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Most American Workers are Unable to Disconnect from Work During Vacations

In this episode Steve discusses a new Harris Poll Survey of American workers and their attitudes and behaviors on taking time off from work.

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In Germany, a Museum Worker is Fired for Secretly Displaying His Own Painting

In this episode Steve tells the story of an overzealous museum employee in Germany who was fired after he secretly hung one of his own paintings for display in a museum gallery.

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The US Construction Industry Faces a Shortage of Qualified Workers

In this episode Steve discusses how the US construction industry is facing a shortfall of an estimated 500,000 workers and shares some ideas on how the industry can close this employment gap.

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European Talent Trends Every HR Leader Should Know

 In this episode Mervyn Dinnen talks to Rhea Moss and Eric Gelle from Talent Acquisition technology providers, iCIMS, about their latest workforce insights research focused on the European talent market.

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More Working-Age Women are Employed in the US than Ever Before

In this episode Steve discusses recent US labor market data showing how more women than ever before are participating in the workforce, and shares some of the reasons behind the trend.

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The Troubling Decline in Men’s Labor Force Participation in the US

In this episode Steve discusses how men’s prime age Labor Force Participation has declined in recent decades, and examines some of the factors driving the trend.

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Harnessing AI to Transform the Job Search and Recruitment Process

Today, Trish sat down with Fred Goff of Jobcase to talk about the potential of AI to transform job search and recruitment processes.

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Work from Home Increases Employment Opportunities for Workers with Disabilities

In this episode Steve discusses how increased work from home policies adopted during the pandemic era have significantly increased employment opportunities for workers with disabilities.

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Samsung Activates “Emergency Mode”- Mandates 6-day Work Weeks for Executives

In this episode Steve shares how global tech giant Samsung has activated something they call “emergency mode” and is requiring all executuves to work 6-day work weeks to try and improve company results.

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Prioritizing Employee Experience for Frontline Workers

Today, we met with John Hadeed from Primark to talk about the importance of the employee experience for frontline workers.

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