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Recruiting, Mentoring, and Growth: Lessons from a Career in Pro Sports

This week on At Work in America, Lou DePaoli from General Sports Worldwide, joined us to discuss the intricate relationship between sports and the corporate world.

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Hilton Australia Seeking Candidates, TikTok Resumes Accepted

In this episode Steve shares how Hilton in Australia has launched an innovative recruiting campaign aimed at Gen Z – by accepting applications via TikTok.

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Some Tech Companies Seek to Re-Hire Employees they Recently Let Go

In this episode Steve discusses how some large tech companies are attempting to recruit former employees, many of whom were recently laid off.

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Exploring the Future of Human Capital: Insights on Talent Management in 2023

This week we met with Michael Ehret from Johnson & Johnson to talk about talent management innovations, trends, and themes we will be seeing in 2023.

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New Salary Transparency Laws Drive Increase in Job Ads with Posted Salaries

In this episode Steve discusses how salary transparency laws are leading to significant increases in job ads that include posted wage and salary information – and leading to an increase in candidates.

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Hire Like Apple: The Four Traits Apple Looks for in its Employees

In this episode Steve talks about the four traits Apple and CEO Tim Cook consider when hiring new employees.

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Holiday Hiring Begins – UPS Announces Plans to Add 100,000 Seasonal Workers

In this episode Steve shares news of UPS’ plans to hire as many as 100,000 new workers for holiday season 2022.

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Wells Fargo Plans to Reinstate Diverse Candidate Slate Guidelines

In this episode. Steve gives an update on the Wells Fargo recruiting programs designed to improve representation at the bank.

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Innovative Recruiting Strategies Include Inviting Family Members to Interviews

In this episode, Steve shares an innovative recruitment approach being taken that invites family members to participate in job interviews.

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Leveraging Outbound Recruiting to Compete for Talent

This week, we met with Steven Jiang, CEO and Co-Founder, and Shannon Pritchett, Head of Marketing and Community, from HireEZ to discuss the leave and wellness revolution and how caring for your employees has taken on a whole new power.

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