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Some Tech Companies Seek to Re-Hire Employees they Recently Let Go

In this episode Steve discusses how some large tech companies are attempting to recruit former employees, many of whom were recently laid off.

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New Data Shows Top Barriers to Work for People Not in the Labor Force

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent survey on what factors contribute to keeping workers, especially prime-age workers, out of the labor force.

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Proposed Rule Change Would Make Millions of Workers Newly Eligible for Overtime

In this episode Steve discusses how a new proposed change in the overtime pay regulations could make over 3.5 million US workers newly eligible for overtime pay.

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Air Traffic Controller Staffing Shortages Persist, More Close Calls Result

In this episode Steve discusses how ongoing staffing shortages of air traffic controllers are leading to more aircraft near-misses and travel delays in the US.

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Labor Shortages Drive a Spike in Wages and Interest in Public Sector Jobs

In this episode Steve discusses how labor shortages and persistent vacancies have led some states and public sector agencies to raise wages and recruit more aggressively to fill open roles.

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Job Postings Requiring AI-skills Surge by 400% to 600%, According to New Data

In this episode Steve shares how job listings that require candidates to be skilled in new and emerging AI technologies are surging on major job posting sites.

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Chipotle is Testing a New Robot to Take on a Task that Employees Hate

In this episode Steve shares how robotics and automation are soon to help employees at Chipotle with one of their most-disliked work tasks.

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New Research Shows AI Technology Can Improve Diversity Outcomes in Hiring

In this episode Steve shares data from a recent research paper on the impact and outcomes from using AI technology in recruiting for technical roles.

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EVP and the Engagement Equation

In this episode Mervyn talks to Kat Bernardes, Director of People Experience at HR Consultancy Lace Partners, about her work on Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and the role it plays in supporting employee engagement and retention.

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Navigating Workforce Challenges and Building Employee Connections

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish and Mervyn were joined by Ben Eubanks to chat about the changing workforce landscape and how organizations can best navigate it.

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