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New Survey Shows Organizations Care More about “How” Work Happens

In this episode Steve shares key findings from a recent survey on leaders’ attitudes, preferences and plans in 2024 for remote, hybrid, and in-office work. 

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Navigating Year-End Mental Health & Productivity for a Fresh Start

This week we are discussing mental health and productivity as the year comes to an end and a new one begins.

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Productivity Drag and How to Improve Performance and Profitability

In this episode Mervyn talks to Zena Everett, whose book The Crazy Busy Cure was a Business Book of the Year winner for 2022, about how to combat the systemic factors that reduce productivity and profitability per head within organisations.

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Research Reveals the Top Workplace Distraction and Productivity Killer

In this episode Steve shares findings from new research by Microsoft on the impact of excessive meetings, meeting fatigue, and how they hampering employee productivity.

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Starting the New Year with “Calendar Zero” at Shopify

In this episode Steve discusses how Shopify tries to increase prodictivity and unlock creativity by freeing up employee’s calendars.

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HR Happy Hour 477 – Improving Employee Experience with HR Technology

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, we were joined by Paycom’s Tiffany Gamblin to talk about employee frustrations with HR technology, and how a smart application of modern, cloud-based HR technology tools can make an impactful difference in improving productivity and employee experience.

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HR Happy Hour on Alexa – Episode 319

In this episode, Steve talks about a new book that traces our obsession with work and productivity back to our earliest ancestors.

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HR Happy Hour on Alexa – Episode 238

In this episode, Steve talks about how one company is attempting to calculate an employee productivity score by analyzing activity in workplace apps like email, CRM, and chat.

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HR Happy Hour on Alexa – Episode 208

In this episode, Steve talks about what Google discovered when seeking to find out what conditions made for the most successful teams at work.

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HR Happy Hour 364: Finding the Root of the Productivity Gap

For as long as I can remember, organizations have been trying to find ways to increase the productivity of employees.

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