Tech Talk: Food Science, Cell Phones, and College Football Fever

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The Play by Play 15 – Back to School episode

Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer are back to school and excited to share the latest episode with you! Today, they chat about:

– The FDA, an introduction of cell-cultivated meat, and how this affects GenZ

– The latest cell phone technology

– Fall sports and college football picks for the year

– Quote of the show


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Transcript follows:

Jack McFarlane 0:05
Hi everyone, and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Network. This is The Play by Play podcast hosted by myself, Jack McFarlane, and Nick Schlemmer.

Nick Schlemmer 0:13
Hey guys, how’s it going? Like Jack said today we’re excited to be back producing more episodes for you guys. Let’s get right into it!

Jack McFarlane 0:24
Well, guys, it’s time to celebrate because today we are starting the episode off with a brand new segment. And we’re gonna call this segment what in the world? Now you’ll see why in just one second. But we’re excited to bring it to you. This is gonna have some mixed emotions. And we would love to hear what you guys hear about it. Today’s topic is all about lab grown meat.

Nick Schlemmer 0:49
Yeah, lab lab grown meat, like Jack said, What in the world? I can just see this in the future as being some really interesting content. Could be good. Could be funny. Who knows how this is gonna go. But yeah, this is lab grown meat. I mean, tell us more about it.

Jack McFarlane 1:06
Yeah, exactly what is lab grown meat. So it goes by a couple different names. Lab grown meat is kind of the non scientific, non proper way to say it, but it’s known as either cultivated or cell based meat. Basically, in simple terms, how it’s made is scientists take animal cells, like the chicken breast cell, and then cultivate it in a lab to grow, grow, quote, unquote, the actual chicken breast, then they can take cells off of that harvest the meat and start over again. That’s the most simple way to describe without getting all scientific.

Nick Schlemmer 1:43
Yeah, yeah, I mean, kinda like if I’m getting this right, kind of what you mentioned was, it’s like you’re raising a chicken. But you don’t actually have the chicken. You just have the cell. Yes, your baby. You’re like, it’s so imagine the chicken growing as it normally would. But it’s not the chicken.

Jack McFarlane 2:00
Just the chicken breast, which is hard to think it’s almost scary to think that science can do that. Like that. That is a real thing that people can do is just grow it chicken breast. Yeah. And it to me, it’s like, Is it alive? Or is it not? Because obviously a chickens alive and cells? You know, what? See that that gets into a whole other question. Is a cell alive? Yeah. Like, it’s, it’s crazy to think, is that chicken breasts alive or not? I don’t know. Yeah, it’s crazy.

Nick Schlemmer 2:30
I’m just trying to picture it in my head as Yeah, picturing a cell and then picturing it on my dinner plate.

Jack McFarlane 2:37
Yeah, it’s different when it’s like the whole chicken growing, you know, but just the chicken breasts. It’s crazy. And some of you guys, most of you guys, I know, we were wondering why. Why is this needed? Why would anyone want to do it other than to say, Hey, I just grew a chicken breasts, not the chicken. And there is actually a couple reasons that a lot of these companies are citing for wanting to do this. The first one is for food shortages. So according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, by 2050, the world will surpass 9 billion people total. And they estimate that there will not be enough livestock to feed that many people. And that’s not necessarily in the United States. But there will be food shortages. And so this is like the main goal, they’re trying to find other ways to create food.

Nick Schlemmer 3:35
Interesting. And then the second way, which is probably what most people would think about is, obviously, if you’re growing it just from the cell, there’s no slaughter or raising of an animal that you would have to feed it and give it water and all kinds of stuff. You’re just exactly like growing it in a lab instead.

Jack McFarlane 3:54
You don’t really have to take I mean, you take care of it, but not in the same way. It’s a lot cheaper to take care of. And it gets into that argument again, where, you know, is it really like slaughtering an animal? We’re killing the animal like, I’m not exactly sure this is so recent, little fun fact, a month ago, from the date that we’re recording, this was when the US greenlighted to companies to start manufacturing and selling this lab grown meat, so it’s super recent. So we’re just giving you all the information that is even available right now. But along with raising and not having to slaughter an animal. You can also like I mentioned earlier, grow, quote, unquote, more meat just from the one animal cell. Because you start with one cell, you grow it up to the chicken breast, then you take some of the cells off it and restart. So you’re really using the same animal cell, same type animal cell, it’s not the same exact one, but you get the idea. It’s a way that you can get a lot more meat from just one animal.

Nick Schlemmer 4:59
That’s interesting how you’re basically like, growing the same exact thing every time, the same chicken like

Jack McFarlane 5:08
see that’s a great point. Like, I wonder if every chicken breast turns out the same if it’s the same cell is all gonna look the same. So I’ll go with, what does it even look like? Does it look like a chicken breast? I have no idea. Yeah, that’s, I mean, that’s a great question.

Nick Schlemmer 5:22
I haven’t seen pictures or anything of it.

Jack McFarlane 5:24
you can’t I, from what I found. You can’t really find any. I’m sure you could if you looked super in depth, but maybe they just looked like chicken. And I didn’t know. And I didn’t know. So. But yeah, I mean, growing more food from the same animal is crazy to think of. It’s like, if that’s true, and that really it it does work like that, then we should not have a food shortage. That’s for sure. Infinite food glitch guys infinite food glitch? With the chicken breast?

Nick Schlemmer 5:55
Yeah. And then like you said, doing this with growing it from the cell is obviously less energy use, as well. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 6:02
Yeah, that’s another huge part. It’s, it’s estimated that cultivated meat is 7% to 45%, lower energy use 78% to 96%, lower emissions, and 99%, lower land use, obviously, you’re not having a big pasture or anything. And then 82 to 96%, lower water use. And I don’t remember the exact number, but it does take, you know, it does take a good amount of water to actually, you know, maintain the cells and grow them. But it’s significantly less than if you were, you know, putting a teardrop out there for, you know, cattle to go drink out of all day. So it is using water, but it’s using a lot less water.

Nick Schlemmer 6:46
Yeah. And then something I want to point out that kind of struck me here was the 78 to 90-96%. She’s lower emissions, it seems like this whole everything in the world is changing to as low emission as possible.

Jack McFarlane 7:02
Yeah. And I’m sure a big part of that is, you know, like climate change and controlling your carbon footprint and all that, you know, trying to help the planet before it’s too late. Which I know that the sciences have a date where it’s like, there’s no going back once you hit this date, and I don’t know that might have already passed.

Nick Schlemmer 7:21
I feel a couple of those already. Whenever it was there.

Jack McFarlane 7:26
Oh, yeah, exactly. So maybe this will help. Who knows? But yeah, a lot lower emissions and like greenhouse gases, like because, you know, cows, you know, make a lot of greenhouse gas. You know what I’m saying? So this does not involve that. Yeah.

Nick Schlemmer 7:42
And I’m sure this is getting mixed mixed reviews from people. I bet some people are very interested in trying it. Some people are probably absolutely never going to try something like that. So I’m sure both of these. It’s from two companies, both based out of California. And I’m sure they’re getting backlash and positive from from this.

Jack McFarlane 8:00
Yeah. So like I said earlier, it was literally one month ago, they got the green light from the US government to start manufacturing and selling these to like grocery stores and stuff. And don’t be afraid if you’re gonna accidentally buy lab grown meat they have to say on the package itself, cultivated chicken. And that’s the thing. It’s just chicken right now. So they can only do chicken at the moment. But they plan I was reading I believe it was so the two companies are upside foods and eat just are the two company names. And I think it was eat just I was reading on their website. They like dinner, they envisioned being able to grow all types of different meat like beef, pork, all that. Yeah, for sure.

Nick Schlemmer 8:51
Why limit it to just chicken whenever there’s always room for for more in the future.

Jack McFarlane 8:56
Yeah. And it’s it’s also interesting to note that the US is not the first country to go ahead and greenlight a project like this. In 2020, and Singapore, one of eat just, I guess, parent companies or sister companies over there, got the green light in 2020 to start go ahead and doing this as well over in Singapore. But it’s still not very widespread over there. It’s still very new.

Nick Schlemmer 9:21
Yeah, I was gonna say I doubt that, like Jack”s in Utah, and I’m in Nebraska now. I doubt we’re gonna see this these brands pop up in our grocery stores just yet.

Jack McFarlane 9:31
I think I’ll probably get it a little bit for you. If I had to guess just being you know, I’m just close. Yeah. But it is really crazy to think about. So Nick, if you saw this in the grocery store, what are your thoughts? Would you try it? Would you disgusted by it? What do you think?

Nick Schlemmer 9:49
I feel like if it was sitting just next to the regular meat, I would have to pick it up and look at it and actually try and figure out what this is. And then I would say if it looks like Is the chicken breasts sitting next to it from the actual chicken? If it looks like it, I’ll probably give it a shot unless the price is just way out of proportions. Yeah. Which is another thing that could could happen, who knows? Where but it may be more just because it’s.

Jack McFarlane 10:15
So speaking on the price I don’t this is not the precedent of selling for. But back in 2015, there was some university that didn’t experiment with this where they were growing. They were learning to grow meat like this, and they wanted to sell like a hamburger at the local, you know, university restaurant or whatever it was, I don’t remember. But it cost them in 2015 $300,000 to grow the me. So very expensive. Yeah. Nowadays, it costs about $11 to make one. So I’m not sure what the costs would be. Yes, I do. Like it have to be expensive. If it’s so $11 to make. Yeah, but that’s a really good point about the price. I think I I want to say I’m on a similar page, like it looked the same. And it was hard to really tell. I don’t know, though. It’s really it just it’s almost the thought of it for me.

Nick Schlemmer 11:12
It’s all you think about it. And then I’d imagine like most people would be like, what is that? Like? You honestly don’t know too much about it. Unless you’re in a university doing chemic chemical engineering, chemistry in general. It’s like, you’re not you don’t really think about cells just on your daily basis.

Jack McFarlane 11:32
And then it’s like the thought of, you know, a lot of people go for like organic food, like, oh, cage free eggs, like making sure that animals are raised properly. And so when you think of something that’s grown in a lab or like a GMO, like people do not like that some people refuse to eat that stuff. So I wonder if, if this will get kind of the same reaction where it’s like, oh, this was grown in the lab. This is unhealthy. Yeah. Like, I wonder what the what the nutritional value? Is it the same? Like, I don’t know. Yeah, I think that would play a big factor in it. So yeah.

Nick Schlemmer 12:02
Exactly why so it’s like, I’m gonna have to pick up this package and actually exact. Yeah. But yeah, that’s so interesting. Cell grown meat.

Jack McFarlane 12:12
I think what they need to do is like, kind of, like, way, way long ago, when they did Pepsi versus Coke, like, the blindfold taste test. Exactly was like, it was Pepsi campaign. And everyone’s like, I like Pepsi. I like Coke better than they try and pick Pepsi. I wonder if they do the same thing with like, they have real chicken and lab ground and that people taste them blindly and rate them. I wonder if there’s a difference? If it even like a big enough difference to tell which ones?

Nick Schlemmer 12:38
Yeah, exactly. If enough people can’t tell the difference, then more people may be keen. Yeah, so

Jack McFarlane 12:45
Exactly. And who knows? Maybe, you know, by the time it is 2015, you know, 25-26 years? Almost now, you know, this year? There’s gonna be so yeah, yeah. And it might just be a normal everyday thing to think about it.

Nick Schlemmer 13:00
Yeah, exactly. I mean, the world is becoming technology and zero emissions lab, whatever, it is becoming more and more of, kind of, I want to say this, an advanced society.

Jack McFarlane 13:15
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, no, I agree. There. I mean, it’s everything. I mean, this meat is just crazy. Also, you know, speaking on the technology side, this is a little side note, we’re gonna throw in there from our last episode talking about back to school technology, and we talked about bones. And we talked about the flip. Do you remember that neck talking about? I don’t remember talking about that. Well, turns out I had a phone upgrade. I had an iPhone my whole life. And we talked about the flip phone, I did a bunch of research on it. And I decided to switch to the flip phone. And I can say for our listeners. It’s amazing. I absolutely love it. It is so much fun. And the thing I like the most about it is you’re very mindful on when you’re getting on your phone when you have to flip it up and down you know, I mean, yeah, like it’s very easy, but it’s like just the smallest action and you can you know, you open it you’re like oh wait I’m getting on my phone again. Like wouldn’t like let me go do something else you know? Yeah. So that was just a little side blurb there.

Nick Schlemmer 14:16
Yeah, for sure that I didn’t think about that. Like just having the phone like rise to wake I believe is what it’s called. turns on automatically versus you having to physically open up. Yeah, yeah, but that does like decrease the amount of phone like screentime that you use?

Jack McFarlane 14:31
Oh, yeah, definitely. I’ve noticed that like, I’ll open my phone and I’ll be like, What am I doing? I shouldn’t even I don’t even need to be on my phone and I’ll close right up. So that was a little update update. Update right there. All right. Well, with that being said guys, we’re gonna take a quick break and then we’ll be right back atcha with some best bet.

Nick Schlemmer 14:58
Welcome back, everybody to the second segment of The show today as Jack mentioned before we left best bets and we’re doing everything college football today. Yes, time of the year. Some people would say, Yeah, glorious. It’s like Christmas. That is a couple months long. So I would say I can say that going from a school that had didn’t have a football team, a university didn’t have a football team to now being in the big 10 conference. I’m following college football. So much preseason, any any kind of media. I’m all about it.

Jack McFarlane 15:30
Me too. I wouldn’t go growing up. You know, I really only fall at Ohio State and I wasn’t really any college football is like man, people really love college football. I’m more of an NFL person. Now that I’m in college. I’m college all the way. I like NFL fantasy, but that’s it. I follow everything college football, all the updates. It is so much fun being a student in college and following college football.

Nick Schlemmer 15:53
I couldn’t agree with that more. But we’re gonna talk about our predictions and thoughts for the upcoming season. So we say we jump right into it and start with our top five, our Power Five predictions.

Jack McFarlane 16:05
Yeah. So these like Nick said, these are power five conference only where there’s so many conferences. We’re not going to get in everything. So we’re doing Power Five. I guess I’ll start us off here. We’re going our conference championship prediction. Yeah. So I’m going to start us off here with the SEC. My prediction, I feel like is a pretty common one. It’s Georgia. You know, they’re the favorite to win. Conference. They’re the favorite to win the national championship again, they routed TCU last year in it. That was the most boring championship game ever. If you weren’t a Georgia fan, because it was even close. It wasn’t even close. Yeah. So I feel like maybe it’s a cop out pick. But I think it’s still the right pick. They might have lost that to Bennett to the draft. But they got the number two recruiting class in the whole country. And they just have one of the most well rounded rosters. And in the whole nation, they don’t really have a whole on their team. Like they’re lines.

Nick Schlemmer 17:07
They sign the number one quarterback in the nation, Dylan Row. So yeah, no, I mean, the guy that went to Georgia. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 17:16
But yeah, like, when you win a national championship by like, what I mean 50 some points. Like it was a loss score. It was a lot of points when you put up 60. Now championship, people are like, Oh, wait, maybe I want to go to Georgia. Now. You’re gonna get a really good recruiting class. So maybe it’s a cop out pick. But yeah, I’ve got Georgia one sec. What about you, Nick?

Nick Schlemmer 17:36
It’s definitely not a bad pick. But for me, I’m gonna go with LSU just because they’ve always been known for having a salad program. Now. I don’t know too much about LSU in particular about like the roster or whatnot. I just know that they’ve always been they’ve always been a salad powerhouse school for football.

Jack McFarlane 17:54
Yeah. Especially back in like, I guess you call the 2010 Supreme and they’ve been good recently, too. They’ve had one kind of off year but I mean, LSU Go Tigers, you know, solid team all the time. So I think that’s a good pic and I like your pic more than I like mine because I feel like that’s a much more interesting pic. Yeah, exactly.

Nick Schlemmer 18:14
I was gonna go with I didn’t want to go with the Georgia, Alabama. I was like, yeah,

Jack McFarlane 18:18
exactly. Alabama. That’s true. Georgia, Alabama. Very go. Thanks for listening. Guys. Georgia, Alabama.

Nick Schlemmer 18:25
Yeah, exactly.

Jack McFarlane 18:26
I know that LSU and they really do have a chance to win. I mean, it’s tough conference SEC is the best conference in college football by far. Yeah. And we’ll get into realignment, which made them even better. But yeah. Now let’s use a good pay. Let’s jump over to the big 10 My previous home, your current home. What do you think about the big 10? I would love to hear it.

Nick Schlemmer 18:47
The big 10? I mean, it’s got some solid schools. It also has some not so solid, I guess. And I’d hate to say it but Nebraska is in the rebuild phase. So we’re kind of down on the totem pole a little bit. Yeah, rebuilding since 90. So Michigan has always been really good at football. I know. You don’t like Michigan, I will go big blue. No.

Jack McFarlane 19:12
Alright guys, join us next time where Nick is no longer a co host.

Nick Schlemmer 19:17
Exactly. We were typing up the script today. And then all they see is boo next to Michigan. I was like, ah, yeah, but I have Michigan they’re gonna lose to Nebraska. Mark my words predictions.

Jack McFarlane 19:31
Let’s hope so. They’re, they’re so good. They are good. As much as it pains me to say they have beat Ohio State in the past couple of years. And Jim Harbaugh does have a pretty solid squad. Yeah, but you know what he suspended for three games. Is that when is that they’ll play Nebraska during that stretch. Right? The I think it’s I’d be really honored later on. I don’t work game. Yeah. Anyway, I hope Nebraska and so I hope Michigan loses every game. Yeah, with that being said, Is it Any surprise at my big 10 Pick. I’m going with the Ohio State University, one of the most pristine universities in the world. I absolutely love Ohio State. I like to joke and tell people that I left Nebraska just so I could root for Ohio State again, being in the big 10. Some of my first words were the Ohio State, I grew up watching them every Saturday. Yep, huge, huge Ohio State fan. But my pick is not just based on how much I love them. They’re also a really solid squad. They’re actually favored over Michigan to win the big 10 based on betting odds. Now, I don’t know if that should be the case. I think Michigan probably should be favored. If I’m being honest.

Nick Schlemmer 20:44
I think I saw a thing to where Ohio State has five five star recruits. Something like that. It’s it’s more than what you would normally see from university. Yeah, it really is. They’re just filled with five and four star recruits on that whole roster. They’re so good.

Jack McFarlane 21:00
Now they do have a, I guess, a quarterback battle where they’re not sure who’s going to be there day one starter. Yeah. But I think you could put me in a quarterback and be just fine. When you have that offensive line, when you have the best receiving core, they’ll go when you’re throwing to Marvin Harrison, Jr, who will be probably a top 10 Pick. Definitely a first round pick. That makes life pretty easy. When you have eight seconds in the pocket and you can chuck it up to Marvin Harrison. Throw it up there, he’ll go get it. Exactly. So I don’t think it’d be that big of a deal. Plus Ryan day is probably my favorite coach. I got to meet him at Ohio State camp. I absolutely love Randy, such a cool guy. And he runs a really good program over there. So I have still when

Nick Schlemmer 21:42
I’ll say well, I’ll go ahead and we’ll do PAC 12. We’ve heard about that.

Jack McFarlane 21:45
Yep, that’s my that’s my new home.

Nick Schlemmer 21:50
I know that later. I was looking into like the PAC 12 teams because I just know the big 10 pretty much in the SEC. And I was like, oh, Utah. Yeah, I can’t choose Utah. I can’t do. So I’m going with Oregon. I just like I like they’ve always been solid. I feel like I said about every team. I just don’t know that much about football.

Jack McFarlane 22:11
Yeah, you’re definitely a big 10 You’re definitely big 10 You know, a lot more about IVIG.

Nick Schlemmer 22:16
I know a lot more about the big 10 than any of any other conference. But yeah, we’ve got the Oregon Ducks.

Jack McFarlane 22:20
Yeah, solid pick. Now. Oregon is ranked eighth, I think in the AP poll right now. Like they’re they’re definitely supposed to be good, though. Next at quarterback. Really solid. He’s, he’s probably their best player, I’d say I mean, he’s, he’ll get drafted, you know, he’ll be pretty good. At least in college, we’ll see about the NFL. This one I feel like it’s maybe another obvious pick for me. Obviously, I have to pick Utah. I mean, they’re back to back conference championships. And they’re only ranked fourth in the conference. There’s three teams better than them, apparently. And we’ve won it back to back years. That blows my mind. We’ve never lost the PAC 12 championship with Cam rising under center. This is his third year he is coming off an ACL injury. So there’s a question mark, how healthy is he going to really be? But I feel like people look to USC, you know, with Caleb Williams, they’re ranked three or four times? Oh my gosh, yes. He’s gonna be so good. Well, we beat him twice last year wise with Caleb Williams getting the Heisman so Utah is going to win the PAC 12. They’ll make it a three peat to in the Pac 12 existence. And I must say Utah, if they play good enough could make the playoffs based on their schedule being so tough. They have one of the hardest non conference schedules and then one of the hardest conference schedules as they play. Oregon, Washington and USC, which are all ranked in the AP top 10 right now. And Utah. Is it 14? So Utah all the way. But let’s round out. Oh, wait, we have two left actually do and I believe we might be in agreement on these? I think so. Let’s jump to the ACC real quick. I’ve got Clemson. Yep. They’ve got one of the best defenses in the country new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback. Who played a little bit at the end of last year after they benched DJ. I’m not even gonna attempt to last name. You guys know him? Oola Laila? Yeah, it’s a hard name to say he’s actually fun fact. At Oregon State now and will play against Utah and I’ll get to see him play because it’ll be in Salt Lake but yeah, their quarterback, Kate cope. Cope club. Nick. Another interesting game. He’ll be just fine. He shined last year and with a new offensive coordinator. There’ll be a good squad. Yeah. always seem to be. Yeah, I mean, especially in ACC I know they’re they’re not favored. FSU, Florida State University is favored. Yeah. That could be a game of the year to watch September 23rd Florida State goes to Clemson as a regular season conference game. So depending on their records at a time, that can be huge game to decide ACC early on in the year. Yeah. Why don’t you jump over to the big 12? And tell everyone what we’re thinking?

Nick Schlemmer 25:15
Big 12 I have to get the Texas Longhorns in the big hook em horns.

Jack McFarlane 25:20
Yep. Yeah, I’m in agreement. I’m in agreement with you their quarterback when yours is. He’s good. I don’t know what else to say. He’s, I mean, is he the greatest quarterback and in the nation right now? No, but he’s definitely up there. And then they have Archie Manning behind them. Who’s Yeah, you know, he’s young, probably don’t want to start him this year. But you know, when you were as has to sit or gets hurt or something, you’ve got a stellar backup. Yeah, you’ve got a solid backup. And under the new coaching, I guess, regime, you know, they they fired a bunch of coaches of the year and they got some new ones. They’ve gone from sub 500. to a bowl game when to one of the favorites to win the national championship this year. So they’ve got a solid program. I think they’re gonna innovate 12 as champions. Yeah. Because this is their last year in the big 12. That’s right. To the SEC. Yes. But one thing that I know they did lose be John Robinson to the NFL Draft. And he was their offense. He just was he was. Yeah, he was so good. So it’ll be interesting to see what the offense looks like. Without him. It’s probably gonna be a lot more passed forward. Yeah. You know, it’s not like, oh, let’s hand it off and get an 80 yard touchdown like nothing

Nick Schlemmer 26:34
handed to him and get out of the way.

Jack McFarlane 26:38
All right. Well, before we get into conference realignment, what is your super way too early national championship prediction?

Nick Schlemmer 26:46
Yeah. So I know. Before I say this, Jack is not going to like this again. But I am going with Michigan to win the national championship. And here’s why Hear me out. Hear me out. I’m looking at their schedule. And besides their game against Nebraska, Nebraska is gonna win, obviously. Yeah, there you have it. They have a solid, eight to nine wins, I would think guaranteed.

Jack McFarlane 27:14
I mean, I hate to agree with you. But

Nick Schlemmer 27:16
no, I like some of those teams. East Carolina and Bowling Green should be wins. So it’s not like a hard limit per se. But I mean, to have eight to nine wins in college football is solid.

Jack McFarlane 27:31
Yeah. Now, on the other hand, that could, you know, limit them in the eyes of the committee? If they if they end up losing one of those games, they will make playoffs? Yeah. So you would hope that they’d win. I mean, I probably don’t hope they win. But you would think that they would win just based on how how good their roster is. So it’s a definitely an easier schedule.

Nick Schlemmer 27:55
I mean, if they had gotten matched matched up against some SEC schools, and they beat them now that would be like you that’s pretty much bonus points for the like, as far as voting goes.

Jack McFarlane 28:07
Yeah, but I mean, they don’t have they have games on there that aren’t the easiest. I mean, Oh, for sure.

Nick Schlemmer 28:13
I mean, the Ohio State, Ohio State.

Jack McFarlane 28:15
Do they play Penn State? I believe like Penn State Yeah. So it’s not an easy schedule per se but it’s on the easier side? Yeah, definitely not conference easy.

Nick Schlemmer 28:24
Yeah, exactly. I mean, comparing it to like the SEC, for example, like my buddy, he goes to Mizzou and I’m like, Man, Alabama, LSU, Florida.

Jack McFarlane 28:33
Yeah, Muslims, like I would hate to play Mizzou and today I was looking at the you know, betting odds. Mizzou is tied with Kentucky for last sec.

Nick Schlemmer 28:43
I was like, I would just hate to see that schedule.

Jack McFarlane 28:46
Yeah, that would be a tough one to look at thinking we’ve got no shot. At least for Nebraska. There are some games that you’re like, you know, we probably should win. Yeah, I like Michigan.

Nick Schlemmer 28:57
Yeah, Michigan, we should guarantee. Yeah. Who do you have for your national and

Jack McFarlane 29:04
I gotta go The Ohio State University, the Ohio State, Utah in my heart, if Utah wins, probably 10 or 11 games, they might make playoffs and then I would change my answer to Utah. Yeah, but just assuming that Ohio State’s gonna win most of their games and beat Michigan. I think they’ll make playoffs. I think whoever wins the Michigan Ohio State game will make playoffs. Yeah, I think that’s happened the past couple of years. Whoever won that game makes playoffs. I gotta go with the Ohio State for all the reasons I think they’re gonna win the big 10 I think they’re gonna win the national championship. To solid pick.

Nick Schlemmer 29:40
I can’t I can’t argue that it’s a solid pick.

Jack McFarlane 29:44
Well, now let’s jump into the madness and we’re not talking about March Madness. With basketball. We’re talking about conference realignment. Madness is what it’s been. It has so many Terezi Yeah, college football will look so different. By 2024 Yeah, because a lot of these, you know, it happened. This has been happening for a month now it’s very recent for most of this. I don’t even know where to start. I guess we’ll go with the PAC 12 just disappearing into thin air. Within two weeks. Pac 12 is gone. Yeah.

Nick Schlemmer 30:15
Within two weeks, just all the teams are picking up in January conferences. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 30:19
So we’ll get into kind of what teams are going to wear. But yeah, the PAC 12. Guys. As of right now, if they were to play in 2024, it would be cow, Oregon State, Stanford and Washington state. But literally just two hours ago, there are serious talks ramping up about cow and Stanford joining the ACC. They had a vote the other week and four teams voted no, they need one team to flip to Yes. And they’ll make it in. So there’s a potential that two of those four teams are going to be gone by the end of the week. And I bet you they will be.

Nick Schlemmer 30:52
And then what happens after that, like exactly your team’s left, teams left.

Jack McFarlane 30:57
And if you can’t find a conference, then you either have to go independent, or possibly join like the Mountain West like a non power five. Yeah. Or Sally, that’s when you have to start cutting programs, which no one wants to see. You know, any any sports fan, anyone that supports student athletes does not want to see any team get cut. And so you know, you hope they do find a home and a new conference.

Nick Schlemmer 31:20
Yeah, exactly. And like you said, 2024 is going to be a huge turning point for that. Exactly. Yeah. With USC, UCLA, Oregon and Washington all coming over to my conference in the big 10.

Jack McFarlane 31:34
Yeah, I’m interested to see what Nebraska schedule is gonna look like. I know. I mean, three of those teams are ranked in the top 10 Right now, you know, Washington, Oregon, USC, and UCLA is not a bad school at all by any means. But I mean, Washington, Oregon, USC, those are stellar football programs. Yeah, the big 10 is going to make a good run for its money on hardest conference in the nation with adding those but then again, the SEC saw the big 10 zoning all this let me go add some powerhouse schools to an RD powerhouse conference. And they’re getting Texas and Oklahoma from the big 12

Nick Schlemmer 32:12
Yeah. Wow. Alma from Yeah, yeah.

Jack McFarlane 32:15
Yeah, I mean, you’re getting those are those are the two teams favorite to win the big 12 This year, and they’re leaving next year for the best conference in football. Yeah, I mean, that’s crazy. Even though it’s two teams, it’s going to shake up the SEC like crazy.

Nick Schlemmer 32:31
Oh, yeah, it just adds a whole new had a whole new outlook as to what games are must win what games are Yeah, exactly. I mean,

Jack McFarlane 32:39
there’s truly by the time they get on there, there’s truly no game unless you play like against Mizzou or Kentucky. Or maybe a couple of the low lower ones that is like an easier win. Yeah, it’s gonna be a fight too. And don’t get me wrong. Mizzou and Kentucky are not they’re not that terrible. I mean, they are SEC schools they get like, like Mizzou got Luthor burden the other year from East St. Louis five star receiver like, and they just get good players as well. Yeah. Like they get good there. No school in the SEC is bad. Yeah, truly. But then, you know, with two teams leaving the big 12. You might be thinking, wow, you know, big 12? Are they going to go down the same road as the PAC 12 is going where they just start losing everyone? And no, that’s not the case. Not at all. So for this season, the big 12 has added four teams for this year, and BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. And you’re thinking, wow, that’s, that’s a pretty big expansion to lose two game for you. You bumped it up by two teams, and then you look for 2024 and you realize that, oh, gosh, here comes Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah. All from the PAC 12. And you’re thinking, wow, this could make a run for the money for hardest conference. Yeah, I mean, they all have arguments now. I’m very excited. I love the big 12 and I can not wait for Utah versus BYU. huge rivalry. That’s here, right here in Provo, up in Salt Lake. That’s all anyone is talking about. And we’re not even gonna get to see that till next year. Yeah, it’s all BYU verse verse, Utah. I mean, it’s it. I was reading up on the revelry. It’s like, so much more intense than I would have ever imagined. Yeah, like, it is a I don’t know if it’s quite Ohio State, Michigan. But it might be when I see it. I mean, I’m excited for it, though.

Nick Schlemmer 34:31
Yeah. And I mean, that bumps that league up to a total of 16 teams. Yeah, it’s a win win conference when building a schedule with that. I don’t know if you’re gonna have maybe just one of those like a school that’s not in your conference. Whenever it’s that big like, you’ll go play a local like the school next to you or whatever it may be.

Jack McFarlane 34:52
Utah, will they go Florida, in Salt Lake is not conference then they go Baylor it’s not conference, but then we get Weber, which is a couple hours away from Salt Lake. It’s another end in Utah College, which is should be a win. I would hope so. But yeah, you’re right. You’re not going to see many of those games anymore with these huge conferences.

Nick Schlemmer 35:15
I mean, unless they just start adding more more games to the schedule. So yeah,

Jack McFarlane 35:19
which they they could. But will they? I mean, they’ve been talking about that for a long time. So what I hope this does is kickstarts, the expanded playoffs, and I’m pretty sure that is coming. If I remember, yeah, the playoffs will get bigger. It needs to be more than four teams. There’s too many good teams to only select for. And two of them are Alabama and Georgia every single year no matter what. Yeah. So yeah, I think that this will just kickstart that even more. Yeah, and then what like you said, Cal, and Stanford and SMU are back in talks with ACC, so that could grow that conference by three. You’re not necessarily the most powerhouse conference. If I had to predict the next conference to fall it would be the ACC. I saw thing today where they were talking about what is the future of college football gonna look like? And I forget and he, he played for Michigan won the Heisman. He’s an analyst. Now, he was saying that he believes that it’s going to come down eventually to be three conferences, really in the nation. So he thinks it’ll get to the point where it’d be like, he said, sec, big 12. And big 10 was kind of what he thinks well, too. So yeah. I mean, the way it’s looking, it does look like that. I mean, the big 10 will be at 18. Teams. 18.

Nick Schlemmer 36:45
I did not realize it 18 teams now and that kind of Yeah. are in 2024. It will have

Jack McFarlane 36:51
ages 2024 Yeah, I mean, that’s, it’s it’s looking that way, I think I’d have to agree. I think it is going to eventually get to the point where it’s, I mean,

Nick Schlemmer 36:59
you could think like, you could think like maybe like if say it gets down to three conferences. You’re gonna have what 20 Plus teams in each conference? Oh, for sure. Yeah, though. I mean, you may not even play a quote unquote, conference team. If it’s that big, like, there’s only so much time in the calendar for the football season.

Jack McFarlane 37:18
Exactly. Yeah. And it’s also interesting to think about, like, what happens to the lower level, like the non Power Five, like the Mountain West? Like, do you see them expand as well for teams that, you know, like, if I had a guess where Washington State was going to end up? I would guess, Mountain West just being in the region it’s in and it’s a little lower of a conference. Yeah, it’d be interesting to see how those are affected if college football went to like a three conference thing.

Nick Schlemmer 37:50
Yeah, for sure.

Jack McFarlane 37:54
But yeah, guys, I think that just about wraps up our college football tastes. So I think now it’s time for Nick’s favorite part of the show. What do you say we do the quote of the show?

Nick Schlemmer 38:03
The quote of the show? Love wrapping up shows with this. It’s always fun. It’s always a pleasure. And today we have Simone Biles. Yep. So I tried to go the athlete route. We were talking about our best bets and college football for a while and she said I’d rather regret the risks that didn’t work out than the chances I didn’t take it all. And like I said, that gives you that can be pointed towards football, like any college sport, or life.

Jack McFarlane 38:34
Yeah, thought about it. And that works with anything. That’s great. But it works

Nick Schlemmer 38:37
with anything. Yeah. Taking risks. And if it doesn’t work out, then keep moving on.

Jack McFarlane 38:41
Keep going. At least you took the risk. You never know. Yeah, it’s like, you know, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take that’s what I say it’s

Nick Schlemmer 38:49
the same, right? Yeah, for sure.

Jack McFarlane 38:52
I think that’s a great way to wrap us up here. We’d like to say thank you once again, for listening and supporting us. We really do love making these episodes. And we really hope you guys enjoy listening to so if you feel feel like hey, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear some feedback from you guys.

Nick Schlemmer 39:08
Yeah, thank you guys. Like I said today’s episode 15 We’ve done it 15 So far, looking forward to getting 20 a year. Thank you for sticking with all this in. The future is bright. Looking forward to it. Thanks for tuning in, guys.

Jack McFarlane 39:23
Yep, thank you so much. And bye for now.

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