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Using Benefits Design to Drive Improvements to Employee Experience

In this episode Steve shares some key highlights from the 21st Annual MetLife U.S. Employee Benefits Trend Study on how benefits impacts the overall employee experience.

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New Salary Transparency Laws Drive Increase in Job Ads with Posted Salaries

In this episode Steve discusses how salary transparency laws are leading to significant increases in job ads that include posted wage and salary information – and leading to an increase in candidates.

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The Potential Risks of Company Secrets Being Entered into ChatGPT

In this episode Steve discusses how employee use of ChatGPT in the workplace raises concerns and questions about company data security and proprietary information.

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Escaping the Odds and Increasing Employment Opportunities for Millions

This week we met with Aaron Smith from Escaping the Odds to talk about second chance hiring of those previously incarcerated.

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The January JOLTS Report: A Strong Labor Market That May Be Slowing

In this episode Steve discusses details of the January 2023 JOLTS Report which showed that while strong, the US labor market may finally be slowing and cooling down.

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The Role of Employers in Supporting their Employees’ Wellbeing

In this episode Mervyn Dinnen talks to March Holl, Head of Primary Care for Nuffield Health (the UK’s largest healthcare charity) about their latest Healthier Nation Index research.

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In a Competitive Labor Market Some Organizations Turn to Labor Hoarding

In this episode Steve talks about “Labor Hoarding” – how some large retailers are increasing wages and holding on to employees in a competitive labor market.

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The Play by Play: Exploring Virtual Reality, Travel Trends, and March Madness

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer jump into trends and predictions.

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Labor News: Severance Agreements Can No Longer Silence Former Workers

In this episode Steve discusses a new ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that limits the use of non-disparagement language in employee severance agreements.

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The Results Are In: The UK Four-day Workweek Experiment Proves Successful

In this episode Steve shares the final results from the largest yet trial of the four-day work week in the UK. Spoiler alert, the results have been overwhelmingly positive for employees and employers.

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