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Strategies for Workplace and Personal Success in 2022, featuring PILOT

This week, we met with Ben Brooks to talk about retention development, employee experience, and trying to fight burnout during the pandemic.

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Managing Talent in 2022: Keys for Success in the New Year

This week, we spoke with Juergen Lindner about how the Great Resignation has impacted every business across nearly every country.

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Payroll 2021 Year End Prep and Starting 2022 the Right Way, featuring Paychex

This week, we met with Tom Hammond to discuss how to successfully wrap up 2021’s payroll requirements and set a smooth foundation for the year ahead.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent during the Great Resignation

This week, we spoke with Ann Marr about the Great Resignation and ways of attracting and retaining talent during this time.

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Recruiting for Jobs of the Future: A Biotech Update

This week, we met with Johnny Caupert to discuss the importance of biotech research in making our world a better, more sustainable place to live.

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HR Happy Hour 503 – Meeting Global Payroll Challenges

This week, we spoke with Nancy Estell Zoder about how Oracle Payroll Core helps organizations meet global payroll challenges.

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Inclusion Crusade 4 – Identifying Microaggressions with Technology

In this episode, host Sarah Morgan and her guest, Michael Ogunsanya, discuss how technology can be used to identify negative communication patterns, including microaggressions, to help managers coach and correct employees. 

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HR Happy Hour 502 – Measuring the Human Resources Experience

This week, we discussed the latest research from ADP surrounding human resources’ impact on a company’s talent brand.

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HR Happy Hour 501 – Expanding and Promoting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

This week, we spoke with Amanda Hahn about neurodiversity in the workplace.

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HR Happy Hour – Celebrating our 500th Episode – LIVE from the HR Tech Conference

This week, we celebrated our 500th episode with some of our long-time friends and past guests of the show.

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