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US Corporate Profits Soar, Along with Dividend Payouts and Stock Repurchases

In this episode Steve shares new data showing how record US corporate profits have been increasingly used to increase shareholder dividends and accelerate stock buybacks – often at the expense of average employee compensation.

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How Buc-ee’s Connects Compensation to Employee and Business Success

In this episode Steve shares how regional travel center chain Buc-ee’s uses highly competitive employee compensation to attract the best employees to help create great customer experiences in their stores.

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Workers at America’s Largest Private Employer Will See Pay Gains in 2024

In this episode Steve shares how Walmart, America’s largest private employer, plans to raise wages for both its store managers, and its frontline hourly staff in 2024.

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HR Happy New Year 2024!

Today, we explore the dynamic landscape of work in 2024, from individual goals and resolutions to our 15-year anniversary celebration with exciting future plans.

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What to Expect at Work and in Workplaces in 2024

In this episode Steve discusses major trends expected to impact and shape the world of work in 2024.

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The Essentials of Payroll Year-End and Starting 2024 Off Right

This week on At Work in America, we met with Tom Hammond from Paychex, to talk about the importance of giving your business a year-end check-up to start your new year right.

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Compensation Update: Workers in the Midwest Falling Behind the Rest of the US

In this episode Steve discusses wage growth across different regions of the US, and how the Midwest region is lagging other parts of the country.

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The Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Challenges Organizations on Pay Equity

In this episode Steve talks about the work of Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Claudia Goldin, and the importance of her research and insights on gender pay equity.

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The Majority of American Workers are Still Living Paycheck to Paycheck

In this episode Steve shares data from three recent surveys on the financial health and challenges that are facing the majority of American workers.

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Proposed Rule Change Would Make Millions of Workers Newly Eligible for Overtime

In this episode Steve discusses how a new proposed change in the overtime pay regulations could make over 3.5 million US workers newly eligible for overtime pay.

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