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Mastering the Dynamics of Hybrid Work

In this episode Mervyn talks to Gary Cookson, author of the book ‘HR For Hybrid Working’ about how hybrid working is different and why HR professionals need to adapt their approaches to make sure that it works for everyone.

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Scaling Impact Through Women’s Affinity Groups and Mentorship

Today, we spoke with Bettina Greene-Thompson about how Amazon has developed women’s affinity groups to create a sense of community and inclusion.

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HR Tech Conference Preview: Innovation in HR Tech

Today, we spoke with George LaRocque about the upcoming Innovation Summit at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

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The Power of Storytelling in the Workplace

This week we met with Melanie Steinbach from MasterClass to talk about the benefits of using storytelling in leadership development.

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Productivity Drag and How to Improve Performance and Profitability

In this episode Mervyn talks to Zena Everett, whose book The Crazy Busy Cure was a Business Book of the Year winner for 2022, about how to combat the systemic factors that reduce productivity and profitability per head within organisations.

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Empathy and Expertise: Insights on Layoffs and Inclusion

This week on At Work in America, Trish and co-host Mervyn were joined by John Baldino to talk about HR consulting and the importance of handling layoffs well.

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Job Postings Requiring AI-skills Surge by 400% to 600%, According to New Data

In this episode Steve shares how job listings that require candidates to be skilled in new and emerging AI technologies are surging on major job posting sites.

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Navigating the Digital Age: Empowering Elderly Care through Technology

This week we met with Meghan Conroy of CaptureProof to talk about the benefits of utilizing technology to help with the care of the aging community.

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Balancing Care: Nurturing Yourself and Others in the Caregiving Journey

This week we met with Liz O’Donnell from Working Daughter to talk about the transition women are now making as they learn to care for aging parents.

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EVP and the Engagement Equation

In this episode Mervyn talks to Kat Bernardes, Director of People Experience at HR Consultancy Lace Partners, about her work on Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and the role it plays in supporting employee engagement and retention.

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