywhere. And all the sports except NHL, I think NHL but I assume it will be one day. They’re very subconsciously promoting and advertising their brand with a logo just because it’s an every shot. But it’s not overwhelming. It’s not super big. And it’s not the first thing you notice. Yep. So to break it down how Jersey sales used to work is let’s take Adidas I think was NBA. I think it was Adidas before Nike and so Adidas would pay. I think it was around 55 million a year to produce and design NBA jerseys. And that way they get a cut of revenue when a jerseys sold. And you know, their logo gets to be on the jersey. Now NBA had the Adidas logo actually it might not have NBA might be the one where the logo wasn’t even on it. Because the league did not want that free advertising because they know how valuable it is. Anyway, Adidas would make the jerseys sell the jerseys make the money. Nike came along and they thought we don’t care about the jersey sales as much. We just want our logo out there for every game. So they decided to pay a billion dollars to the NBA. Same goes for MLB NFL it’s a billion dollars for a couple years. And how it works is they design the jersey. You know they’ve come out with city connectors. He’s an NBA MLB St. Louis just got a city connect jersey, you know, very fun designs. That way they can just pump out a ton of jerseys to sell with their logo on it. Now that is a lot of jerseys to make considering it used to take three to four weeks to have a jersey. Let’s say you wanted to carnal Jersey neck, you would have to either get Yachty or Molina approvals. There was no one else that’s all you’re maybe weighing right? You could pick between three you to order it, it’d be the base, white jersey, and it would take three to four weeks and you’d have it but now Nike and the other sports leagues have partnered with Fanatics. Why don’t you tell us a little about a little bit about what Fanatics is and what they do.

Nick Schlemmer 4:10
Yeah, so Fanatics is essentially everything sports related put into clothing, whether it’s jerseys, hats, socks, shorts, it could be anything they are able to put whatever team logo or anything onto clothing. And kind of what they do is they’re known like Jack mentioned, they’re known for being quick turnaround times for no matter what the size of the order may be. So with Nike creating, creating the jerseys created designs and then shipping them to fanatics, they’re able to get that turnaround done in a very fast manner.

Jack McFarlane 4:46
I like to think of them as like the fast food of Jersey sales. It took you know three to four weeks now you could get any jersey of any team with a customer name any player any number anything in three to four days. Listen, you will have it. So, Fanatics is how Nike makes money on jersey sales because Nike’s designing so many unique jerseys people have to buy them and Fanatics can just pump them out like nothing. Yep. Like the the article I was reading talked about how Linsanity is kind of the whole reason fanatics came about because for those that don’t know, you know, Jeremy land kind of a bench player, randomly for one week was the best player in the NBA, he decided to it just took over the world, you know, Linsanity Well, Adidas was the jersey and you know, clothing manufacturer for NBA and they couldn’t make enough merch fast enough. So all these people wanted, you know, Jeremy Lin jerseys and shirts and stuff and they couldn’t buy it. Well, by the time three, four weeks rolls around Linsanity was done. Nobody cared. And they had forget the number over a million dollars. Last and Jeremy Lin merch. So that’s when the idea Fanatics came around where I forget the CEOs name, but he basically said, Hey, let’s, you know, almost make it print to order. You know, like, we’ll make it like a fast food restaurant, like you order your food and they make it really fast. Like that’s basically what fanatics did. And so that’s how Nike can make money on Jersey sales. But I’d argue that is not what they’re in it for. Why don’t you tell us why it’s so important for screen time. And Nikes logo?

Nick Schlemmer 6:32
Yeah, of course. So, since the Nike logo is all over the jersey, it gets a lot of screen time, like Jack mentioned, and this is in every league that we mentioned before. But I’m gonna talk about baseball, how the logo is on the front, right of the shirt, and on the back left of the pants kind of on the pocket. So this means that no matter whether you have that camera angle, where it’s behind the pitcher, you see the back of the pitcher and the front of the batter, you’re seeing two different sides of people, but you’re getting that Nike logo twice. So essentially, no matter what camera they’re using during the game, whether it’s a ground ball play, and they’re throwing them out, that Nike logo is gonna pop up somewhere. So that’s a great way of how Nike strategically places these logos on the jerseys.

Jack McFarlane 7:22
It also goes as far as the manager. So the hoodies and sweatshirts, so give managers they put the logo right in the middle, like near your neck line above the team. So even if a camera zooms in on a manager, you’re seeing the Nike logo, like they go very far into how strategic they are when placing this according to where the cameras are going to be.

Nick Schlemmer 7:45
And another one Jack that I just thought of too, was PGA Tour. I always wondered whenever I was new to golf, why do they have a Nike logo on the back right back? As I that just doesn’t look right. Well, there’s the reason screentime.

Jack McFarlane 8:02
That’s exactly the reason because a lot of golf you know, you don’t see golf from the front. Most are getting hardly ever. So Nike figured out, hey, let’s put the logo on the back that way. It’s shown 99% More than it used to be. And it same thing in football. So let’s take the Super Bowl. This is a little bit of an outlier, right, the Super Bowl makes outrageous amounts of money. And it is expensive to have a Super Bowl. And so last year, the Super Bowl, in total made about 285 milk, sorry, billion dollars $285 billion in exposure. And that goes for all companies, including Nike. And that’s just basically commercials or on field advertisements, logos for Nike. That’s a lot of money. Okay, for one game, this is one game of mine. But because of how Nike places their logos on football jerseys, a lot of the time it’s on each sleeve for the shoulder pads on the front, on the back and on the pants. So there’s a lot more Nike logos on a football jersey, but they’re still not very big. But someone went through the game and counted how long you could see a logo and it came out to about 4000 seconds of logo time. If you take the price of a Superbowl commercial, and like price per second of a Superbowl commercial and multiply that by 4000, Nike would have had to spend $964 billion to get the exposure they did on the Superbowl. And I mean, that’s outrageous. Yeah, it’s so much more of that 285 billion that everyone as a collective made. Nike accounted for 60% of that. They made about $170 billion just because of their logo. They didn’t run a commercial. Yeah. They didn’t even say the word Nike. All they did was at the beginning of the year, give the NFL $1 billion. Oh, that’s a big number. Yeah, well, in one game, they made 170 billion in exposure. And that’s just the Super Bowl, they get that type of screen time. In every game for every team. In all three leagues, I think that the MLB it was an average of like, just over an hour of screen time for every game. And that’s 162 games. Yeah. What 3030 teams in the MLB plus postseason? Yeah, yep. It’s estimated that it’s over. Well over a trillion dollars of exposure a year for Nike there. The number is so unfathomable that you can’t Yeah, it’s that much money that Nikes making off exposed?

Nick Schlemmer 10:54
I would say that’s a pretty good investment. I’ll give you a billion dollars, but I’m gonna make a trillion I think, investment.

Jack McFarlane 11:03
I just think it’s so smart. Like who would have thought that just by having your logo strategically placed, not even bigger, just strategically placed in all these leagues that you could make that much money and exposure like Nike making this money, they never have to make a commercial? No. And when I thought about it, I’ve never once in years seen a Nike commercial for a sport during a sporting event. Like if I’m watching the cardones play, I’m not seeing a Nike commercial. I’m not seeing when during the NFL, any of the even golf. Nike used to have golf commercials I get they don’t do golf that much. But you don’t see a Nike polo commercial, like, You think that’d be smoke, but they don’t even they don’t need it. They’re making money. You know, more than you could even fathom. And they don’t have a single commercial, which is it’s brilliant. And mind blowing.

Nick Schlemmer 11:57
Yeah. Yeah, the most intriguing thing is, for me, at least Jack is that, like you said, all of these companies whenever they make commercials right there. Most times, not all of them, but most times, like super out there, like promote, promote, promote the logo, like logo here logo here. But Nike is just the most simple little swoosh. And there’s no like, huge logo or like, they don’t. It’s just Yeah, it’s like a check mark.

Jack McFarlane 12:27
It’s like so simple. It makes you think, like, how could I think of that? You know? Yeah, it’s like the easiest thing, the laziest thing. It’s a little smoosh and they hide it in specific spots. It’s not big. It doesn’t say any word. Like there’s, it’s there’s no Nike lettering on there just yet. They make all this money from it. It’s like, man, that’s gotta be the easiest job in the world. Yeah. Let me draw the swoosh. So there’s a trillion. There’s a trillion lace. Like it’s mind blowing. It really is. Welcome back, everybody. We just got off the Nike segment. And we’re going to kind of stay on the sports side of things. We haven’t done this for a while. figured it’d be a great time for the fun episode. Let’s do some best bets. Nick. There’s a decent amount of going on in the sports world. The NBA Finals starts today, I believe. Right. Is that that’s an I think the start tonight. Yeah, I mean, it’s tonight, you’ve got a lot of Major League Baseball. There’s NHL championship starting Saturday college world a lots going on. So I went I went ahead and I needed to we found some of our favorite bets. And let’s just see, I’m curious to see what you’ve got. I’ll start it off. I’ve got a simple one. I’ve got Dallas to win the finals. At plus 185, which felt like a lot when I saw that number. I was like, really? I mean, they have Luke and Kyrie they have Derek lively who has been you know, if, when b wasn’t a rookie, then he’d be up there for rookie of the year. And I just I don’t know, I’d like to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the Celtics? Are you confident in them? Or have they had it too easy?

Nick Schlemmer 14:13
I so it’s such a sore topic. But I do think the Celtics are a great team. Don’t get me wrong. I think they had not the hardest schedule to get to the point at where they’re at now. I will agree with you there. But I did have my bet at minus 220 I did have the Boston Celtics winning the finals.

Jack McFarlane 14:35
Okay, so we’re split on this one that yes, I Okay. Um, it’s a tough one. Like Boston is obviously the best team. They have the better all around roster, and they just play like more of a team. Like, there’s five guys. Let’s see. It’s like Tatum, brown, Derrick white presenting us they could all give you 30 points a night. Yeah, if you don’t Know who’s going to have the big night like for Dallas you know, it’s going to be Luca who is going to score 30 to 40 points a game and you can’t stop him. But for Dallas it’s like, I mean for Boston like who do you focus? They focus on Tatum. Jaylen Brown is going to score 40. Yeah, it’s like you, they’re all around to the Mavericks.

Nick Schlemmer 15:19
It’s like you kind of go into it be like, Alright, who’s scoring like once the games already started, like Tatum’s going off. Alright, time to

Jack McFarlane 15:29
Yeah, if it wasn’t for the schedule, then I think I’d be on Boston side. I just think it’s hard when Boston wins the number one seed in April and then compress their starters for a month. So you’re missing like a month of basketball, not a single competitive game. You could lose the rest and you’re still the number one seed. Nothing to play for. You get to the playoffs. You play Miami, whose best player gets injured. You play the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Their best player gets injured and we’ll sit they played they played what the heat. pacers in the Cavs. With Donovan Mitchell, I’m pretty sure he got hurt too, if I or at least slightly injured anyway, like the Cavs are not that great of a team. The Eastern Conference is very weak. So they’ve played zero meaningful games. I think the longest their series went was five games. Again, they lost once against the heat once against the Cavs. They’ve played for nothing for three months. And on the other hand, Dallas has fought tooth and nail to get to this point they’ve played Oklahoma City. Who was the number one seed or number two seed number two seed number two seed. They played who everyone thought was going to win. The Timberwolves? Yeah, the Timberwolves beat the nuggets who won last year? And they’re the number one seed. Dallas goes in and almost sweeps them. Yeah, gentlemen, sweep at five games. So Dow and they played the Clippers who didn’t have the best record. But you know, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard. Paul George, you know, that’s a very good team. So Dallas has been just fighting every game of this whole postseason. I don’t I just think they’re more ready. Does that make sense?

Nick Schlemmer 17:26
No. Yeah, I can totally see like, at least for this first game, when Dallas comes out like ready to go and the Celtics are like, Okay, now it’s time we can play. Like it’s probably going to cost them a little bit like yeah.

Jack McFarlane 17:42
It’s gonna be a real wake up call for the Celtics. I think I mean, some people are saying like Boston is gonna sweep in for I’m like, really? I don’t I don’t see that I cannot get around Boston sweeping or even just winning in general especially because Tatum is not the best in the finals. At least the couple of times he’s been there he’s not been very good. Yeah, yeah, he shrinks in big games. There’s no doubt about it. And Luca shines and dies it gets the most points per game after a playoff last he is top three in playoff points we’re getting like Luca is going to dominate will will you know our St. Louis native Jason Tatum dominate I don’t know and I’m not confident on so that’s why I went with Dallas another this one is I feel like a much easier but because win or lose it doesn’t matter. I said Luca the lead the finals and points. It’s like minus 200. I’m pretty sure he’s favorite. I think Tatum was second or something. But that one if I had to bet any of mine on here, and just put a lot of money on that’d be the one. Yeah, because Luke is going to score 30 to 40 points a game. And no one else is going to be close. Someone might score 30 or 40 a game in one game. Luke is going to do it every game. That is my most confident bet, right? Yeah. What do you have a pet like that? Nick, do you have one where you’re like, if I had to put all my money on one of these beds? What would it be?

Nick Schlemmer 19:15
I don’t know I didn’t have one put down but I’m just gonna think off top of my head here real quick. I would take I’ll stick with Luke as well. His points rebounds and assists assist. I would probably take the over 95% of the time.

Jack McFarlane 19:33
Yeah, that’s I wonder what the number is for that. Yeah, I don’t know what it is. I just thought of that but I remember Yeah, good one before Yeah. Or like or I guess in the same if you were confident that Dallas was gonna win which I picked them to win I don’t know if I’m confident you look at a B Finals MVP that yeah, being almost a sure thing. If Dallas wins like I don’t know, what are some other bets? You got Nick? I want to hear him.

Nick Schlemmer 20:03
Yeah. So I want to I can switch it over to the MLB. And for this one, I was deciding between the two conferences, which conference was going to win the world. And I said the ale. I said the American League was going to win it. Plus plus 115. So you can make a little bit of profit off of that. But I don’t know why.

Jack McFarlane 20:23
This could be like, like Yankees or Yeah, Baltimore.

Nick Schlemmer 20:28
I mean, there’s some solid team. There’s some solid teams. Most of those teams aren’t really the favorites. Right now. I saw but I got a good feeling about the Al I don’t know why.

Jack McFarlane 20:37
I mean, they won it last year. Yeah. won it last year, the Yankees have arguably been the hottest team of the month. Aaron judge is playing out of his mind after having a terrible start. Like I could totally, I could totally see an AOL team winning the World Series, especially if it’s the Yankees or the Orioles. They’ve just been on fire. Yeah. Now I went in a different direction. Because I’m not as confident in baseball yet. It’s early. But I do have a couple of baseball bats because I’ve been watching a lot of baseball. First one is Cardinals to make the playoffs not not to win the division. Let me put that out there. I don’t think they’re going to win the division. I think they’re going to win a wildcard spot. They started off terrible. Absolutely terrible. They’ve crawled back to almost 500. Yeah. Looks like the offensive starting to come alive. Our pitching has been pretty lights out. I think we’re half a game back of the wildcard right now. Obviously, it’s very early. It’s a very tight race. Still, I do think the Cardinals will make the playoffs. I think it’d be brewers Cardinals for the NL Central. And then this might be a hot take. And it’s partially because I’m a hater. But I think the pirates are gonna finish third ahead of the Cubs. I think cubs are gonna finish fourth and division. Could be because I’m a big hater of the comms. That might play a little bit of a role. But another thing that plays a role in that is my next bet. And that’s Paul Skeens to be Rookie of the Year at plus 320. That’s crazy. Yeah, that would be my second bet of I’m gonna put all my money on this. So right now the favorite is, you know, show to a GM and nada from Chicago. What is going on in Chicago? They’re supposed to be not good at all. Yeah. Anyway, he’s been just the greatest pitcher on the planet. He throws 94 miles an hour. He has Okay, control. He’s not some control freak. From what I’ve read. Every team that’s phased in. All they can say is that he’s got a weird delivery. Like he hides the ball very well. So that 94 Feels a lot faster. Now I have to check. I haven’t checked his stats in the past like two days. I think he pitched again, I’m not sure but he has like a point eight, four era. He’s got like a 500 era plus like he’s been the greatest pitcher that’s ever lived. For the first couple months. I might be a hater.

Jack McFarlane 23:13
Like I said, he’s a Cubs player. I might be a hater, but I don’t see that being sustainable over a full year. They’re very hard. I just don’t. And to see Paul skeins he played the Dodgers yesterday. He’s throwing 100 More than any other pitcher this year. He is attacking hitters he in the first inning strikes out Mookie Betts and Shohei. Otani. Yeah, he’s got like a three or era which is elite. Okay, three is very good. For those that don’t know. point eight four is utterly ridiculous. Three is still very good, especially for a rookie and I think Paul skins can sustain that through a season over shoulda agar Manana. Oh, I’m saying that right. I think I am. I think you are. That would be my other bet. Where I’m like, Yeah, I cannot believe that. I just, you know if he does it, congrats, you know if he if he sustains that for a year he’s the greatest pitcher that’s ever lit. Yeah, but I don’t see it happening. Now I enter my field. My final bet is also a baseball one here and that is the Phillies to have the best record in MLB. They it’s plus 290. I think that puts them third or fourth. Which is odd because they have the best record in the MLB right now. Okay, we just played the Phillies so I got to watch them for you know, three games and we played them earlier in the year so I’ve seen them play about six games. The Phillies lineup has been incredible. I don’t know what else to say they are all hitting. Bryce Harper, obviously is a superstar. You know, their pitching has been lights out except for Taiwan Walker. He’s been telling terrible but you know you’re gonna have one bad pitcher in the Phillies schedules pretty easy. They get to play the Mets a bunch. They do have to play the Braves. That’s hard right? The Braves are great team. I think the Phillies are better than the Braves. I think they have a better roster. And they’re young. The Phillies are so young, they’re going to be able, you know MLB is a long season 162 games that is a test, like our Nanos, not playing 162 games he’s taking, you know, play 130 He’s gonna take some days off the Phillies do not have to take days off. They’re young, they’re built for it. So that’s my final bet. Well, what do you got? What else do you got? I’m excited to hear.

Nick Schlemmer 25:43
Yeah, so I’ve got one more and I threw in college football. And as you know, I go to the University of Nebraska. And I had to include it, because we’re bringing in all these guys. Oh, no. Oh, no big fanboy right here. Nebraska, over seven and a half wins. So not crazy. You’re not I’m not saying that.

Jack McFarlane 26:05
The title I thought you’re gonna say.

Nick Schlemmer 26:09
Next year, next year, but over seven and a half wins at minus 125 over seven and a half. Because we’re not playing Oregon. And we’re not playing Washington. We are playing UCLA and USC this year.

Jack McFarlane 26:26
I gotta look I’m looking at your schedule right now. I’m gonna go over seven and a half. So you’re gonna beat you tap the eight wins on Iowa. I’ll give you I’ll give you Purdue in Indiana. So that’s four. Yeah, I won’t give you UCLA they’re too good defensively. They did lose Chip Kelly. That’s tough. You’re not going to beat Ohio State you’re not going to be USC so that’s three losses. The rest of you know I can see the path Colorado. Colorado’s worse this year too.

Nick Schlemmer 27:03
At home this year. So that’s gonna be a big game and it’s a night game.

Jack McFarlane 27:07
Illinois is tough every year, but they’re not unbeatable. Rutgers. Yeah. 85 one. So that’s five I give you at least five wins guaranteed. I’m on the fence with Wisconsin. I’ll give you a six I’ll give you six with Wisconsin seven with Colorado so that means you have to be either have Illinois at home or Iowa in Iowa.

Nick Schlemmer 27:33

Jack McFarlane 27:36
You know I’ll give you Illinois I think you could be Illinois home i I’m on the same page with you there I think over now I saw the schedule live react. I could see the path and you guys should start for now too. So that will help.

Nick Schlemmer 27:53
Yeah, it’s a lot more game bound as long as we don’t lose you know five games again by three points or less.

Jack McFarlane 28:00
We can make that happen. Yeah, you know, I believe that Matt Ruhle he’s a fantastic coach turned to Baylor around he’s turning Nebraska around. I can I I’m on board with you. As shocking as that might be because I’m a big Nebraska football hater. I see a path there. I wonder what Utah’s over under is?

Nick Schlemmer 28:22
I did my college

Jack McFarlane 28:23
football bet college football bet off top. My head is Utah to make the playoffs. We’re winning the Big 12. So our biggest competitions Arizona and we’re going to whack them now that we have cam rising back. So everybody be ready. Utah first round playoff exit, but we’re making it okay. I mean, I’m not delusional. We’re not going to Iowa State or, or Texas or Alabama or not Alabama, but Georgia like those. Even Oregon, Oregon has the third most NFL money to give like Utah is not competing with that. But we will make the playoffs and then lose. So there’s my reaction there. All right. Well, that was a good one. We’ll, we’ll take a quick break. And then it’s time for everyone’s favorite game time.

Jack McFarlane 29:12
All right, Nick, I know this is the time you’ve been waiting for. It’s definitely the time I’ve been waiting for. We’ve got another game time. And I’ve told you nothing about it. So for everyone listening, this is Nick’s live reaction. This is truly authentic game time right here. We haven’t done one in we haven’t done one in three shows. There’s quite quite some time. So no punishment today. Just playing for pride. There is going to be 10 questions. Okay. All right. I think your goal should be five out of 10 or more 50% or better. Today’s game is all about fake news. So I’m going to give you a news headline and you have to tell me if this is real or fake. All right. It’s very simple. Okay, yeah. All right. These So we’re gonna use headlines

Nick Schlemmer 30:01
It can get really weird.

Jack McFarlane 30:03
It’s not gonna be as easy as it sounds. I’ll tell you that right now. I tried to do it. I think I got like a five out of 10 audit, but I’ve got confidence in you. I’ve got confidence in you. So you’re down in Florida, right land of crazy news. So I figured we’d start started off with a Florida headline. Here’s what the headline reads. Florida police officer mistakes donut glaze for methamphetamine. Is that true or false? That’s, it’s gonna be tricky. But yeah, I believe he had a good time.

Nick Schlemmer 30:45
You know, I don’t really know what the hard drug looks like to compare it to. But I could see for whatever reason, I’m gonna go that’s a true headline.

Jack McFarlane 30:59
That’s right, you got one for one. That’s a real story. So a 64 year old man was arrested on drug charges in Orlando, after a police officer spotted what he thought was that hard drug on the floor gave him a drug test. It was a false positive at the scene. Later on lab work was done. He was cleared and they found out it was just glazed doughnuts for his car, so don’t know how donut glaze really gets on the floor of your car. Don’t know what that drug looks like to where it will look like donut glaze, but that’s a pretty bad mistake. Yeah. But yeah, so one for one though. Shout out to the glazed donut officer. All right, here’s your second news story. Danish Parliament proposes law to paint all black dogs white to improve road safety at night. So get rid of black dogs basically. Yeah, improve road safety.

Nick Schlemmer 32:01
Danish law. I’m gonna say that’s a false headline.

Jack McFarlane 32:09
You are two for two. That is a fake story. Luckily, that would be terrible. I feel so if that’s what they were having to go through. So to for to Nick, you’re on a roll. Okay, you’re on a great pace. Here’s your it’s gonna get a little harder. That was probably the easiest one. I’m just gonna put that out there. So but I believe in you. Next headline. This comes from Missouri. Good old St. Louis area. Police catch suspect after a loud fart gives away a hiding spot.

Nick Schlemmer 32:47
You know, I bet that’s true.

Jack McFarlane 32:52
That’s true. Yeah. It’s true. So this happened in Liberty, Missouri. So not not too far from St. Louis. There was a suspect he was wanted for some sort of felony charge. Big charge. Right? This guy is really in a lot of trouble. And they were getting ready to bring in the canine unit when the suspect that one rip and the police were able to find were able to find him because of it. So that’s a true story.

Nick Schlemmer 33:25
I can totally see that happening.

Jack McFarlane 33:31
You know, I wish I was a police officer for that case. All right. So you’re three for three. I mean, if you get two more you got to go a year. I think you get to 10. This could be the best gametime performance ever.

Nick Schlemmer 33:46
I’m trying to remember what my best performances I think it was. I think it’s either six or seven.

Jack McFarlane 33:53
I think college mascots was the best one, but I don’t remember the score. I think it was like six or 710. So you got this. Here’s the next one. A French Bulldog. A legit one like just an actual French Bulldog was elected mayor in a Kentucky town in 2020.

Nick Schlemmer 34:13
Legit dog 100%. That is a true headline.

Jack McFarlane 34:18
You’re 100% Correct. Headline. It was 2020 a French bulldog named Wilbur was elected mayor of rabid hash with 13,000 votes. And he was up for reelection in 2023. But last year not to not get reelected three years later. Yeah, that’s a true headline.

Nick Schlemmer 34:46
If I saw that on the ballot, I’m definitely voting for the dog.

Jack McFarlane 34:51
I think I agree. All right, for for for what more and you’ve got the goal. So two more News. tried your best Three more. Three more to beat the It’s unprecedented. Alright, here we go. Here’s your next headline. A Dutch train runs off the tracks and is caught by a whale statues tail.

Jack McFarlane 35:18
Dutch train goes off the tracks in a statue saves it somehow.

Nick Schlemmer 35:25
The statue saves it without breaking. That’s a false headline.

Jack McFarlane 35:32
That is your first one wrong. It is okay. So it was a train there was a Dutch passenger train. And it ran off the tracks, and it would have plummeted about 30 feet. But luckily, an abstract piece of art that was still being made. Had the tail suspended in the year two be placed on the whale statue and the train went off the tracks bumped into the tail and somehow got back on and saved the train from falling 30 feet. Wow, this was in 2002 I’m not even going to say the name of where it’s at. I cannot place but yeah, that is true. So four out of five. Still doing good though. Okay, you’re still on a roll. This next one’s crazy. But this one was a Dallas plot to steal the Alamo from San Antonio was foiled. So there was a plot for Dallas people of Dallas to petition and steal the Alamo from San Antonio.

Nick Schlemmer 36:37
So there is a petition. Hmm, so people are going around trying to get a petition signed.

Jack McFarlane 36:46
They wanted Dallas to be in possession of the Alamo, not San Antonio. They wanted to make the Alamo, technically a part of Dallas and not San Antonio. I keep the plot was foiled.

Nick Schlemmer 36:59
But the plot was foiled.

Jack McFarlane 37:01
It did not work. It did okay.

Nick Schlemmer 37:05
You know, that’s probably a true headline.

Jack McFarlane 37:09
No, I’m sorry. It was an April Fool’s joke done by Dallas. So I don’t know the exact group but some some major group in Dallas made a fake petition to steal the Alamo on April Fool’s. four out of six. You’re still in good shape or six? Yeah, you’re still in great shape.

Nick Schlemmer 37:29
I need to get this next one. Right.

Jack McFarlane 37:31
This one is tricky. Okay. Indian man, to sue his parents for giving birth to him. Okay. I just want you to let that sink in. let that marinate. What are I just want to hear your thoughts after hearing that? Because I’m a little confused. Yeah. How? And why, you know how and why are my students? Let’s hear what you think.

Nick Schlemmer 37:59
You know, my initial thoughts is I don’t know what to think about that. That’s really the my initial thoughts. I can see for whatever reason this happening like both ways this can be true, this could be false. He wants to sue Mom and Pop.

Jack McFarlane 38:20
For giving birth to him.

Nick Schlemmer 38:24
You know, this is probably a true headline.

Jack McFarlane 38:29
Is that your final answer to my final answer? Okay, you’re back on the board. That isn’t true that sadly, sadly. 27 year old man decides to bring his parents to court and sue them for being born. He lost. Yeah, he didn’t lose his case. He did not win the case as the court found it laughable. And so I’m sure he was out a good amount of legal fees. I’m glad he lost though. But sadly, sadly, that’s a true thing that has happened in the world. But what’s not sad is that you are what are you up to five you’ve got the goal. Five out of five out of seven. You need two more of the last three to more than last year and you’ve got the record. Okay, good time to lock in. A UK drivers illegal ham sandwiches seized at the Dutch border.

Nick Schlemmer 39:22
Said one more time.

Jack McFarlane 39:24
So UK drivers driving into Dutch his he had illegal ham sandwiches, which were then compensated at the border. So he didn’t have a gun. He didn’t have drugs. He had a ham sandwich. It didn’t like his sandwich.

Nick Schlemmer 39:49
You know those suspicious sandwiches really get you sometimes I’m gonna say that’s true.

Jack McFarlane 39:55
That is true. Fire. So a driver was I’m surprised when he was stopped at border and his sandwiches were confiscated. Apparently, there’s a rule where if you’re heading into the EU from a non EU country, you cannot bring meat or dairy. So his ham sandwiches were taken away. Wow. That’s a sad ham sandwich. I get this lunch. Well, yeah. Okay, so six out of 8648. Need one more, Nick. One more. I think you’ve got this. All right, here you go. This one is talk. This one’s another Indian suing parents. This is a tough one. New York City Police add a drug sniffing bunny to their force. So not just canines funny. Because you know bunnies are small. They’ve got really good noses. So did they add a drug sniffing bunny to the police force?

Nick Schlemmer 40:55
Huh. I’m gonna say, finally answer. I’m gonna say that is a false headline.

Jack McFarlane 41:07
You’ve got it? Yeah. Got it. Totally Correct. That’s the new record. It is a false headline that again, was an April Fool’s joke.

Nick Schlemmer 41:17
You almost had me whenever you said they can get into small places you made me die in think about right?

Jack McFarlane 41:23
could see a world where maybe that would work like they can get around. They got good noses. But yeah, that was an April Fool’s joke. So you’ve got the record your son for 978. For 10. If you get this, right, that is probably never going to be beat in a game to me. I think we could maybe one day get to seven. If you get to eight, that might be the best score we ever get. So a lot of pressure here. Let’s see. Last, last news story. UK. Poland accidentally invades the Czech Republic. In a what was called a misunderstanding with quotation marks around it for those listening. But yeah, so Poland invading the Czech Republic, but on accident, an accident? Somebody has an accident. Somebody hit the wrong button, accidentally invaded your country?

Nick Schlemmer 42:19
Hmm. I would like to say that can happen in that high of a government but I also don’t know. I’m going to say that’s a false headline. Oh, no. It is true.

Jack McFarlane 42:42
It is true. So seven out of 10 is incredible. But so basically what happened is some Polish soldiers prevented Czech civilians from entering a church that was close to the border. They were like, No, you cannot come over here. This is a whole different country. Turns out the soldiers were on the wrong side of the border. And we’re technically not allowing check civilians into a public check church, meaning they invaded the country. So that is how pull accidentally invaded.

Nick Schlemmer 43:11
I didn’t even think about something like that would be considered stopping an invasion. Yep. So starting an invasion.

Jack McFarlane 43:19
Incredible. Absolutely incredible performance for Nick today. That deserves a round of applause. Seven out of 10 and under 10.

Nick Schlemmer 43:28
That that’s by far my best score.

Jack McFarlane 43:32
Yeah, that was a that was a Jordan flu game right there. Remember, for everyone listening?

Nick Schlemmer 43:39
Well, it was fun. Jack, thank you for putting this game time together. That was interesting. And it was funny. So that was good. All right, everybody. We are wrapping up the show today. I’ve had a great time. I know Jack’s had a great time. Game time was a blast. Just want to say that. To end it off we have the usual, the quote of the show. So earlier in the show, we talked about Nike, and how they’re pretty much different from everybody else in their brand styling and how they do things right. So I couldn’t find who said this quote, but I did. I did like what it meant. So here’s the quote, We must take the time to define our own path. To quickly we can find the world defining it for us.

Jack McFarlane 44:27
Oh, that’s good.

Nick Schlemmer 44:29
Nike, right? Nike did their own thing.

Jack McFarlane 44:33
Nike made the path and the rest of the companies now have to follow it. Exactly. Don’t have a choice. Oh, that’s good. Never disappointing. Never disappointing with the quote of the show. Well, guys, we hope you enjoyed, we had a blast. It was a fun episode. You know, feel free to reach out to us. Let us know what you thought and if you think Dallas is gonna win the championship and you’re on my side, let me know. So we just right The funny thing a second ago that drew holiday was asked how do you stop Kyrie Irving and he said You pray there. So yeah, once again, thank you so much for your support. We hope you guys have a great day.

Nick Schlemmer 45:15
Thank you from me as well. 24 episodes strong, many more to come. And bye for now.

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