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Despite Benefits, Nearly Half of Companies Backtracked on Remote Work in 2023

In this episode Steve discusses how despite the clear benefits of remote and hybrid working for employees and organizations, some leaders remain insistent on calling back workers into offices and in-person work.

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TikTok on the Clock: Company Using New Tool to Monitor Office Attendance

In this episode Steve discusses a new office attendance monitoring tool being used at TikTok, to track and enforce its return to office policy.

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Half of Finance Professionals Ready to Resign Over Increased Time in the Office

In this episode Steve shares results from a survey of finance professionals that indicates as many as half of these employees are willing to resign over increased time in the office mandates.

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The Next Frontier in the Return to Office Battle: Relocating Existing Employees

In this episode Steve discusses how some employers are offering relocation assistance for existing employees to move them closer to company offices and to resume in-person work schedules.

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Are the First Cracks Beginning to Show in the Remote Work Revolution?

In this episode Steve discusses whether some recent reports on working from home patterns signal a shift back to more in-office work, and less remote working in 2023.

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The Battle Over Remote vs. In-person Work Rages On

In this episode Steve shares some of the most recent news about battles over remote vs. in-person work in US companies, including a new return to office mandate at Disney.

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Ending Work From Home Arrangements? Then Be Sure to Pay the Office Rent

In this episode Steve discusses how leader’s desire to end work from home programs often conflicts with their need to reduce operating costs.

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How the Increase in Working From Home Has Benefited Disabled Workers

In this episode Steve discusses some employment statistics for disabled workers and the impact during the pandemic and the increase in working from home.

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Designing Return to the Workplace Events for Maximum Effectiveness

In this episode Steve discusses ways organizations can make in-person work and events more valuable and effective for employees.

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HR Happy Hour on Alexa – Episode 357

In this episode Steve shares some recent survey results on employee attitudes towards returning to workplaces.

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