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The US Construction Industry Faces a Shortage of Qualified Workers

In this episode Steve discusses how the US construction industry is facing a shortfall of an estimated 500,000 workers and shares some ideas on how the industry can close this employment gap.

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More Working-Age Women are Employed in the US than Ever Before

In this episode Steve discusses recent US labor market data showing how more women than ever before are participating in the workforce, and shares some of the reasons behind the trend.

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The Troubling Decline in Men’s Labor Force Participation in the US

In this episode Steve discusses how men’s prime age Labor Force Participation has declined in recent decades, and examines some of the factors driving the trend.

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Work from Home Increases Employment Opportunities for Workers with Disabilities

In this episode Steve discusses how increased work from home policies adopted during the pandemic era have significantly increased employment opportunities for workers with disabilities.

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Falling Birth Rates and the Potential Impact on National Economic Prospects

In this episode Steve discusses how declining birth rates in many advanced countries are poised to impact future economic prospects and portend significant impacts on work and workplaces.

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US Remote Workers Increasingly Looking to Foreign Employers

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent study from Deel that shows increasing numbers of US remote workers taking on positions with international employers.

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Workers at America’s Largest Private Employer Will See Pay Gains in 2024

In this episode Steve shares how Walmart, America’s largest private employer, plans to raise wages for both its store managers, and its frontline hourly staff in 2024.

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HR Happy New Year 2024!

Today, we explore the dynamic landscape of work in 2024, from individual goals and resolutions to our 15-year anniversary celebration with exciting future plans.

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The Link Between Men’s Labor Force Participation and College Enrollment Trends

In this episode Steve discusses the shift in men’s and women’s college enrollment and graduation rates, and the impact that is having on the composition of the labor force.

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Compensation Update: Workers in the Midwest Falling Behind the Rest of the US

In this episode Steve discusses wage growth across different regions of the US, and how the Midwest region is lagging other parts of the country.

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