Productivity Drag and How to Improve Performance and Profitability

Hosted by

Mervyn Dinnen

Analyst, Author, Commentator & Influencer

About this episode

HR Means Business 11: Productivity Drag and How to Improve Performance and Profitability

Host: Mervyn Dinnen

Guest: Zena Everett, Author

In this episode Mervyn talks to Zena Everett, whose book The Crazy Busy Cure was a Business Book of the Year winner for 2022, about how to combat the systemic factors that reduce productivity and profitability per head within organisations. Why is it that we hire the best talent but then waste the time and energy of our talent?

They discuss:

– What is Productivity Drag and how does it arise?

– What really gets in the way of getting our work done?

– How to identify and eliminate distractions to create space and time for thinking

– Overcoming meeting overload

– Maintaining concentration in a digital world


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