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The Play by Play podcast – episode 2

Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talk about everything from MLB players and stats, voting, and even play a fun game of “Presidential quote, Kanye West tweet, or Song Lyric.” Listen in and join the fun!


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Transcript follows:

Jack McFarlane 0:18
Hi, everyone, and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Network. This is the Play by Play podcast hosted by myself, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer.

Nick Schlemmer 0:25
How’s it going guys, we have a great episode lined up for you guys today. And we hope you stick around for a very fun, interesting game at the end of this. But before we get into that, I just want to say a huge thank you for all the support on the first episode. And thank you guys for tons and tons of listens.

Jack McFarlane 0:44
Yeah, I mean, as of today, you know, it has just over 1300 views and or downloads. So we are very thankful for and we hope you guys will continue to support us and listen, we’re very excited for it. And we are really appreciative. With that being said, if anyone is interested in being a guest on the podcast, or would like to maybe even sponsor us, feel free to email us at

Jack McFarlane 1:13
With that being said, let’s jump right into Episode number two.

Jack McFarlane 1:19
All right, so to start today’s episode, we have a very fun segment. It is debate time. Now for today’s debate, we are doing a sports debate sports related debate here over who were the best players in the MLB. This past regular season, postseason still going on. We’re not going to have that conversation. This is regular season. It’s okay if you have a little postseason in there but focus on regular season. We’re going to reach out one player from the National League and the American League. Just a quick little index. So to say some of the stats you’re going to hear today are baseball related some basic ones are batting average home runs hit RBI, which is runs batted in, you have OB opp and slugging which is on base percentage and slugging percentage. We will explain those a little more as they come up. But just as a heads up, there will be some baseball statistics. So why don’t you get a start as Nick, tell us about your first player?

Nick Schlemmer 2:19
Yeah, so I’m going to start off with my national league player. For my national league player. I’m gonna go with Bryce Harper. So just kind of to get started on Bryce Harper. He plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He is the right fielder. Some background on him. He is a two time MVP. He’s won Rookie of the Year, a seven time all star appearance player, a Silver Slugger two times and a homerun Derby champ back in 2018. Now I kind of chose him to be my number one player for the NL, just as of right now, not just based off of stats just because I really like what he’s doing for the Phillies organization. Like Jack said, I’m not gonna get too much into the postseason, but I had to mention the big home run the go ahead home, that it’s fair to advance them to the World Series. Now, as of as of today, the last World Series of parents was in 2009. The last time they won a World Series was in 2008. And they’ve only made seven appearances.

Nick Schlemmer 3:27
Just a little added detail. So for Bryce Harper, he, this year alone, he said just about 380 at bats give or take a couple of here 106 hits, and 18 of those being homerun which not like I said, not the best, not the worst. But the thing that I liked the most about him as far as batting average goes is he’s hitting 286 So far this year, now almost a 300 hitter. Now, for anybody who doesn’t know, if you’re hitting 300, you’re getting on base three out of 10 times. Yeah. And anything over 300 or even 300. Right around that. You’re at the All Star level. Yeah, you are one of the best hitters in the league if you’re hitting right about 300 or over that. So that was one of the main points of why I chose him. Also, he’s, he’s scored 63 times. And he has 65 RBIs. A lot of runs batted in. Yes. So that’s just the main stats. I want to point it out about my favorite NL player. Jackie, tell me a little bit about yours.

Jack McFarlane 4:30
Yeah, so I kind of dug a little deeper into the analytics. I know a lot of people probably aren’t huge fans of baseball analytics, but myself. I absolutely love it. Every time I go to a game I’m watching the scoreboard to see slugging percentage on base percentage. So I have a little more that just as a heads up. I will explain that as I go along. My favorite player this year for the National League is in my opinion, the MVP front runner and Paul Goldschmidt, hometown guy first baseman St. Louis Cardinals, you know, to start off the city. 678 hits and about the same amount about bats about 350 ish if I believe I don’t have the exact number of at bats, but he was 178 hits is is pretty elite, he had a 7.9 war, and that is wins above replacement. That means that without him the Cardinals theoretically would have lost eight more games. So just because of Paul Goldschmidt alone, they won eight more games, which is huge, huge and MLB. He had a 4404 on base percentage, that means about 40% of the time of his at bats he’s getting on base, whether that’s a hit a walk, hit by pitch air, that’s just getting on base in general. He slugged 578, which is total basis divided by the number of at bats. And then his OBS, which is just on base plus slugging was 981. Now I’d say above and 800 is an all star level player for OBS, it’s in my opinion, it’s a great stat of telling how good is a hitter truly because it’s not just how good it is to get on base but it’s it’s How hard are they hitting the ball? You know how well are they hitting the ball? A basic counting stat with 317 batting average, so well above elite 35 homeruns with 115 RBIs.

Jack McFarlane 6:11
And then one of my favorite stats, oh PS Plus this is a park and era adjusted stat. So this you can take any player from any year and get kind of their how good were they that season. So 100 is average. 100 is the average MLB player. Paul Goldschmidt. OPMs plus for 2022 was 190. He was almost two times better at the plate than the average MLB player. And then my last stat here is his offensive win percentage, which is right at 80%. So that’s theoretically if there was a lineup of just Paul Goldschmidt playing, he would have won 80% of games. That means his record would have been 129 and 33. Easily putting him in first and all of imobie with a record like that. Just for instance, the Cardinals went 93 and 69. And that’s only 57% win percentage his hits. This is among MLB ranks he ranked seventh in hits third and batting average fifth in war among all position players. Fourth and on base percentage fourth and slugging fourth and OPM seventh in hits, tide and eighth with homeruns fourth and RBIs third in OTS plus and third and offensive winning percentage. Not to mention stellar defense is a Gold Glove finalist for 2022 Once again.

Nick Schlemmer 7:26
That’s great. And I just kind of wanted to bring us over to the American League. Now. For my player, I’m kind of going with a dual threat so to say I’m going to show Hey Otani, the pitcher that can also hit. Now for anybody who doesn’t know if you’re a pitcher in the MLB. That is your sole job. You’re only pitching you’re not playing the field and you’re definitely not getting to the plate. But with Shohei Otani he is one of the only exceptions in the MLB. A little bit about him. He is a MVP. He’s won MVP. He’s a two time all star. He won Major League Baseball Player of the Year Award. He won a rookie of the year and also a Silver Slugger. Little bit about his stats this year for 2022 season. He’s had about 586 at bats with 160 hits. So that’s going to give him around a 273 batting average a little bit lower than both me and Jax National League players, but still very good considering that he is mainly a pitcher I would say yes, he’s spending most of his time as a pitcher. Also, he has 95 RBIs, which again higher higher than my American National League player with Bryce Harper. And moving over to the pitching side of Shohei Otani this this season he went 15 and nine with a 2.33 era. Now, I would say anything below a two is considered very, very good.

Jack McFarlane 9:00
One pitcher actually only one pitcher this year was under a two era and just so people know that it’s earned run average. Yeah, on average, how many runs

Nick Schlemmer 9:07
how many runs are giving up in a game, so he’s only averaging just over two runs a game. The opponent is scoring on him. He had 219 strikeouts, which is crazy. He’s tied for six there. He’s also in sixth place with his era. And with his win loss percentage, he was tied for eighth. But he put on a a very good, very good season. Now his last game you pitched he pitched against the athletics. He he sadly lost that game. He gave up three runs. So that didn’t help his era. But that’s going to be my al player. So I’m kind of wondering who did you choose for your AL player?

Jack McFarlane 9:44
Yeah, so for my AL player, I mean, best season by any player in a long time, in my opinion, not a huge fan of them, but I can’t ignore the statistics and that’s Aaron judge. First thing you think of Aaron judge and you think of the home runs 62 home runs Last year, that’s an ale single season record of all time, you know, trailing Barry Bonds and some of the other steroid era players. But for the American League, that’s a record and that’s huge. 177 hits 311 batting average 131 RBIs. His on base percentage was 425. His slugging percentage was 668. And here’s where it gets. This is where it’s gonna get crazy. This is gonna blow your mind OPMs of 1.111. Well, that, that is it gets crazier, it gets crazier. Oh, PS Plus, member 100 is the average player Oh, PS Plus of 211. He was over two times better than the average player this past season. Total War 10.9. So basically in 11 War in one season, he helped his team single handedly get 11 more wins. Yes. And then this one is just silly. His offensive when percentage, a team of only Aaron judge from last season would have won 85% of the games, putting a record out 137 and 21. If it was just Aaron judge, the Yankees himself did pretty good. I mean, they were they won their division that 99 and 63. And that was only 61% win percentage. Now, I mean, it gets even sillier. From here, here are his ranks.

Jack McFarlane 11:24
And this is compared to all the MLB tied for eighth and hits, first and homeruns. Fifth in batting average time for first and RBIs first and on base percentage first in slugging percentage, first, and OPMs. First and OPVs plus, second in walks. I just wanted to point that out, because that shows that he has very good play discipline, if you’re walking a lot, that’s going to help a ton. Total War first and offensive win percentage first. I don’t think we will see a season like Aaron judges had in a long time. It was to say special is an understatement. I think you can see it from just the ranks alone. Even if you’re not big into baseball statistics, the 62 homeruns really stands out. And the 311 batting average really stands out. So yeah, you’ll never see another season like this Aaron judge season in a long, long time. Now, I think those are some pretty good cases for our best players. Feel free to email us and let us know who you think was the best player maybe who won this debate in a little friendly debate. I think we had a good time. But let’s jump right into our second segment.

Nick Schlemmer 12:36
Yeah, so definitely today, we’re going to be talking about voting trends for the past election and midterm elections for Gen Z generation. Just a disclaimer, we’re not talking about our views in this one. So we’ll have zero bias on this. These are just the the statistics for our generation as a whole. Starting off here, only 8% of the total votes in the 2020 election were made by Gen Z. That number is and will increase in the upcoming future as as the Gen Z and me and Jack, for example, we get older, we’re definitely gonna get more involved in the election and all the different elections, but only 8% of the votes came came from our generation.

Jack McFarlane 13:19
And I would just like to say, out of those 8%, it was, I believe 61% voted for Biden. So it was leaning Democrat. And that is one thing I noticed while doing the research for this topic was, as of right now, it appears that Gen Z is leaning Democrat by about 60% of people that identify as Democrat or Republican. Some major issues that Gen Z is really focusing on and really voting on is climate change, health care, access and economic opportunity. And that is left and right. That’s not just a Republican or Democratic, that is just overall Gen Z as a whole. What are the three biggest that they’re really looking into?

Nick Schlemmer 14:00
Also, only 14% of the Gen Z’s generation overall believe that the climate change or earth warming is due to natural patterns, rather than human activity. So that that stands out from older, older generations. 30% of millennials 36% of Gen X, and about 42% of baby boomers list natural causes for global warming, while Gen Z is only 14%.

Jack McFarlane 14:30
And I think that’s massive, because, you know, at least I know, we’ve heard growing up is that, you know, you have to do something now climate change, you know, really can’t wait. And so to see such a drop, and people that are kind of like it’s natural, you know, can’t do much about it, I think is a big upside for the planet, I think, with only 14% kind of saying and you know, it’s just natural, what can you do? I think the rest of us, you know, can really make a difference and maybe even save our planet. I think that’s huge.

Nick Schlemmer 14:53
Yeah. And I also want to mention, with Gen Z, we’re kind of seeing, quote unquote, to say a new type of Republican. Yeah, kind of the different views now, Jack, I’d you know a little bit more about this to me I want to have you talked about this but kind of explain what is this, quote new type of Republican?

Jack McFarlane 15:12
Yeah so, among Gen Z Republicans it’s almost emerging. I wouldn’t say a new party but just maybe a branch of the Republican Party, they have slightly different goals or values 53% of Gen Z, Republicans say they believe the government should be doing more to solve problems compared to 38% of millennial Republicans 29% of Gen Z Republicans and 23% of baby boomer Republicans. So I think that’s a pretty significant change between just millennial from 38 to 52% of Gen Z. They’re also more likely to support race, gender, and LGBTQ IA matters. Whereas older Republicans kind of look at that and maybe gloss over it and don’t put much thought into it. The younger Republicans are strongly voting on it and in favor of it. That’s not to say that they don’t also agree with major Republican ideas. It’s just they almost expand on it a little bit, if that makes sense.

Nick Schlemmer 16:15
Ya know, for sure, and how he mentioned how the Gen Z is showing a lot more support for the race and gender problems that we’ve seen here in the US in the past couple of years in the world globally. As Gen Z, like I said, as we’re starting to vote more, these numbers that we’re saying today is just going to, it’s just going to increase yes, we’re going to see more and more and people start getting into these different topics and arguments and start pushing their voice for for their opinions. So and like I said, seven and seven and 10 people in the Gen Z generation Democratic or Republican, say the government should do more for the country.

Jack McFarlane 16:56
And solving problems. Yeah, I think that goes, I think that shows a couple of things. But the major one is, maybe that, you know, especially over these last couple of elections, the public, the population has become very split. I think, with it being a Democratic and Republican thing of seven out of 10, it shows that maybe we’re coming a little more together, maybe this generation is kind of bringing it back bringing it back to the United States and not Republican versus Democrat. But kind of to go back to the the LGBTQ side of things. On its major uprising of support. If you just think over the past 10 years, you know, a lot is a lot of good has happened in that community. So you know, 48% of Gen Z says that same sex marriage is good for society. And 36% says that, you know, what, I, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s nor good nor bad. It’s just it is what it is, you know, do what you like, you know, love who you love. And then sadly, you know, 15% do not agree. The plus side of that is that is an overwhelming amount more support than any other generation. Gen Z. It’s almost like the generation of opportunity, I’d almost say.

Nick Schlemmer 18:06
Yeah, and in to kind of talk about that 15% that just doesn’t agree with it at all. We all know that it is impossible to please, everybody, especially in politics, ya know, especially in politics. Yes, I can’t agree with that more. It’s impossible to please everybody, you could try and be the most likable person in the world, say your views or this and that and try and try and please everybody. But in the end, somebody’s going to bash with you. It’s yeah, it’s just a given. And then also another another fact I have here is that 79% of Gen Z says that financial responsibilities should be shared in a two parent household. Now, Jack, I just kind of want to get your thoughts on this. Whenever it comes to a two parent household. What are you thinking about how it should be split? For for those financial responsibilities? Yeah, of course.

Jack McFarlane 18:59
I think that sharing the financial responsibilities is a huge thing. I think it should be done. You know, traditionally, in the past, you look and you think, Well, you know, the man goes to work and the woman stays at home with the kids and, and it kind of all falls on the guy. And I think that can cause a lot of stress in a relationship. So I think sharing the responsibility not only promotes equality, but helps relationships be stronger. I mean, what do you think, Nick?

Nick Schlemmer 19:24
No, yeah, I can say we’re in a totally different society than we were. The woman stayed home with the kids all day and the man went out worked all day long. Today, we have seen more and more women rise in business power, opening their own businesses generating more money than men in many cases. So we’re starting to see this to where stay at home dads are becoming a thing. Yeah. Like which is crazy to think, but stay at home dads are becoming a thing. And I just wanted to mention that. The fact that women are now we see a lot of these women push is for equal rights equal opportunities. And we’re starting to see a lot more people hop along with that and support it. And so I think that this two parent household thing with the cortico 50/50 split, I think in the near future, that that’s just going to be the common thing. It’s gonna be the new normal. Yeah, for sure.

Jack McFarlane 20:22
Yeah, I mean, other than that, is there anything that really surprises you, Nick, any any statistic that might have stood out or any other point you would like to make?

Nick Schlemmer 20:31
Sure, out of everything that we talked about today? A lot of it did stand out to me. And I want to I want to mention this, a lot of it stood out in, I was very happy with like, a positive way with what we found. Yes, all of this stuff is becoming to be more of a, a positive outlook for the future. I think the future looks looks very bright. And finally, this is going to be our last segment of the day, game time. I’ve been looking forward to this Jack said he has a surprise for me. So I know nothing about this. And Jack, let’s hear it. All right.

Jack McFarlane 21:07
I have been trying to keep this a secret for a couple of days now from Nick, I’ve been hyping it up a little bit. Hopefully, I didn’t overhype it, this is something that the audience you guys can play along with. And this is game time. Now, for the first ever game time, Nick, I have got a brilliant one for you. The rules of the game, I’m going to give you a quote. And that quote will either be a tweet from Kanye West, the line from a song or from a president. Okay, so you will have you know, just take your time, I’ll give you the quote and you get Give it your best guess. And we’ll see how good you can do and maybe if the audience can beat you.

Nick Schlemmer 21:45
Yes, for sure. Everybody who’s tuned in and listen to this. Keep your score. And let us know if you did worse than me better than me. I don’t know how well I’m gonna do with this. But I’m excited.

Jack McFarlane 21:56
Yeah, well, let’s jump right into it. This is the first quote. If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble. You wouldn’t sit for a month.

Nick Schlemmer 22:09
Who? I think I think that that that sounds it’s pretty short and sweet. So that right there, it makes me think Twitter. I’m gonna go to Kanye West tweet on that one.

Jack McFarlane 22:19
I gotta say, Nick, that is a terrible start. Because you are 0 for one. That was said by a president. Can you maybe guess which President maybe just off top your head? Maybe.

Nick Schlemmer 22:30
Let’s go Obama, Barack Obama.

Jack McFarlane 22:32
That is also wrong. It was Theodore Roosevelt. So Nick is over wanting to start here today. Maybe you can get it back here at this one. This one, in my opinion will probably be the easiest one. This one. You know, I kind of want to throw you some softballs here. Let’s see if I can get this one. Only time will tell if we stand the test of time.

Nick Schlemmer 22:52
That is a president, a president definitely said that.

Jack McFarlane 22:57
Yes, President Van Halen, I believe said that one in his song. Why can’t this be love? Mickey rock? Congratulations. Oh, for two all right, here we go. Question number three. We from two different cities, Minnesota and Philly. Now before you answer, Minnesota is not a city for our listeners out there that might have just glossed over that. We are from two different cities, Minnesota and Philly.

Nick Schlemmer 23:23
That sounds straight out of a song. I’m gonna go with a rap lyric on that one.

Jack McFarlane 23:29
And that one is your first correct answer that was in by a rapper name of Freeway from a song called Best At It from 2009.

Nick Schlemmer 23:39
Let’s go I got one.

Jack McFarlane 23:41
You are one to three. You’re on the right track.

Nick Schlemmer 23:43
Let’s go. Let’s I’m failing the test right now. Let’s try and get this pass back in there. Let’s get back in the fairway.

Jack McFarlane 23:50
Hopefully audience you’re doing better than me. Question number four, or Quote number four, I should say. I wish I could run across a beach into my own arms.

Nick Schlemmer 24:00
That was That was tricky. I wish I can run across the beach into my own arms. I’m gonna go with a song lyric for that one.

Jack McFarlane 24:08
Oh, that’s wrong. Wow, that is a Kanye West.

Nick Schlemmer 24:13
That would have been my number two. That would have been my number two.

Jack McFarlane 24:15
That would have been great. If it was a presidential quote. I must say that I I’d vote for him.

Nick Schlemmer 24:19
But so Kanye really wants to run across the beach and hug himself. That’s what I’m getting. Yeah. Okay.

Jack McFarlane 24:25
And moving down the leaderboard as we might say golf at 1 out of four here. Have a great quote number five. I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can’t get my wife to go swimming.

Nick Schlemmer 24:40
That is definitely a quote from a president. I feel like it President would say that whenever they want to go swim at the White House. The wife is just not having it. Now that is correct.

Jack McFarlane 24:50
You two for five. Can you guess the president?

Nick Schlemmer 24:53
Oh, I’m gonna go with Mr. Donald Trump on that one.

Jack McFarlane 24:57
That’d be wrong. That was Mr. Jimmy Carter, I’m honestly impressed. You got that one right. I am proud of you too for fine, too. You’re getting there. Quote number six. Make Love Not War. By the looks of you. You don’t look like you could do much either.

Nick Schlemmer 25:15
Who? That who? I’m leaning towards president or a Kanye West tweet. It’s almost a song lyric, but I don’t think it is. I’m gonna go with the Kanye West tweet on that one.

Jack McFarlane 25:29
That is a great guest. But sadly, that’s wrong. That is a quote from a president, you are on the right track. To for six here, maybe out, you know on bonus point, if you can guess the President.

Jack McFarlane 25:46
This could be from George Washington, or Joe Biden.

Nick Schlemmer 25:49
It’s not Joe Biden, there has to be like a slur in there for Joe Biden. Let’s go with Abraham Lincoln.

Jack McFarlane 25:59
Now if Abraham Lincoln would have said this, I think you know, the Civil War would have been over a lot sooner. That was said by Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Alright, moving on to for six. Hopefully the audience is pleased doing better than and enjoying it as much as we are. Quote number seven. My memories are from the future.

Nick Schlemmer 26:21
I’m gonna go with a song with a rap lyric on that one.

Jack McFarlane 26:25
And, Nick, you’re gonna be wrong again.

Nick Schlemmer 26:26
Oh, no.

Jack McFarlane 26:27
That was a Kanye West tweet, too. For seven,

Nick Schlemmer 26:31
two for seven. Now, let’s let’s see if I get these last two right.

Jack McFarlane 26:36
Well, good news for you. We have a couple more it is actually a total of 12 questions. Okay. So yeah, you definitely have time to improve here. Let’s see if we can get on the right track with Quote number eight. We know these truths to be self evident. All men and all women aren’t created equal by the, you know, the, you know the thing.

Nick Schlemmer 26:57
Yes. So this is a quote from a president 100%. Shout out to history class for this one.

Jack McFarlane 27:05
Yeah. Can you guess maybe what President and maybe what he was trying to say?

Nick Schlemmer 27:10
I’m gonna go with Abe Lincoln on this one.

Jack McFarlane 27:13
That is Joe Biden quoting the Declaration of Independence. It is from a moment where he forgot, you know, obviously, what the name of the document was. I thought that one would be a little fun. But on the right track 348 There you go. Quote number nine. What about elephants? Have we lost their trust?

Nick Schlemmer 27:35
What about elephants? Have we lost their trust? This just just by the way, I look at a jack here. He’s kind of got a smile on his face. I’m going to this has to be a quote from a president a president had to upset this.

Jack McFarlane 27:51
Man. That’s wrong. This is a quote from a song called the Earth Song by Michael Jackson.

Nick Schlemmer 27:59
I have never heard of that song before that. I’m gonna be honest.

Jack McFarlane 28:03
I haven’t either. But that line, I think should be maybe a tattoo somewhere. Maybe it shouldn’t be set by President. How have we lost their trust? I don’t know. Let us know what you think audience moving on three to go, Nick. It’s not looking great. Let’s see what you can do. Quit number 10. Many college students have gone to college.

Nick Schlemmer 28:21
Many college students have gone to college. That is a quote from a president and I’m gonna guess the President right now. That is Joe Biden.

Jack McFarlane 28:31
That is a great guest. But it sadly is wrong again. Oh, down to 30%. Right. Three for 10 through 10. That was the quote from Frank oceans. Be yourself. Okay. Okay. So another song to to go. Let’s see what you can do. You know, nothing, for sure. Except the fact you know, nothing for sure.

Nick Schlemmer 28:51
I think that’s a Kanye West tweet.

Jack McFarlane 28:54
And Nick, I gotta say, I think you’re wrong. Oh, that would be a quote from good ol J. F. K. Wow. All right. here and reefer

Nick Schlemmer 29:04
Let’s go for for 12.

Jack McFarlane 29:06
That’s 33%. Here. Let’s finish off the episode. Right. final quote. I’m nice at ping pong.

Nick Schlemmer 29:16
I am nice at ping pong. That is a Kanye West tweet lock in it. And that is correct. We got it. Right.

Jack McFarlane 29:22
We’re good dishing on a high note. For for 12. Nick, I gotta say 33% is not the goal,

Nick Schlemmer 29:29
That it’s not what I was looking for. To be honest. I was hoping for at least 50% some of these really threw me for a curveball. And I swung and missed on a lot of these. But it was fun.

Jack McFarlane 29:42
I’m so glad you had a good time audience. I hope you guys did much better than Nick. Feel free to let us know. Email us, you know, email us. Let us know what you got. We want to interact with you please reach out to us on Twitter, at Jack McFarland 38. And at Nick Schlemmer. Yeah, we would love to interact with you guys. If you have any questions maybe we could do even if enough interaction we could do another segment about interactions.

Nick Schlemmer 30:05
Yeah, definitely. And also, I just want to mention, if you guys are enjoying the show, like Jeff said, reach out. Anything you guys want to hear on the show. We are always open to ideas. Let us know what you guys want to hear. And yeah, thank you again for tuning in today. I had a blast. I know Jack had a blast as well filming the second episode. And I just want to say this again, with over 1300 listeners on the first episode, that just really motivates me and Jack to create more podcasts put out more content that really showed us that you guys enjoy what we’re doing. And I cannot stress this enough. Thank you very much for that.

Jack McFarlane 30:41
Yes, just a second that I mean, it really does motivate us and we really want to bring the best the most entertaining podcasts we can to you. So please reach out. Please interact, email if you want any if you’re interested in sponsoring us, and yeah, thank you guys very much. This has been The Play by Play. Thank you guys.

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