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Compensation Update: Workers in the Midwest Falling Behind the Rest of the US

In this episode Steve discusses wage growth across different regions of the US, and how the Midwest region is lagging other parts of the country.

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CVS Pharmacist Walkouts Reflect Ongoing Challenges in a Tight Labor Market

In this episode Steve discusses the recent walkouts by CVS Pharmacists in Kansas City, the company reaction, and the implications for the broader labor market.

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New Data Shows Top Barriers to Work for People Not in the Labor Force

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent survey on what factors contribute to keeping workers, especially prime-age workers, out of the labor force.

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Women in the US Working at Record Levels, Now Fully Half of the Total Workforce

In this episode Steve discusses the important work and societal trends that have propelled women to reach fully half of the US workforce for only the third time in history.

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US Workers Less Confident in Their Job Security are More Likely to Quit

In this episode Steve discusses a recent survey that suggests that “The Great Resignation” may not yet be a thing of the past.

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Labor Market Update: Open Jobs are Falling but Unemployment Remains Low

In this episode Steve shares the latest updates from the April 2023 Jobs report and the March 2023 JOLTS report, showing a labor market that is only just beginning to show signs of cooling down.

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Matching Talent With Opportunity: Indeed’s New Pay for Application Strategy

This week we met with Raj Mukherhee from Indeed to talk about about the current labor market, hiring, and connecting with quality talent.

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The Aging US Population is Driving Declines in Labor Force Participation

In this episode Steve shares new research on the decline in US Labor Force Participation, and how the aging population is driving almost all of these declines.

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The January JOLTS Report: A Strong Labor Market That May Be Slowing

In this episode Steve discusses details of the January 2023 JOLTS Report which showed that while strong, the US labor market may finally be slowing and cooling down.

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Labor Market Updates: 11 Million Open Jobs and Record Low Unemployment

In this episode Steve discusses the latest set of Labor Market reports, and shares how the labor market is still holding up despite lingering fears of an upcoming recession.

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