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The Largest US Companies Ranked by Number of Employees in 2024

In this episode Steve shares highlights from the list of the largest employers in the US, ranked by employee count.

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Mandated Pay Raises for California Fast-Food Workers Soon to Go into Effect

In this episode Steve discusses a new California law soon to go into effect that will raise minimum wages for many fast food workers to $20 per hour.

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New Research on How to Support and Empower Women on the Workforce Front Lines

In this episode Steve discusses new research from Accenture and Catalyst on how organizations can better support, engage, and retain their women frontline workers.

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Worker Shortage Update: Farmers in Kansas Struggle to Fill Positions

In this episode Steve discusses how agricultural employers in rural areas of Kanas are facing ongoing labor shortages, and the steps they can take to address these labor challenges.

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Generation Z Expected to Overtake Boomers in the Workforce in 2024

In this episode Steve shares new research from Glassdoor showing Gen Z will soon outnumber Baby Boomers in the workplace – as soon as 2024.

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Jobcase Report Shares Crucial Insights on the State of American Workers

In this episode Steve shares insights and findings from the Jobcase America@Work Report which examined concerns, issues, and desires of America’s skilled and hourly workers.

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The US Department of Labor Soon to Require More In-Person Work

In this episode Steve shares how the US Department of Labor has decided to reduce remote working and require more in-person work starting in early 2024.

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Essential US Workers Increasingly Burning Out Due to Excessive Overtime

In this episode Steve discusses how persistent understaffing in healthcare, public safety, and other essential services is leading in excessive employee overtime and increased burnout.

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Waffle House Workers the Latest to Advocate for Better Pay, Working Conditions

In this episode Steve shared another recent example of US labor organizing and activism as Waffle House employees protest for increased wages and better working conditions.

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Proposed Rule Change Would Make Millions of Workers Newly Eligible for Overtime

In this episode Steve discusses how a new proposed change in the overtime pay regulations could make over 3.5 million US workers newly eligible for overtime pay.

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