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Equity in Action: Affirmative Strategies, Self-Care, and Workplace Leadership

This week we are discussing the impact of DEI programs in the workplace and the effects on employees.

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Thriving at Work: Nurturing Wellness, Mental Health, and More

This week we are discussing how to use emotional intelligence to nurture a culture of wellness and strong mental health.

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Personal and Professional Leadership for 2024

Today, we met with Ben Brooks from PILOT to discuss 2024 trends and the evolving terrain of entrepreneurship, leadership, and professionalism within the remote work era.

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Modernizing HR with a leading CHRO

Today, we spoke with Don Robertson of Northwestern Mutual about how to bring your organization into the modern era of work.

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Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: How Employee Resource Groups Drive Change

In this episode Mervyn talks to Paul Modley, Director Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at talent solutions business AMS about how to move DEI initiatives up the corporate agenda and the key role that Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play.

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HR Tech Conference Preview: Making Progress on Pay Equity

Today, we spoke with Heather Bussing about her upcoming session at the HR Technology Conference, ‘It’s Not About the Money: Building a Culture of Fairness with Pay Equity’.

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Balancing Ambition and Alignment: Nurturing Personal and Professional Growth

This week we met with Ben Brooks from PILOT for our mid-year check in and chat about goals, skills, and DEI in your organization.

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Navigating the Shifting Landscape and the Ripple Effects of Recent Legislation

This week we are discussing the impact of the recent law in FL banning DEI teachings and the potential impact on workplaces.

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Breaking Barriers: Championing Diversity and Empowering People with Disabilities

This week we met with Llyod Lewis from Arc Thrift Stores in Colorado to talk about embodying inclusion by employing persons with intellectual and development disabilities.

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How Employee Referrals Empower Candidates and Improve Diversity

In this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano apeaks with Gerry Crispin to discuss employee referrals.

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