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European Talent Trends Every HR Leader Should Know

 In this episode Mervyn Dinnen talks to Rhea Moss and Eric Gelle from Talent Acquisition technology providers, iCIMS, about their latest workforce insights research focused on the European talent market.

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Harnessing AI to Transform the Job Search and Recruitment Process

Today, Trish sat down with Fred Goff of Jobcase to talk about the potential of AI to transform job search and recruitment processes.

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Learning and Recruiting Trends for 2024 from LinkedIn

Today, we met with Liam Walsh of LinkedIn to talk about how the landscape of recruiting and learning is changing.

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Skills-based Hiring Initiatives Slow to Impact Who Gets Hired

In this episode Steve discusses a new study which shows that many “skills-based” hiring programs have yet to impact whom is actually getting hired.

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Unlocking Potential: Navigating Autism in the Workplace

Today, we met with Keith Wargo of Autism Speaks to explore how to foster neurodiversity in the workplace.

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Digital Screening for Smart Hiring in HR

In this episode Mervyn talks to Ben Mones (CEO & founder at Fama) about how AI enabled online and social media background screening helps identify the right people, and the key findings from their Misconduct at Work report.

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Recruiting, Mentoring, and Growth: Lessons from a Career in Pro Sports

This week on At Work in America, Lou DePaoli from General Sports Worldwide, joined us to discuss the intricate relationship between sports and the corporate world.

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UNLEASH Conversations: Connecting Talent to Opportunity

Today, Trish met with Madeline Laurano and Amanda Hahn at UNLEASH World in Paris to talk about connecting talent to opportunity in the workplace.

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UPS to Hire 100,000 Holiday Workers Following the Recent New Labor Agreement

In this episode Steve shares how transportation giant UPS plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers following their recent, historic labor agreement with the Teamsters union.

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Air Traffic Controller Staffing Shortages Persist, More Close Calls Result

In this episode Steve discusses how ongoing staffing shortages of air traffic controllers are leading to more aircraft near-misses and travel delays in the US.

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