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In Germany, a Museum Worker is Fired for Secretly Displaying His Own Painting

In this episode Steve tells the story of an overzealous museum employee in Germany who was fired after he secretly hung one of his own paintings for display in a museum gallery.

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The Troubling Decline in Men’s Labor Force Participation in the US

In this episode Steve discusses how men’s prime age Labor Force Participation has declined in recent decades, and examines some of the factors driving the trend.

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The Largest US Companies Ranked by Number of Employees in 2024

In this episode Steve shares highlights from the list of the largest employers in the US, ranked by employee count.

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Labor Organizing Efforts Expected to Continue into 2024

In this episode Steve discusses how labor organizing efforts are expected to continue and grow in 2024, and how managers and HR leaders should respond to these efforts.

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Waffle House Workers the Latest to Advocate for Better Pay, Working Conditions

In this episode Steve shared another recent example of US labor organizing and activism as Waffle House employees protest for increased wages and better working conditions.

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Breaking Barriers: Championing Diversity and Empowering People with Disabilities

This week we met with Llyod Lewis from Arc Thrift Stores in Colorado to talk about embodying inclusion by employing persons with intellectual and development disabilities.

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Escaping the Odds and Increasing Employment Opportunities for Millions

This week we met with Aaron Smith from Escaping the Odds to talk about second chance hiring of those previously incarcerated.

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Could Employee Non-Compete Agreements Be Banned in the US?

In this episode Steve discusses new proposed rules from the FTC which would ban the use of employee non-compete agreements in the US.

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Employment Without Limits: Creating Opportunities for People with Disabilities

This week, we met with Dr. Jennifer Luebke from PRIDE Industries, to talk about creating opportunities for people with disabilities.

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HR Happy Hour on Alexa – Episode 361

In this episode Steve talks about the success of large, private sector employer vaccine mandates as a condition of employment.

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