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Mastering the Dynamics of Hybrid Work

In this episode Mervyn talks to Gary Cookson, author of the book ‘HR For Hybrid Working’ about how hybrid working is different and why HR professionals need to adapt their approaches to make sure that it works for everyone.

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Navigating the Shift to Hybrid and Flexible Work Environments

In this episode Mervyn talks to Matthew Davis, Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology at Leeds University, about their major research project on how work and workplaces are changing to adapt to hybrid and flexible working.

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Office Etiquette Classes on the Rise with the Increase of In-person Work

In this episode Steve shares how some organizations are holding office etiquette classes to help workers navigate the transition back to in-person work, after three years working mostly remotely.

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HR Means Business 4: Making Remote and Flexible Work Successful for our People

In this episode Mervyn talks to Gemma Dale, who is a senior HR lecturer and researcher at Liverpool John Moores University and previously a senior HR professional.

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Will a Recession Force Workers Back into Offices?

In this episode, Steve discusses whether a potential recession will drive more workers back to in-person offices and workplaces.

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How the World’s Largest Companies are Adapting to the New World of Work

In this episode, Steve shares how some of the world’s largest companies are approaching return to workplace programs.

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A Mid-Year, Informative 2022 Status Update with Ben Brooks from PILOT

This week, we met with Ben Brooks to get an update on PILOT, employee retention, development, experience, Allyship, and more!

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