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A Mid-Year, Informative 2022 Status Update with Ben Brooks from PILOT

This week, we met with Ben Brooks to get an update on PILOT, employee retention, development, experience, Allyship, and more!

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The Impact of Inadequate Workplace Technology on the Employee Experience

In this episode Steve discusses a recent survey on the impact of workplace technology on the employee experience.

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Workplace Movie Hall of Fame: The Intern

This week, we brought back the workplace movie hall of fame to discuss The Intern and all the workplace issues and the themes within it.

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From Soccer to C-Suite: How Girls Succeed through Sports

This week, we met with Dr. Greg Charlop, to discuss what top women executives and medical research have learned about the importance of girls participating in sports programs.

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Trends in Small Business Jobs and Wage Growth

In this episode Steve shares some highlights from the April 2022 Paychex – IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch Report.

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The US Labor Market Remains Red Hot

In this episode Steve shares the Top 5 most important data points from the April JOBS report and the March JOLTS report.

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How Scheduling Impacts Employee Mental Health and Work Life Balance

This week, we met with Alison Stevens and Jeanne Meister, to learn about new research surrournding unpredictable employee schedules and the impact on employee absenteeism, turnover, productivity, and morale.

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Supporting Mental Health – How One Person Can Make a Difference featuring Born This Way Foundation

This week, we met with Maya Smith from Born This Way Foundation, to discuss new research that addresses the importance of mental health support and resources.

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Details from Ford Motor Company’s Transition to Hybrid Working

In this episode Steve shares details of the Ford Motor Company’s hybrid working plans and strategies.

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Secrets to Longevity in the Workplace from legend Shirley Norris (age 92)

This week, we met with Shirley Norris from MoDOT, to talk about changes in the workplace through time.

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