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Navigating the Shift to Hybrid and Flexible Work Environments

In this episode Mervyn talks to Matthew Davis, Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology at Leeds University, about their major research project on how work and workplaces are changing to adapt to hybrid and flexible working.

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Executives Want Employees Back in the Office, But Don’t Really Know Why

In this episode Steve discusses how some senior leaders are mandating workers return to in-person work, despite having litte or no data or evidence that these mandates improve business results and employee experience.

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Office Etiquette Classes on the Rise with the Increase of In-person Work

In this episode Steve shares how some organizations are holding office etiquette classes to help workers navigate the transition back to in-person work, after three years working mostly remotely.

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Half of Finance Professionals Ready to Resign Over Increased Time in the Office

In this episode Steve shares results from a survey of finance professionals that indicates as many as half of these employees are willing to resign over increased time in the office mandates.

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More Women Quit as a Result of Major Consultancy Forcing Employees into Offices

In this episode Steve shares the unintended impact on women employee attrition rates when one major consultancy began requiring people to return to in-person work.

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Majority of Fully Remote US Workers Willing to Take a Pay Cut to Remain Remote

In this episode Steve shares results from a recent Washington Post survey on remote workers’ attitudes and preferences for remaining in remote work arrangements.

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The Pandemic Impact on the Geography of Work and Work Patterns

In this episode Steve discuses how the pandemic era disruptions have impacted population and work patterns in the largest US cities.

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The Next Frontier in the Return to Office Battle: Relocating Existing Employees

In this episode Steve discusses how some employers are offering relocation assistance for existing employees to move them closer to company offices and to resume in-person work schedules.

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HR and Hashtag Outrage – Which Trends Will Really Have Impact

In this episode Mervyn talks to Allie Nawrat, an award winning senior journalist who produces content that helps HR leaders to make the right decisions.

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Flexible Work Trends and the Continuing Disconnect Between Employees and Leaders

In this episode Steve reviews the latest data from the Future Forum survey on remote, hybrid, and flexible work trends.

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