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Gen Z Enters the Workplace, Bringing New Terms and Styles of Communication

In this episode Steve discusses how Gen Z workers are bringing their own style and sensibilities to workplaces and digital communication.

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Prep for Year-End and Start 2023 the Right Way – featuring Paychex

This week, we met with Tom Hammond from Paychex, to talk about the importance of giving your business a year-end check-up to start your new year right.

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Gen Z Enters the Workforce: What you Need to Know

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talk with Elan Divon of the Divon Academy about Gen Z entering the workforce and how to prepare.

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Tech Trends for 2023: Is it Time to Enter the Metaverse?

In this episode Steve discusses the Deloitte “Tech Trends” report and examines the potential for the Metaverse as a more important workplace technology in 2023.

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The US Ranks Second in the World – For Having the Least Guaranteed Paid Time Off

In this episode Steve shares some data on how the US trails almost all developed nations in access to mandatory paid time off from work.

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Beeline Acquires Utmost and Leads the Market into Total Talent

In this episode, Colleen Tiner and Dan Khublall join George LaRocque to discuss Beeline’s recent acquisition of Utmost and the moves they’re making to lead the market to “total talent.”

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Workplace Tech and Accessibility: Microsoft Teams Adds New Sign Language View

In this episode Steve shares an important update to Microsoft Teams to improve accessibility and usability for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

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In France, a Man Wins the Right to Not Have Fun at Work

In this episode Steve shares news of an employment law case from France, where one man sued for unfair dismissal over his refusal to party with his co-workers.

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Thanksgiving and Work: How We Can Use Thanksgiving to Create Better Workplaces

In this episode Steve talks about bringing the best of Thanksgiving ideas and traditions back into the workplace.

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HR Means Business 1 – Why Belonging and Purpose are So Important for HR

What are the challenges for HR professionals who work in very public facing organisations, that carry high customer and community expectations, in creating engaging cultures?

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