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From Service to Success: Navigating Veteran Hiring and Transition

This week we met with Matthew Jensen from Indeed to discuss how organizations can support veterans in innovative ways.

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To Better Compete for Talent, the US Government Loosens Hiring Criteria

In this episode Steve discusses how many US Federal Government agencies are loosening pre-employment screening criteria to better compete for talent with the private sector.

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Matching Talent With Opportunity: Indeed’s New Pay for Application Strategy

This week we met with Raj Mukherhee from Indeed to talk about about the current labor market, hiring, and connecting with quality talent.

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More Organizations Shift to a Skills-First Approach to Hiring

In this episode Steve discusses the shift to skills-first hiring practices and how it can benefit both employers and job candidates.

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How the Next Group of College Graduates Thinks about Work and Careers

In this episode Steve discusses what soon-to-be college graduates are saying about work, careers, and their expectations for their first jobs after they graduate.

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State Governments Join the Trend of Eliminating Four-year Degree Requirements

In this episode Steve discusses how many US state governments are eliminating four-year college degree requirements for many state jobs – joining a growing list of companies doing the same.

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New Salary Transparency Laws Drive Increase in Job Ads with Posted Salaries

In this episode Steve discusses how salary transparency laws are leading to significant increases in job ads that include posted wage and salary information – and leading to an increase in candidates.

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Escaping the Odds and Increasing Employment Opportunities for Millions

This week we met with Aaron Smith from Escaping the Odds to talk about second chance hiring of those previously incarcerated.

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Some Unintended Consequences of job Posting Salary Transparency Laws

In this episode Steve discusses some of the unintended consequences of new job listing salary transparency laws in NYC and Colorado.

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Hire Like Google: The Four Criteria Google Uses to Assess Candidates

In this episode Steve discusses the four criterial that Google uses in their evaluation of job candidates.

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