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HR and Hashtag Outrage – Which Trends Will Really Have Impact

In this episode Mervyn talks to Allie Nawrat, an award winning senior journalist who produces content that helps HR leaders to make the right decisions.

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Flexible Work Trends and the Continuing Disconnect Between Employees and Leaders

In this episode Steve reviews the latest data from the Future Forum survey on remote, hybrid, and flexible work trends.

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Are the First Cracks Beginning to Show in the Remote Work Revolution?

In this episode Steve discusses whether some recent reports on working from home patterns signal a shift back to more in-office work, and less remote working in 2023.

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New Strategies for Workplace and Personal Success in 2023, featuring PILOT

This week we met with Ben Brooks from PILOT to talk about finding success in the new year by building in new strategies for personal and professional growth.

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The Lines are Blurring Between Work and Vacation

In this episode Steve talks about the rise of the workcation and how US workers often struggle to truly disconnect from their work.

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HR Means Business 4: Making Remote and Flexible Work Successful for our People

In this episode Mervyn talks to Gemma Dale, who is a senior HR lecturer and researcher at Liverpool John Moores University and previously a senior HR professional.

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Companies Continue to Mandate Return to Offices, Employees Continue to Push Back

In this episode Steve discusses the ongoing tension in the remote work vs. return to the office battles taking place in the corporate world.

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New Data on the Current and Future State of Remote Working

In this episode Steve shares results on worker and employer attitudes on remote working from ongoing research from WFH Research.

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Will a Recession Force Workers Back into Offices?

In this episode, Steve discusses whether a potential recession will drive more workers back to in-person offices and workplaces.

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How the World’s Largest Companies are Adapting to the New World of Work

In this episode, Steve shares how some of the world’s largest companies are approaching return to workplace programs.

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