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What to Expect at Work and in Workplaces in 2024

In this episode Steve discusses major trends expected to impact and shape the world of work in 2024.

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Mounting Frustration Could Lead to Widespread Strikes by US Pharmacists

In this episode Steve discusses how tensions between pharmacists and several major pharmacy chains are increasing, and may result in increased wildcat strikes and job walkouts.

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Compensation Update: Workers in the Midwest Falling Behind the Rest of the US

In this episode Steve discusses wage growth across different regions of the US, and how the Midwest region is lagging other parts of the country.

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Challenges Remain for Neurodivergent People in the Workplace

In this episode Steve discusses the challenges facing neurodivergent people in the workplace, and some simple accommodations employers should consider.

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The New Era of Marketing for Gen Z

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer are back with a great episode all about marketing to Gen Z.

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New Survey Shows What U.S. Employers Need to Know About Gen Z in the Workplace

In this episode Steve discusses findings from a new Adobe survey on what Generation Z workers are seeking from employers and their workplaces.

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UPS to Hire 100,000 Holiday Workers Following the Recent New Labor Agreement

In this episode Steve shares how transportation giant UPS plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers following their recent, historic labor agreement with the Teamsters union.

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CVS Pharmacist Walkouts Reflect Ongoing Challenges in a Tight Labor Market

In this episode Steve discusses the recent walkouts by CVS Pharmacists in Kansas City, the company reaction, and the implications for the broader labor market.

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Some Tech Companies Seek to Re-Hire Employees they Recently Let Go

In this episode Steve discusses how some large tech companies are attempting to recruit former employees, many of whom were recently laid off.

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New Data Shows Top Barriers to Work for People Not in the Labor Force

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent survey on what factors contribute to keeping workers, especially prime-age workers, out of the labor force.

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