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Despite Recession Fears, US Job Openings Remain High

In this episode Steve shares some key highlights from the Bureau of Labor Statistics November JOLTS Report.

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The Impact on the Labor Market of Increased Retirements During the Pandemic Era

In this episode Steve discusses how increased retirements by older workers in the pandemic era continue to impact the overall labor market.

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Some Unintended Consequences of job Posting Salary Transparency Laws

In this episode Steve discusses some of the unintended consequences of new job listing salary transparency laws in NYC and Colorado.

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In France, a Man Wins the Right to Not Have Fun at Work

In this episode Steve shares news of an employment law case from France, where one man sued for unfair dismissal over his refusal to party with his co-workers.

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Hire Like Google: The Four Criteria Google Uses to Assess Candidates

In this episode Steve discusses the four criterial that Google uses in their evaluation of job candidates.

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In the Face of High-Profile Reductions, Demand for Tech Workers Remains Strong

In this episode Steve discusses some recent tech worker layoffs, and the overall labor market for technology workers.

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Forget a Four-Day Workweek, One Chick-fil-A is Thriving on a Three-Day Workweek

In this episode Steve shares the story of how on Ckick-fil-A restaurant is having success using a three-day workweek for some of their full-time staff.

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The October Jobs Report Shows Continued Strength in the Labor Market

In this episode Steve shared highlights and analysis from the October 2022 Jobs Report.

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The September JOLTS Report Shows a Surprising Jump in Job Openings

In this episode Steve shared highlights from the BLS September 2022 JOLTS Report which showed a surprising jump in total job openings.

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How the Increase in Working From Home Has Benefited Disabled Workers

In this episode Steve discusses some employment statistics for disabled workers and the impact during the pandemic and the increase in working from home.

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