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US Remote Workers Increasingly Looking to Foreign Employers

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent study from Deel that shows increasing numbers of US remote workers taking on positions with international employers.

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Beyond Remote Work, US Workers Increasingly Seek Schedule Flexibility

In this episode Steve discusses how recent data shows that schedule and time flexibility increasingly matters more to employees than does work location flexibility.

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Pandemic-driven US Office Vacancy Rate Hits an All-time High

In this episode Steve discusses how ongoing hybrid and work from home arrangements have led to the US office vacancy rate to hit an all-time high at the end of 2023.

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New Survey Shows Organizations Care More about “How” Work Happens

In this episode Steve shares key findings from a recent survey on leaders’ attitudes, preferences and plans in 2024 for remote, hybrid, and in-office work. 

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Neiman Marcus Continues to Embrace Remote Work, Despite Return to Office Trend

In this episode Steve shares how luxury retailer Neiman Marcus continues to embrace and see the benefits of remote working for its corporate teams.

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Some Remote Work Research Suggests the Return to Office Movement Has Peaked

In this episode Steve shares how remote and in-person working data suggests that return to office mandates may have peaked, and organizations are finding a balance by with hybrid working arrangements.

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The US Department of Labor Soon to Require More In-Person Work

In this episode Steve shares how the US Department of Labor has decided to reduce remote working and require more in-person work starting in early 2024.

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Millennial Employees Support Remote Working More than Gen Z and Gen X

In this episode Steve discusses how Millennial employees are leading the charge in support of sustained remote work policies, while Gen Z and even Gen X are more likely to want more time in the office.

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Despite Benefits, Nearly Half of Companies Backtracked on Remote Work in 2023

In this episode Steve discusses how despite the clear benefits of remote and hybrid working for employees and organizations, some leaders remain insistent on calling back workers into offices and in-person work.

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Navigating the Shift to Hybrid and Flexible Work Environments

In this episode Mervyn talks to Matthew Davis, Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology at Leeds University, about their major research project on how work and workplaces are changing to adapt to hybrid and flexible working.

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