HR Happy Hour – Celebrating our 500th Episode – LIVE from the HR Tech Conference

Hosted by

Steve Boese

Co-Founder of H3 HR Advisors and Program Chair, HR Technology Conference

Trish Steed

CEO and Principal Analyst, H3 HR Advisors

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This week, we celebrated our 500th episode with some of our long-time friends and past guests of the show.

– Don Weinstein, Chief Product and Technology Officer, ADP

– Mike Wood, Director of Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, Jobvite

– Madeline Laurano, Founder, Aptitude Research

– We talked about some of Trish and Steve’s favorite show memories


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Transcript follows:

Steve 0:00
Hi, this is Steve Boese, and welcome to a very special episode of the HR Happy Hour show. It’s our 500th episode that we recorded live at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. Before we get to the show, of course, we want to thank our friends at Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement and Insurance Solutions for businesses of all sizes, this wouldn’t be possible without the great support of paychecks. Thank you so much to all our friends there. Alright, let’s take you right to the show. Trish and I are joined by three guests, longtime guests and friends of the show. We had a great fun conversation and a really good time recording the show live at HR Tech. And I want to thank everybody at LRP for allowing us to record the show there as well. Alright, without further ado, let’s get to the show.

Steve 1:07
Welcome to a very special HR Happy Hour Show live from the HR Technology Conference. My name is Steve Boese, with me, Trish McFarlane. Trish, congratulations, this is our 500th podcast episode. How about that?

Trish 1:21
Congratulations, Steve. And we’re here in person together. There’s no mask, I have no mask.

Steve 1:29
Well Trish, I’ve been telling people all week about the mask requirement. It is being strictly enforced here at HR Tech, which is great, except when you’re on stage and I’ve been telling people all week when you’re on stage you’re a performer and that rules don’t apply to performers, so how about that?

Trish 1:46
I like that!

Steve 1:47
So it’s pretty awesome to be here at HR Tech, doing the live show. We’ve got some special guests waiting in the wings. Do want to just get right onto it?

Trish 1:55
You know what, let’s get right on to it because these three have been with us for the long haul and so when we thought about the 500th episode, who do we want to spend time with? These three names were first in mind.

Steve 2:07
Our first guest is a legendary HR Happy Hour guest, he’s might be the most frequent guest in HR Happy Hour Show history. This appearance might put him over the top. Please welcome our friend, Don Weinstein from ADP. Don, welcome back to the show.

Don Weinstein 2:26
Thank you. It’s an honor to be a guest on the 500th show.

Steve 2:32
You’re a regular. Over the years we’ve probably been doing shows with you for eight or nine years

Don Weinstein 2:39
Irregular maybe.

Steve 2:41
For like the one or two people who may not know who you are Don, maybe you just tell us who you are, what you do, and maybe some of the cool things that are happening over at ADP.

Don Weinstein 2:50
Sure, well you spilled the beans there. So, all right, so I’m Don Weinstein and I have responsibility for global product and technology at ADP and it’s a great place to be. You know we got like 900,000 clients so anything we do, you know we do at scale.

Steve 3:10
That’s about 700,000 more than we have, pretty cool.

Don Weinstein 3:14
It’s a start so, look we’re excited to be here and you know we’re grateful to get recognized at the show with one of the top product awards for diversity, many years in a row. And true story, of course we’re very pleased, we are like many folks where we have a WebEx teams chat amongst the our executive team and as soon as we took the picture I posted it right in there and I got “Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations” and our CEO Carlos Rodriguez is like “better make it eight”.

Steve 3:46
Wow okay, Carlos pretty awesome. I have a great Carlos story. I’m not sure I’m gonna tell it on this show but maybe we can tell it later but yeah, great so today we’re back in in person at HR Tech. You’ve been to many HR Tech’s. How’s your experience been over the last couple days?

Don Weinstein 4:01
Well this is like the first thing I’ve done in 19 months. It’s been amazing, like you know I used to be like a hardcore Road Warrior. And you know, I had all my stuff, the luggage. I get into a meeting I’m like I don’t have my business cards, I don’t have a pen. I’m like back to a rookie status, so just being here. I think it was Woody Allen says just showing up is half the battle and I think this was like 90% of the battle. It’s amazing to be here to see old friends to make new friends and you know, we just got to get started and I’m glad we’re here.

Trish 4:35
So the real question is how does it compare to your living room then?

Don Weinstein 4:39
It’s a lot better than the living room. The food service is definitely a level up as well. And you know, the clothes still fit which was a good sign.

Steve 4:48
That was a shaky moment for me this week. I haven’t worn the suits that I’ve been wearing and 19 months or so yeah. That was a scary moment when you’re going for the fashion if you will. Right try and make that happen. But luckily, they fit.

Don Weinstein 5:02
Did you have to lie down?

Steve 5:04

Trish 5:06
See, women, we have Spanx. You all need Spanx, then you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Don Weinstein 5:10
They make Spanx for men.

Steve 5:11
It’s not as well publicized. Okay, I think Spanx for men has a booth in aisle 1800.

Trish 5:22
They need to show up for that. Well, good. Well, congratulations on the big win.

Don Weinstein 5:25
Thank you.

Trish 5:26
What are you up to? I mean, obviously, I’ve been by the booth, there’s a lot going on over there. What, the most exciting thing for this coming year with ADP?

Don Weinstein 5:35
Well, I will tell you, the biggest thing that we’ve done, and it’s going to be rolling out in phases, is just a massive overhaul of our of our user experience. And, you know, you’ve been talking about a big theme of the show here is his employee experience. So clearly, you know, in terms of the remote work, or hybrid work world that we’re in, obviously raises the bar, I will tell you, we’ve been on the mobile game for a long time, we’ve seen the biggest spikes in mobile utilization and mobile, mobile adoption of all of our applications forever. And, you know, the reason is, it’s a mature product, we first introduced our mobile app in like 2013, I want to say, it’s a mature product, it’s got a lot of legs, so you don’t get those kind of growth spikes. And I’m sure many other folks have seen it in different parts of their business. So we’re completely redoing all aspects of the experience, to try and really play on more of a true true mobile, mobile first environment. And one of the big things was great in the keynote this morning, because one of the big things we’re doing is embedding in that will call the voice of the employee. Yeah. And look, Marcus Buckingham will be keynoting tomorrow, and he’ll be talking about some of the latest.

Steve 6:47
I’m not Marcus, but he’s awesome. And his latest research is going to be great. He called for a very early dress rehearsal.

Trish 6:54
Hey, don’t start knocking Marcus. Actually, it’s good that you mentioned him, we’re going to be recording with him right after the event. So, we will get a full update to all the listeners so they won’t miss it. All right, and then I won’t I won’t spoil it. Now you can give a little teaser? How about that?

Don Weinstein 7:08
I’ll give one teaser. Don’t get mad at me, but they’ll get over it. But the key thing we’re doing is sort of productizing the research. Right? So Marcus leads our research institute. So he’s doing some really great research and they did this. The one that they’ll be unveiling tomorrow is the HR Net Promoter Score. And I think one of the most fascinating things that came out of that was like, so what is it that you need to drive a great experience in the eyes of the employees? And like the number one answer was, I know who my HR business partner is? Yeah, I mean, it seems trivial, but you like hey, do you know? And like all he does great research all that if you unpack it, it’s sort of, it’s just so obvious, but until you until you say it, and then you can prove it scientifically, that it’s either HR is this nameless, faceless entity that sends out like nasty emails once a month? Or, you know, it’s it’s Steve, like, it’s who do I turn to? Right? So if I can, if I know who they are, right, it’s my friend Steve and, and and that’s who HR is, to me. My my HR business partner is a great guy, his name’s Jay Caldwell, and to me HR is Jay, if I have a problem, I call Jay awesome. And that’s great.

Don Weinstein 8:23
I get great service, can I get Jays number? Okay, and, but if you don’t have a Jay, and you have a problem, and then where do you turn to and then you just have some faceless entity and then it just kind of seems obvious. So that was really and the thing that’s great about that is we spend a lot of time about it. A lot of work a lot of us are doing and what’s being showcased here at the show is Hey, how do I automate stuff? How do I automate How do I automate which is great, you want to automate everything that absolutely can be automated, but then reinvest that in okay so now let’s pour deploy a little bit more shadow talent into that HR business partner role. So that you know you can create more of a connection and we’re in this world now we’re all worried about connection and how do we create you know that point with the employees Well, let’s start with having people actual people that they can talk to now for the basic stuff let’s automate all of that right? So that we can really be there on those moments of truth so great and great piece of research, you’ll get all the details tomorrow really exciting. But what we’ve been up to is saying, okay, that’s nice research. Now let’s turn it into product. Okay, so let’s take the research. Let’s take those survey questions, let’s embed it in our voice of employee let’s put it in this rebranded experience and really try to drive that connectivity between you know help our clients between them and their employees as being what everybody’s worried about the great you know, kind of.

Steve 9:50
Alright, well said Don. Great to have you back here on your triumphant return to the HR Happy Hour Show. Can you hang with us for the rest of the show?

Don Weinstein 9:56
I would be delighted to.

Steve 9:57
All right.

Trish 9:58
We want to make a connection. All right, let’s get into connections.

Steve 10:01
Why don’t you welcome our next guest.

Trish 10:03
I would love to welcome our next guest, a friend of the show for many, many years, Mr. Mike wood, Director of Analyst Relations and Content Marketing for Jobvite.

Steve 10:11
Mike. Now we’ve had Don, who’s made tremendous number of appearances on the show, Mike, I believe this is your first appearance on the show.

Mike Wood 10:20
Yes, the D list is getting bumped up.

Steve 10:24
You should see who we asked first.

Mike Wood 10:26
But no, it’s great, longtime friend of the program. Yeah. I listen to you guys and see every year and so this is great to be on with wonderful company too.

Trish 10:36
Well, welcome. We’re glad to have you. And maybe just for the listeners who are going to be hearing the replay here, and for our current audience, maybe just give a little bit about who you are. Tell us a bit about what you do at Jobvite and just kind of the the overall quick State of the Union for you.

Mike Wood 10:52
Great, yeah. So my name is Mike Wood. I’ve been in the HR Tech space for about 10 years. And this is my seventh HR Tech conference. I am the Director of Analyst Relations and Content Marketing over at Jobvite and just thrilled to be here and thrilled to see that we had all four of our demo stations going the last time I stopped by the booth, all four of them were being used. So it’s just great to see that the people who are here are here and engaged. And so it’s just it’s it’s wonderful to be back in person

Steve 11:26
And Jobvite, also a Top HR product of 2021 winner along with ADP.

Trish 11:33
The winners table. I will tell you this, though, so I got to choose the guests. And I obviously have no idea who the winners are going to be right? Because that’s what he’s doing with the conference. Now really, these are my winners. Here with right and we’re gonna have a third winner.

Mike Wood 11:57
With Jobvite, it’s been a crazy last six months, we have joined forces with Jazz HR, and with next thing RPO and Terry Hawk, and his team. And so now from employees from one to a million were able to service all of their needs. And as we know, recruiters, it’s not easy, right? They’re out on the market because they’ve had to go lean, they’ve had to cut things. And now they’re, they’re basically drinking from a firehose, in terms of candidates. So, our product that won last night zero click intelligent sourcing takes away the numerous amount of hours and resources that you would spend trying to source your candidates that automatically goes through your CRM, and gives you the list of top candidates for you. And really what we’re trying to do is make life a little bit easier for recruiters.

Steve 12:46
Right? Yeah, it was. I do all the demos for top projects of the year. And I remember when I saw zero click intelligent sourcing I thought now that’s kind of the thing a little bit like Don what you’re talking about, about automating away the tedious stuff, the really low value added stuff and allowing people in this case say recruiters to focus on the higher value stuff which is engaging one to one with that that top tier of candidate that you’re really trying to really understand about them trying to figure out if they’re the right person for the role, whether they’re interested in you and it helps recruiters do just that.

Mike Wood 13:17
Yeah, and to build off what Don’s doing, we are completely redoing the user interface make things a little bit easier to use for our team so that will be coming in the next couple of months but it’s great we have our full breadth of services and we can help recruiters on every step stage of the journey.

Steve 13:33
Yeah, I have one more Jobvite comment, if I may, Trish.

Trish 13:37
It’s your show.

Steve 13:40
To me, Jobvite is always a legendary company in this space because I can remember whatever year I’m gonna guess it the year 2010ish maybe 11 when like social media was finally starting to take off professionally.Twitter was starting to become a thing and Jobvite was the first company that enabled this share your job on social media. Yeah, so the company would post a job posting internally so now all the employees could get the information about the job and connect their own personal social media accounts to share the job out. That does not sound like a big deal now, but that was a really big deal way back then. And like I couldn’t believe it like the first time I saw that I thought this is the coolest thing ever. It’s still pretty cool. But you guys certainly were the first to do it in my recollection. Madeline’s nodding, we’re gonna bring her on to tell me I’m wrong or right about this.

Mike Wood 14:31
So, we do a lot of research and just even like the mobile adoption of, you know, texting candidates and whatnot, the real time communication, no one is going to wait around for you to schedule a meeting with you know, a hiring manager or something like that. So we have like automatic scheduling, we try to make it as easy as possible so that the recruiter can actually spend more time talking to the candidates and finding the right fit.

Steve 14:56
I think this is a good time, Trish, since we were talking a little bit about talent acquisition. Let’s bring in our go to expert and talent acquisition, longtime friend of the show, podcaster on our own very own network.

Trish 15:09
Madeline Laurano from Aptitude Research.

Madeline 15:14
Hey, thanks for having me on. I have to say I didn’t win any awards. I’m a little hurt Steve.

Steve 15:18
Oh, well.

Trish 15:21
I’ll give you an analyst award. She has the best friend award.

Madeline 15:24
Oh, I like that. Mike said they give it to people when they don’t win.

Trish 15:31
You can be my best friend Mike, come on.

Steve 15:36
Alright, if there’s two people in our vast audience, Madeleine, who don’t know who you are and what you do, maybe tell them.

Madeline 15:41
Hi, everyone. I’m the founder of Aptitude Research. I’m an analyst for probably the better part of two decades and focus on all things TA Tech and employee experience.

Steve 15:53
Not only did you have a great presentation just a couple of hours ago, which I attended on the talent acquisition tech stack. Good job, I got a shout out in that presentation as recruiters need love.

Trish 16:05
Yeah, I heard about that we were actually here recording a podcast otherwise I would have been in that session. And but you’ve also had a ton of research coming out lately at least want to point people in that direction because while you’re an analyst you’re not you know, here for a certain product, but if I might, you’ve had three huge reports come out since June right June brought the total talent management key to the future of work report, July, the 2021, conversational AI report, and Aug, the state of high value high volume recruitment. As a fellow analyst I have to tell you, it takes a long time to do the research and actually analyze the data and pull this all together even for one report. So three, she’s a rock star of analysts, I mean, honestly, that’s the world I guess. So good health. Exactly. So if you’re listening or if you’re here in person, please check out her website because she can get access to any of those reports.

Madeline 16:59
And we just redid it today.

Steve 17:02
Okay, Madeline in your session, you covered five or six, you know, big trends in TA Tech. Give me one of them here for this audience. Give me one of those five or six you covered today that you think’s really important based on the research that you’ve done recently.

Madeline 17:15
Yeah, conversational AI. I mean, I think everybody’s interested in chatbots. Everybody’s doing conversational AI, but I think there’s so much misinformation around it. I think people view this as just a chatbot. And we really tried in the research to show the difference between a chatbot and true conversational AI that takes on the work that is intelligent, it’s omni channel, and can be used in a very different way.

Trish 17:39
Yeah, I think that’s so important to for the differentiation, because, again, if you’re not someone who’s deep into this, like you are, I mean, I’m not talking about this every day, for example, or even some of the people in the audience, I think that’s interesting to be able to go and have a resource to find out what are those differences and those nuances so that when they are out there talking with different vendors, or if they’re considering, you know, a selection process starting saying this next year, they can actually figure out well, what am I looking at? How can I ask the right questions to determine if it really is conversational AI? Or is it truly just a bot?

Madeline 18:12
Exactly. And I think it’s hard to figure out what questions to ask when you’re evaluating so many different providers, and the other one, and Steve’s gonna be bored, because he just heard his AI matching. And this is such a big topic. And he I mean, everybody wants matching. Everybody wants to think about how can we, you know, be able to find candidates in a much different way using technology. And there’s just a real difference between ethical AI, and how we think about being fair and equitable in the process and AI that’s just efficiency, it’s just we’re going to pick up the top 5% and we’re not going to question how that’s done and who that impacts.

Steve 18:52
It’s an interesting thing. It didn’t come together in time for the show, but I’m not sure Don or Mike if this gentleman is reached out to either ADP or Jobvite, but I had a really long call with one of the new EEOC commissioners fairly recently. And each Commissioner, I guess there’s five I believe EEOC commissioners, and each Commissioner kind of takes on like, I don’t know, an area of interest or a project to pursue and, and in his area is his name is Commissioner Sonderland, I believe is a AI in use by HR organizations and for HR processes, certainly like hiring and matching and and candidate shortlisting, etc. So he’s he’s quite curious about and I don’t know if that is going to translate into regulation Don’s looking he might have a comment on this.

Don Weinstein 19:37
We’re already seeing some early signs, we haven’t met with that particular Commissioner yet, but we are seeing some early signs and outreach we actually started a couple of years ago in AI ethics board for our company and it’s it’s five people, including you know, to external so it’s our chief privacy officer. It’s our you know, internal workplace practice. This is our chief diversity officer. And then we have an external legal counsel and an external academic that serve on the board to supervise all the work that we do around AI exactly this reason because to your point, a really good efficient chatbot or AI sorry, algorithm can just make you really, really good at at reinforcing your biases as opposed to Yeah, so putting those kind of test mechanisms and actually building them into our AI pipelines, right so you’ve got automated testing happening it’s not something that we’re doing after the fact but it’s a really important concept and I I’m glad you brought it up because I don’t think enough people are talking about it.

Madeline 20:38
Yeah, I love that you have the ethics committee because I think that’s so important and I know ADP and the rigor that you put into everything so I feel like that is just a very thoughtful process where I see a lot of providers go wrong is they create an ethics committee never meets with the provider never does anything, never feel to any complaints and it’s just there for show versus having what you’ve done which is legal counsel, academic.

Don Weinstein 21:02
The external especially like that the ad probably didn’t do in the first instantiation, I was actually at a it was an accounting conference, and we were talking about it and they call this out and said but those are all believe me. If you’ve ever met our general counsel thinking that we’re getting off easy by Ted’s laughing because he knows what I’m talking about so thank you but it’s like no fair point good feedback and and we opened it up and brought in the externals to really keep us honest.

Trish 21:30
Yeah, absolutely. Mike, what about a Jobvite? I mean, are you sort of thinking about bias in that way? I’m assuming you are.

Mike Wood 21:36
Yes. Well, you have to you have to think about bias because if you don’t you’re going to run into it you know down the line. But one of the things that we did earlier this year I believe in March we announced a job description greater So right off the bat, you can put in your job description and cost nothing it’s on the website Java comm you put it in and it will point out different biases that you could have in that first job posting so you know right off the bat if you don’t you don’t want to get off to the wrong foot so we’re doing a lot of that and we have bias blocker and yeah just it’s the the amount of work that our research team is doing and product on that is just fantastic.

Steve 22:16
Trish, and guests, this is the 500th show and I thought it might be fun to have a little fun at the end of the show, not that we haven’t had fun so far. We have and maybe it was a surprise maybe maybe look back a little bit Trish so I’m gonna throw you a couple questions you’re not prepared for. Who’s been your favorite HR Happy Hour guest?

Trish 22:36
Oh, I can’t answer that okay. Okay, can I answer?

Steve 22:40
Sure, is it Don?

Trish 22:42
Don’s high up there, but it is a former, Roland Cloutier, former ADP and current TikTok executive right, which I’m a huge Tick Tock fan for business.

Unknown Speaker 23:01
I’ll settle for second place behind a Roland, right, he puts the fun in security.

Trish 23:06
Yes. Yes, he was the first time I think to it’s interesting because you know, a lot of people who listen to the show, you know, we do think about security, we want our, you know, our information secure. It’s very important. And so, you know, you might think oh, this is gonna be a very boring episode. It was like one of the most exciting episodes we’ve ever had. Yeah. How about you? Can I guess, is it Sherry Turkle?

Steve 23:33
Well, so that’s the answer to the next question, Trish. What was my favorite or ask you what was your favorite show? was a little bit different than favorite guest.

Trish 23:41
Okay, the first one that just popped in my head and you maybe you’ll remember his name? I don’t remember his name, it’s so long ago. The man that used to sit in the park in New York City and he had a jar where you could

Steve 23:48
Matthew Stillman

Trish 23:55
Matthew Stillman, look him up if you have not heard of him.

Steve 23:59
A number of years ago, I’m not sure Matthew is still doing this. But the thing is, he sat in like Washington Square Park or some Park public park in New York City, and he set up a little table. he’d sit in a chair to be another chair across this table. And he put up a sign and the science had interesting solutions to your problems, right? Sort of like the old Lucy psychiatric psychiatric help five cents, and he would sit there and people would come and sit across from him and tell him their problems. And he would try to give or MIT was creative solutions like that. But he was out of work and he ended up writing a book about it like that the people we met was pretty crazy.

Trish 24:33
Put in $1 $10 whatever they could afford because it was a time of like that’s pretty cool. He was very creative because I remember he had a creative idea some one of the caller’s wanted to know where to put a tattoo on her body. Do you remember this one?

Steve 24:50
I remember the question. I don’t remember the answer.

Trish 24:51
So his answer was actually really brilliant. It was you take like whether it’s lipstick or eyeliner or something non-permanent. You draw the tattoo that you think you want to the best of your ability on your least favorite part of your body, right? And I live with it for like a week. If you can live with it there, then you’ll a know if you want that tattoo and B, you might even like put it on your least favorite part of your body, which will now become your most favorite part of your body.

Trish 24:54
Yeah, I like that. That’s good. Okay.

Trish 25:10
That’s a good question.

Steve 25:20
Yeah. For me, it’s still Sherry Turkle, Trish. So we had the author some of you guys may have heard of her Sherry Turkle. She was an MIT professor on a number of books, I would say almost 10 years ago, she wrote this book called Alone Together. And it was kind of really prescient was really kind of, for seeing how, as we’re getting more and more attached to technology into our devices, we’re getting more detached from each other. And she did a lot of research around kids especially and how much more how they were having difficulty maintaining real life relationships and making friends in new situations, because almost all of their interactions were being kind of brokered through technology. And she was talking about that in like, 2010. Right, which, like me was probably true then. And it’s even more true now. And she was awesome gas shoes. That’s probably my favorite show, still.

Steve 26:05
Yeah, well, good. stuff. I have one more guess, though. I want to tell one more story, please. So, we do a lot of author shows. We don’t do them as much anymore. But there was an author called Samuel Colbert. I don’t know if any of you remember Sam, he’s a professor at UCLA. Back when like, trashing performance reviews was was the thing we were all talking about for like a long time. He wrote a book called Get rid of the performance review. And you know, the publicist sent me the book, and I read it, okay. It’s interesting, why not? Right? Everybody was talking about that in HR at that time. I get him on the show. And he’s just crusty kind of raspy, older guy. And so he then he starts asked, he turned the tables on me started asking questions of me. And he said, So Steve, who’s your favorite author? And I’m like, I don’t know. Mark Twain. I had no idea. It was a really weird question I just made. I said, you know, Scott Fitzgerald, I just gave a real answer. And then he said, Steve, why don’t you ask me who my favorite author is? And I said, Okay, Professor Colbert, who’s your favorite author? And he says, My favorite authors me. My book is amazing. Oh, absolutely was true. And I thought man that guy’s pretty cool. I like it like he didn’t care there’s no more filter.

Trish 27:19
Now we should all do that though, right? We don’t hype ourselves up enough if anything, I think people just kind of backpedal right? I think Don’s gonna leave here and walk around like hey, I’m pretty great. Right?

Don Weinstein 27:31
I was just thinking he gave himself a performance review.

Steve 27:33
Yeah. All right, last question before we run out of time, Trish. My last question for you. Who is that dream guest we need to book in the next 500 shows? Who should we get, who’s out there that we want?

Trish 27:46
You ask me these things. I don’t have any answers. Okay, so I actually I think we should have someone from Sesame Street on.

Steve 27:55
Okay, like Grover?

Trish 27:58
Not Grover!

Steve 28:00
Okay, I’m just trying to see where we’re going with this.

Trish 28:01
Like one of the people. I think we should have someone on who’s been teaching all of us all these years, how to have empathy, how to have connection have communication, because I think a lot of us have grown up on Sesame Street and our children grew up on Sesame Street. So, I would say I think Karen needs to help us get someone from Sesame Street on the show. No, seriously like to talk about how have things changed? Since you know that started what late 60s early 70s right as the show Yeah. And many of us learn the way that we communicate and what’s acceptable and you know, they’re still teaching children today so I think it’d be fascinating to think about the workplace in terms of Sesame Street.

Trish 28:33
That would be really cool I think.

Trish 28:45
Do you have a dream guest?

Steve 28:46
We’ve had Don on a number of times. Let me think about that. I probably go, cause I’m like just boring, I’d probably go like athletics. Like I got maybe like Juergen Klopp, Manager at Liverpool. Leadership winning motivation.

Trish 29:03
Now there you go.

Don Weinstein 29:10
We’re gonna have Sesame Street. Yeah.

Trish 29:14
Jason Sudeikis can make that happen. Mark that down. Put that in the show notes.

Steve 29:18
Alright, guys, we need to wrap up. We’ll start with Don. Don, folks who want to just connect with either ADP or you, where should we tell them to go?

Don Weinstein 29:26
Yeah. look me up on LinkedIn. Don Weinstein. ADP will be there and I’m always happy to to connect with with anyone. My True story. There was a time when I had more LinkedIn followers than my kids had, you know, I was cool for like a second.

Trish 29:45
Are they Tick Tock users?

Don Weinstein 29:47
Oh my god.

Trish 29:47
Right? How old are they?

Don Weinstein 29:49
23,21, and 18.

Trish 29:52
Ok, they’re the perfect age. They’re the demographics. Right? Okay.

Don Weinstein 29:57
They trended once. It was like, I want to show you. My three girls, they did it together.

Trish 30:04
Oh, now that’s actually good. So you didn’t have any fighting, like one of them got like super famous for going viral and the other two were like, What are you talking about? Like, good job.

Steve 30:13
Thanks Don. Thanks so much for being here. Again, Mike Wood, Jobvite. How do we get in contact with you?

Mike Wood 30:17
Yeah, you can find me on LinkedIn, Mike wood, I will piggyback on the you know, my kids are younger, I got a six year old and an almost two year old and the six year old is just glued to YouTube. And these kids playing with toys, and Ryan’s world. I tried to tell her that Ryan is just trying to sell you things and she’s like, no, he’s so fun. Then I tried to convince her that he was really 35.

Trish 30:49
Would you ever allow her to have a YouTube channel now and like make some money off this?

Mike Wood 30:54
I don’t know. Because then it just gets really weird. I mean, so the other day she comes up to me, she’s like, Daddy, can I make a video with your phone? I’m like, Yeah, whatever. Here we go. And she’s like, Hi guys. And I’m like, No, okay. That’s enough.

Trish 31:10
She’s already an influencer in her own mind. Like the author who thought he was the greatest author.

Steve 31:16
He had a lot of confidence. Thank you so much, Mike for being here. And Madeline, tell us where to find you.

Madeline 31:21
LinkedIn is great or you can go to our new website or Twitter @Madtarquin and thanks for having me on. This was super special.

Steve 31:22
Great to see everybody. Thanks to everyone here.

Trish 31:31
We need to let Madeline quickly say something, she has two young boys. Yeah, what’s the latest? What are they using? Right? We’ve heard we’ve heard some YouTube?

Madeline 31:39
I mean they love YouTube and I this is a quick story. So during the pandemic, they love this one YouTube star that plays a ROBLOX game. So they asked me to make a cake of this Roblox character so I made it was like What are you doing? I’ll make a cake. I posted it on Twitter and a Wall Street Journal reporter called me because Roblox is going public and did this whole interview with the kids and me about games. So, I was like I also published a new research report.

Steve 32:11
They didn’t care about conversational AI?

Trish 32:14
Get the plug in there! We all have kids and maybe we need to go a whole different angle with like reaching out to the next generation.

Mike Wood 32:20
My six year old is very edgy. Yeah, she might be a little bit too much.

Steve 32:26
We’ll cover this all in out other podcast, teenage influencers today.

Madeline 32:30
I think that’s your next guest.

Steve 32:35
Love it all right. Really great stuff. Okay, I think we’re out of time, Trish. I want to make sure we respect our audience, respect all the all the great folks helping us out with this recording, thanks to the AV team. Great job. Trish, thank you, 500 episodes and counting.

Trish 32:48
In seriousness for creating such a great outlet for people to share their views, to listen in to feel like they’re part of something bigger. It’s been really meaningful, not just for me being your partner, which I didn’t join on until 2013. So you did a number of years. You know, as the person that started it.

Steve 33:08
There’s a divide. I talk about time before that and time after that.

Trish 33:11
I want to give a shout out to Shauna Morkie, cheers to Shauna, if you listen to the early episodes, 100 so.

Steve 33:21
Shout out to Shauna, that’s it from the HR Happy Hour Show. Thanks so much for listening. You can find us at, thanks so much. Bye for now.

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