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How Remote and Hybrid Working has Changed American Worker’s Eating Habits

In this episode Steve discusses how increased and sustained remote working has changed American workers dining habits and impacted the business prospects of downtown dining establishments.

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How the CEO of Tech Company Dropbox is Bucking the Return to Office Trend

In this episode Steve discusses how the CEO of tech company Dropbox is remaining committed to their remote-first working approach, even in the face of increasing calls by other CEOs to return workers to in-person working.

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H3 Live! April 11, 2024 – Episode 435

Join us for H3 “Live” where Trish Steed and Steve Boese discuss the new Digital Nomad visa for #Italy.

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At Dell, Remote Workers Cut Off from Promotions and Advancement

In this episode Steve discusses a new Return to Office policy at Dell Technologies which would exclude fully remote workers from promotions and make them ineligible to switch roles inside the company.

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Two Organizations Show the Payoff from Sticking with Remote Work Policies

In this episode Steve discusses the ongoing success of remote and flexible work policies at two companies – Yelp and Gympass, which have shown that done effectively, remote work can benefit employees and their organizations.

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More Americans Now Living Farther From their Workplaces Due to Flexible Work

In this episode Steve discusses how employees at small and mid-size businesses now live much farther away from their workplaces than prior to the pandemic – likely due to the increase in remote and hybrid work arrangements.

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New Research Suggests Return to Office Mandates Don’t Improve Firm Performance

In this episode Steve discusses a recent study that showed firm’s Return to Office mandates don’t materially improve firm performance while simultaneously worsening employee satisfaction.

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US Remote Workers Increasingly Looking to Foreign Employers

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent study from Deel that shows increasing numbers of US remote workers taking on positions with international employers.

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Beyond Remote Work, US Workers Increasingly Seek Schedule Flexibility

In this episode Steve discusses how recent data shows that schedule and time flexibility increasingly matters more to employees than does work location flexibility.

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Pandemic-driven US Office Vacancy Rate Hits an All-time High

In this episode Steve discusses how ongoing hybrid and work from home arrangements have led to the US office vacancy rate to hit an all-time high at the end of 2023.

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