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Details from Ford Motor Company’s Transition to Hybrid Working

In this episode Steve shares details of the Ford Motor Company’s hybrid working plans and strategies.

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Secrets to Longevity in the Workplace from legend Shirley Norris (age 92)

This week, we met with Shirley Norris from MoDOT, to talk about changes in the workplace through time.

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How to Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction

This week, we met with Nagaraj Nadendla from Oracle Cloud HCM, to discuss the Great Attraction trend as a continuation of the Great Resignation.

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Supporting Veterans in the Workplace

This week, we met with Graig Paglieri from Randstad Technologies Group U.S., to discuss how to support veterans in the workplace through skilling and career development opportunities.

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Supporting Women in Leadership in 2022

This week, we met with Jason Lioy from Dawn Foods, to discuss the importance of supporting women in leadership and building an inclusive workplace and team culture.

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Neurodiversity Hiring: Important Ideas for More Inclusive Organizations

This week, we spoke with Tracy Powell-Rudy and Dr. Colin Willis about how to expand your organization’s hiring capabilities in a neurodiverse world.

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How Second Chance Hiring Can Help Your Organization

This week, we met with Jeff Korzenik, Author of UnTapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community, to discuss the benefits of giving workers with criminal backgrounds a fair chance at employment.

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The Importance of Controlling and Securing your HCM Data featuring Oracle

This week, we spoke with Sherri Bartels and Aman Desouza about people data security and new advancements at Oracle.

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Understand the DEI Landscape featuring Culture Amp

This week, we spoke with Aubrey Blanche from Culture Amp about their latest report on Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inlcusion.

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Sustaining Company Culture: Insights from the Latest Culture Amp Research

This week, we spoke with Fresia Jackson from Culture Amp about their latest report on top trends throughout the employee lifecycle.

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