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Building a Strong and Impactful DEI Strategy for 2023

This week we met with Thushy Muruges from Culture Amp to talk about the importance of building a DEI strategy for the new year that is impactful to your organization.

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Starting the New Year with “Calendar Zero” at Shopify

In this episode Steve discusses how Shopify tries to increase prodictivity and unlock creativity by freeing up employee’s calendars.

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Ending Work From Home Arrangements? Then Be Sure to Pay the Office Rent

In this episode Steve discusses how leader’s desire to end work from home programs often conflicts with their need to reduce operating costs.

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HR Happy New Year 2023!

This week on a special LIVE episode, Trish and Steve kick off 2023 and talk all things New Year 2023 – the Rose Parade, the Pantone Color of the Year, previews, and predictions.

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The Impact on the Labor Market of Increased Retirements During the Pandemic Era

In this episode Steve discusses how increased retirements by older workers in the pandemic era continue to impact the overall labor market.

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HR Means Business 3 – How Recognition can Help Improve Employee Wellbeing

In this episode Mervyn talks to Derek Irvine, Senior VP at Workhuman, about their latest research with Gallup, which highlights the connection between employee recognition and thanks, and overall employee wellbeing.

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Some Unintended Consequences of job Posting Salary Transparency Laws

In this episode Steve discusses some of the unintended consequences of new job listing salary transparency laws in NYC and Colorado.

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ChatGPT and the Technologies That Will Impact the Future of Work

In this episode Steve discusses the new ChatGPT technology, and which other technologies will have the greatest impact on the future of work.

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HR Means Business 2 – Rethinking Our Approach to Work with a New Model for HR

In this episode Mervyn talks to Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer of PTHR, two time author and the UKs most Influential thinker in HR about how the world of work has changed, and how we can embrace different approaches to work that promote creativity, maximising energy and productivity.

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Some Organizations Look to Remote Workers to Lower Labor Costs

In this episode Steve discusses how some organizations are leveraging remote working to lower overall labor costs.

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