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Scaling Impact Through Women’s Affinity Groups and Mentorship

Today, we spoke with Bettina Greene-Thompson about how Amazon has developed women’s affinity groups to create a sense of community and inclusion.

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Fostering Family and Cultivating Change in the Workplace

This week we are discussing the traditions of new parents in the workplace, and how we can celebrate and include parents differently.

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Empowering Women and Businesses through Menopause Conversations

This week we met with Shelly MacConnell from WINFertility about the importance of addressing menopause in the workplace.

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Empathy and Expertise: Insights on Layoffs and Inclusion

This week on At Work in America, Trish and co-host Mervyn were joined by John Baldino to talk about HR consulting and the importance of handling layoffs well.

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Building Bridges: Fostering LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in Workplace Culture & Community

This week we are discussing the importance of fostering workplace culture and community with LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

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Flight Attendant Uniform and Appearance Standards are Changing with the Times

In this episode Steve shares how several large airlines are updating and modernizing staff dress code and appearance standards in a bid to become more inclusive and to aid recruiting efforts.

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Healthcare Equity and Empathy: Bridging the Gap for Underserved Communities

This week we met with Jeni Mayorskaya and Dr. Jerrica Kirkley to talk about how inclusive health care can support the modern workforce while attracting and retaining talent.

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Navigating the Shifting Landscape and the Ripple Effects of Recent Legislation

This week we are discussing the impact of the recent law in FL banning DEI teachings and the potential impact on workplaces.

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Women CEOs Making Progress, But Still Represent a Small Fraction of Companies

In this episode Steve discusses the gender disparity in the CEO ranks in the largest companies in America.

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Breaking Barriers: Championing Diversity and Empowering People with Disabilities

This week we met with Llyod Lewis from Arc Thrift Stores in Colorado to talk about embodying inclusion by employing persons with intellectual and development disabilities.

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