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HR Happy Hour on Alexa – Episode 273

In this episode, Steve talks about a new Job Title of the Future – The Director of Empathy.

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HR Happy Hour 443 – Inclusion: More Than a Buzz Word (Part 2)

This week on the HR Happy Hour, we are sharing part 2 of a conversation with Sarah Morgan, CEO of Buzz-A-Rooney.

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HR Happy Hour 428 – Increasing Access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Workforce

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve and Trish were joined by Kristy Ramos, Director of CSD Works, an organization that connects qualified deaf and hard of hearing job seekers with motivated employers that provide an equal employment experience for their employees.

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HR Happy Hour 421 – Increasing Opportunities for People on the Autism Spectrum

On the show we talked about how employers and HR leaders can better understand the needs of employees and candidates who are on the autism spectrum, how HR and talent management processes can be made more open to and inclusive for people on the spectrum, and how HR leaders can begin to think more openly and expansively about this deep pool of talented people.

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HR Market Watch 13: $50 Million For Greenhouse and The Future of Recruiting

In this episode, George talks to Daniel Chait and Jon Stross from Greenhouse about their recent VC funding, market changes impacting their customers, and the future of recruiting.

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HR Happy Hour 315 – Breaking Through with Diversity & Inclusion

HR Happy Hour 315 – Breaking Through with Diversity & Inclusion Sponsored by Virgin Pulse – www.virginpulse.com. […]

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