Navigating Today’s College World: Tech Trends, Unique Majors, and Graduation Insights

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The Play by Play 16 – Navigating Today’s College World: Tech Trends, Unique Majors, and Graduation Insights

Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer are back with a fun episode all about the college world of today! They chat about:

– How technology and AI are changing the modern college landscape

– Unusual college majors

– College graduation rates and gender differences

– ‘Name that mascot’ game

– Quote of the show


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Transcript follows:

Jack McFarlane 0:10
Hi, everyone, and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Network. This is The Play by Play podcast hosted by myself, Jack McFarlane, and Nick Schlemmer.

Nick Schlemmer 0:18
Hey guys, how’s it going? Like Jack said, we have another exciting episode for you today. And what do you say we jump right into it? Let’s do it. Well, guys, as we know, college is fully underway. Now we’re a couple of weeks in and jumping into our first segment, we are talking about degrees in our generation, and how the college world looks like for us. So as we all know, college can be a very important step for people getting into their dream, or their professional job, whatever it may be. But times are changing technology is growing, AI is now becoming more and more relevant, and so much more. So Jack, would you say we hop right into it?

Jack McFarlane 0:55
Yeah, I think we’re starting to see a lot of changes, especially when it comes to what people are majoring in, or even in sometimes getting a minor and because they’re just so many new opportunities. So it’s really interesting to see these changes that we’re going to take a look at them. But first, we’re going to start off with just some of your most common degrees. This is according to admissions Lee, which is a website that just tracks admission state and this is from 2020. And I say you know all this is changing. Well, guess what, guys, these majors, they don’t change much. You know what I mean?

Nick Schlemmer 1:30
Yeah, these first five majors we’re going to mention, I think they will always be on that list that you’re able to take as a major, I think there’s some of the most common and you guys listening tuning in can probably guess almost all of these.

Jack McFarlane 1:44
All of them. But if they’re your power five majors is what we like to call them. Exactly. Yeah. So I guess I’ll just list a couple them off here. So obviously, number one, the most common business major, I think if you walk into a room at 10 college students from random schools, and random ages, and you ask What’s your major? At least five, our business? At least five? I’d say probably like six or seven.

Nick Schlemmer 2:10
And there’s so many different like, Business Admin business management, yeah. avenues that you could go with that business that fall under business. But yeah, like you said, just walking up to a group of people, over half of them are going to say, Oh, I’m a business major.

Jack McFarlane 2:27
Yeah. Because there’s so much you can do. So it says broad major, like, like business management isn’t specialized towards one field, you can use that anywhere you want. So a lot of people do that. But then like you said, there’s so much under the business major, like, at Utah, for business, you take pre business, and then you have to take I forget the exact name for him, but you take like marketing and accounting and all of the specialized classes, then you can pick your major and there’s like 30 different things you can pick as a major in just business. It’s crazy. Yeah. But then moving on from business, obviously, like health is huge. And not just like med school, just just to like sports medicine, or physiotherapy, or even psychology and stuff that falls under health. You got your social sciences, you know, political science, so that engineering, which honestly surprised me just a bit, I didn’t think there was that many engineering, but like now that I think about it. That is a pretty common one.

Nick Schlemmer 3:29
Yeah, I mean, here at Nebraska, we have a pretty big engineering program. Yeah. And I mean, engineers, like, we need them, though. We got to go in the round.

Jack McFarlane 3:42
And like business, like there’s a lot of different versions of engineering. Yes, there’s so so. Yeah, yeah, that’s a good point. You bring up like, now that I think about it, like Nebraska, did have a lot more engineers in Utah, like I had a class and engineering building in Nebraska was huge.

Nick Schlemmer 4:00
Yeah, yeah, that’s one then is engineering.

Jack McFarlane 4:03
It’s on the opposite side of campus from where our dorm was, it is so far away. I had to take the scooter. It’s like a five minute drive. But yeah, so yeah, engineering and then routing as biology. And I think that kind of ties back to health. I know a lot of biology majors go on to go to med school and stuff like that. Especially here at Utah. There’s a lot of biology and a lot of health.

Nick Schlemmer 4:26
Yep, yep. If you’re going into anything, whether it’s health or med school, you have to take those biology, chemistry. All those.

Jack McFarlane 4:35
Exactly. So those are kind of our most common ones. And like we said, those will most likely always be the most common ones. I’m sure that everyone listening could have guessed that. Yeah. But one yeah, why don’t you tell us about some crazy ones.

Nick Schlemmer 4:49
So yeah, we call it crazy. We can call it rare. You can even call it weird if you wanted to. Yeah, but I like rare. I think I’m gonna go rare.

Jack McFarlane 4:57
I think some of these are just rare. And I think some of these are crazy and crazy. Yes.

Nick Schlemmer 5:07
So just starting off with probably the two most out there. You can get a college degree a four year degree in bagpiping. And also the Beatles.

Jack McFarlane 5:21
Yeah, the band, not the insect, which Yeah, honestly, I don’t know which one would be more weird.

Nick Schlemmer 5:26
I mean, that is another major like, insect or something. But yeah, we’re talking about the band, The Beatles,

Jack McFarlane 5:33
The Beatles. You can it’s a school over in Europe. I don’t remember the exact school. But yes, you can get a four year degree, not a minor, a four year major to a bachelor’s degree in on the Beatles. And I don’t know what do you what do you think those tests look like? What do you think homework is like for them?

Nick Schlemmer 5:55
I’m thinking you have to learn pretty much their whole backstory. Like if you were to watch a documentary on the Beatles, like that’s what the class would entail. Learning the backstory, knowing maybe what the spike what they’re talking about in every song.

Jack McFarlane 6:11
Yeah. See, I like to, I like to imagine that. In class, they just listen to every song like Apple Music with the lyrics up. And they’re just sitting there like trying to memorize the lyrics, memorize the lyrics. And then for their test, it’s like that show, cumin versus Shazam, or whatever it’s called. They have to, they have to identify the Beatle song before everyone else in the class. And that’s what I would like to imagine their classes.

Nick Schlemmer 6:38
I mean, that could be cool. But for me, there’s got to be more than that. It’s I don’t know if I could do that for four years. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 6:45
I mean, I’d like some of the Beatles songs. So don’t get me wrong, but you’re right. That would be a lot. I don’t know if I could do that for any. I could maybe do it for like, a genre of music. Like if it was a country music degree. I could do that.

Nick Schlemmer 6:59
If I was learning to, like, produce music, or like, make background music or sounds, but not just learning about one band jeweler band.

Jack McFarlane 7:11
Yeah. Yeah, that’s crazy. And then bagpiping, too. I mean, I get that it’s an instrument. But I mean, how often do you see oh, people bagpiping I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that.

Nick Schlemmer 7:27
I think I’ve only seen it if you go I think I went to I can’t remember what kind of festival it was. Yeah, the only time I’ve seen somebody actually playing the bagpipe.

Jack McFarlane 7:37
I think they used to do it like the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Is that sound right? I’ve been there a couple of times. And St. Louis. I think that might be the only place I’ve ever heard of bagpipe, like in person. It’s just like, an especially in America. I feel like it is not very popular. Maybe over in Europe. It’s more popular. But I can’t imagine like going to school. And it’s almost like opening majoring. And I’m like, Oh, I bagpipe. That’s what I do. Like, that’s interesting. For sure. I don’t know if I classified as weird. It’s just crazy. But I don’t know, like, what do you what do you have one job, right? Like, after you graduate, your job is to play the bagpipes, right? I don’t even know what would you do with that.

Nick Schlemmer 8:19
Like your job? Like, I would think your job is to be in some sort of I don’t want to say orchestra because I don’t think the bagpipes are in the orchestra but some kind of some kind of a big band that you are just like traveling and playing with. That the only thing that I can really think of unless you’re

Jack McFarlane 8:36
I feel like that’s very limiting. Yeah, right. Well, not let’s move on these, these I would the rest of these. I would not classify as crazy or weird. I would say they’re rare. And you know, to I’ll be honest, guys, when I’m looking this up doing the research for this, I looked up weirdest college degrees you can yet and this was this one hurt. This one hurt hurt me. I know it hurt you too. We were both in this program. And it’s PGA Golf Management was classified as a weird major. What? I know why? Well, I mean, it cuts deep.

Nick Schlemmer 9:14
The only reason that I mean there’s multiple reasons, but one of the main reasons I could think about on why that would be classified as is weird, is just because of how or the amount of schools that offer it is just very rare. Not many. Yeah. It’s a rare to rare degree. And it’s one of those degrees where it’s very specialized. Like, it’s only specific and golf industry.

Jack McFarlane 9:38
Yeah. But it’s not like specific in bagpiping where you have one job like it’s specific to an industry but there’s jobs you can do. But yeah, I think it’s it’s just rare, not weird. It really hurt hurt me and I was only in the program for a year but you know, I was like man, and then along with that you can also do bowling management. which I did not know was a thing. But it’s also one of those where it’s got to be just like Golf Management, all of bowling industry, all of it just a rare major.

Nick Schlemmer 10:12
I mean, like that, that’d be very interesting to I mean, I don’t know what you do become a professional bowler own your own bowling alley.

Jack McFarlane 10:22
It’s probably a lot like a golf major, it’s like you can either become a, like a golf pro and teach people give lessons or run a course or work for a golf company or making equipment. I mean, bowling has all that they have, you know, the PBA. And, you know, all the different bowling ball manufacturers and running a bowling alley or giving lessons like, so I’m sure it’s the same thing, just with bowling. Interesting. And then this one, this next one, I feel like you would like a lot because I know you got big into hiking over your internship and This is Outdoor Leadership. So my best understanding of this is kind of like, like a hiking coach, and not just hiking specific, but you know, people that work at like national parks and stuff that like the trails and like stuff like that. That’s not I could be completely wrong. That’s just my best understanding of it.

Nick Schlemmer 11:17
I mean, that’s two. Yeah, I mean, I’ve never heard of that, either. But it’s just it sounds like it’s just general, Outdoor Leadership or like information that you could learn to know like, yeah, whether you want to be like a, maybe like a Conservation Officer or something like that, which that’s different. But this would be like the first step to it. Maybe?

Jack McFarlane 11:38
Yeah, it could be I mean, I think that just falls under rare again. But yeah, definitely one I never heard of. And then finally, like, one that’s growing and will be super popular, I know it for a fact it will be popular in years to come is degrees around AI. So right now, most of the things you’re gonna do in college involve AI are like, during like a computer science major that just has a little bit of AI. But you are starting to see that it’s like, I believe it’s called like AI technologies or AI sciences or something like that, where you can start getting a degree that’s specifically in and about AI and using it working with it, making it stuff like that.

Nick Schlemmer 12:27
Yeah, I mean, as we’ve mentioned, in so many episodes that we’ve already done, AI always comes up, and is just continuing to grow, and it’s not slowing down. So it doesn’t surprise me that you can get an A, a degree, excuse me in AI technologies, because I feel like it’s just going to implement itself into all different aspects of your daily life. It sounds Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 12:50
I mean, you see it everywhere. Like I see it at school all the time, like, my teachers use AI to grade, like instead of, you know, like, when you take a really important test in high school, you have to fill out the bubbles, and then they feed it through that machine that reads it, that they basically do that. But with whole sheets of paper, like in my math class, she just, you know, you write your student ID on it, and she like, gives it to the AI and it grades your paper instantly. That’s nice. Instead of turning the old 40 Question long finish Exactly. And see, it’s good because like you can write on it, you can, you know, read out your work, you just have to put your answer in the box. It’s not like a multiple choice. So that’s really nice. And then we also have I use it in a couple classes. I don’t know if you guys use PAC back. Do you guys use that in Nebraska? I know we didn’t last year? I know nothing in my courses that I have use that. Yeah, I’m sure you guys will use it maybe next year, the year to follow like, I’m sure it’ll get around because it’s basically like a discussion board. So the teacher posed a question you have to respond and then respond to students and ask your own question. But it uses AI to instantly grade you on that based on on, I believe they call it a curiosity score or something. And you just have to get like, teachers would be like, Oh, get over 50 and you get the full points. And then the AI just grades you. Like it reads what you’re saying it tries to comprehend it and like it see if you’re asking like really good questions. And then it gives you a great instantly, which is crazy.

Nick Schlemmer 14:18
So you just have to beat the what the AI thinks would be a 50 or something like that?

Jack McFarlane 14:23
Yeah, I have one turn. Exactly. It’s like I have one teacher she’s like, get over a 50 Curiosity score on the question to ask the response you give responding to students and then I have one that is good over 70. And from my understanding what it grades on is like how much you write. If you have errors in your writing, if you use a source and if you’re asking like good questions, then you’ll usually get a pretty good score.

Nick Schlemmer 14:53
That’s very interesting. And what do you say we talked about some more trends from past and present.

Jack McFarlane 14:58
Yeah, these are interesting. In some of these, I had no idea like how much college has grown in the past 100 years, or I guess, in the past 80 ish years, because this goes back to 1940. A lot of these statistics are comparing it. So to start off, like, back in the 40s, I wish we could show the graph that I had found. It shows like the number of students that are enrolled and it goes by each decade, it has exploded, it’s gone up by about 4.6%, every 10 years on the population of who has a four year degree in the United States. So right now it’s sitting at about 36%. And then, you know, if you think, Oh, 4.6%, average New Year’s, that’s, that’s huge. That really is a big number. By 2040, it’s projected to be 60%.

Nick Schlemmer 15:56
Well, that’s a very big jump than that. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 15:59
I mean, it is, college is becoming more accessible. Especially after COVID. I feel like Right, I’ve seen a huge change in the attitude towards college, because online school, yeah, I’ve become, it’s becoming massively popular.

Nick Schlemmer 16:16
And I feel like every unit, like major university now has it to where you could almost take every single class online, if you prefer that.

Jack McFarlane 16:25
Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, it look at what I’m doing. I go into school twice a week, because you know, I have to take the train up there. So I take a lot of classes on Tuesday and Thursday. But the rest of it, I can just do online. Like if I think If COVID hadn’t happened, I would not be able to do that. Because it used to be like, No, you have to go into school, get your education, or you could do a specific online only school. Yeah, but I think that had like negative connotations around it. Right? Like, Oh, you did an online school. Okay. That’s not real. Well, no, it really is real.

Nick Schlemmer 16:58
Yeah, like before COVID. Whenever you would see those commercials about online, like technical.

Jack McFarlane 17:04
Like, what is it like? Arizona State has a big online school? You would just think Kenyan would do that? Like, what?

Nick Schlemmer 17:12
How valid or what’s the validity that comes with an online degree?

Jack McFarlane 17:18
Yeah, well, now you’re even seeing like, like, even if you don’t want to take an online class, you’re gonna get an online class. Yeah. I’m sure you have an online class. And you’re there on campus.

Nick Schlemmer 17:28
For this is actually the first year I don’t send really,

Jack McFarlane 17:32
yeah. Wow. That’s, that’s surprising. Because I know last year, I had, like, I had like two online classes, and I was sitting on campus, I’m like, I can just go in.

Nick Schlemmer 17:42
But the thing I could easily switch to and

Jack McFarlane 17:45
that’s true. That’s true.

Nick Schlemmer 17:49
But what do you say we get into some of these other interesting facts that we have? Yeah, let’s hear it. Let’s hear it. So this one, it hurts just a little bit. For both of us. It’s personal. It’s personal. Personal. And you’ll understand why here shortly. But females have a slightly higher percentage rate of graduation than males. And the percentage they are better than us, is 1%. Exactly, just 1% 36.6 Female percentage versus a 35.6. Male percentage.

Jack McFarlane 18:24
Now, I’m surprised by that in a number of ways, and not that they’re higher than us. The first I’m surprised is that it’s so low for both like, I feel like I guess you know, a lot of people will go to college, do the two years and then leave or they’ll get a job leave early, for whatever reason. I mean, I would like those numbers to be up in the 40 50%. I think that both of us, you know, male and female, we need to strive for that. But just hearing some of the guys talk in class, because I can overhear a conversation like big class. I can’t believe we have a 35% graduation rate. Honestly, that should probably be lower some of the things that these guys say, I mean, I have a simple math class business algebra, it’s nothing hard. It is not calculus, it’s not statistics. It’s not even trigonometry. Just hearing some of the guys talk and not even talk about math. You know, I mean, you could sometimes you can just, and I’m not trying to shade you, my classmates, but man, I can’t believe we’re only 1% behind. That’s all I gotta say, I know,

Nick Schlemmer 19:28
I’m right there with you just like hearing some of these stories of like, oh, I maybe went to class one time. So like, as I Okay, the whole year you went to one class, I was like, There’s no way you pass that class then.

Jack McFarlane 19:41
And then like, every time there’s a group project or something, you know, the all female groups. Just blow it out of the water. Be incredible every time that it is like the most precise, perfect presentation or whatever the project was, and then you get to all Guy group, and is the most thrown together. Bullet point and light just you’ve ever seen. And then the good medium ground is guys and girls in the group, you’ll have a good mix of like winging it. And also like really well thought out. This is just so funny to see.

Nick Schlemmer 20:19
It is. And I can tie that directly back to this year in PGM. We have about five girls in my class. And there’s multiple times already where our professor has told all of the guys, we need to get it together and be like the girls. Yeah. Oh, I

Jack McFarlane 20:35
remember that last year. Yeah, that was I had a last year I had a class where I think you took took it as well. Hospitality. And you have to do a lot of presentations in there. And yeah, it was just it was always so funny watching the all guy groups versus the all girl groups. That was the biggest class I’ve noticed when it comes down to like them creating the slides. And just, it just looks so much better.

Nick Schlemmer 21:03
The guys are just white background with some colored letters, maybe picture.

Jack McFarlane 21:08
The girls like shout out to the girls. You guys count on it way, way better at school wastewater than us. You guys are doing great. I I’m sure that numbers gonna rise way above 1% Here in the future.

Nick Schlemmer 21:23
I hope so you know. But another interesting thing is that this is an approximate number back in 2019 3.9 million students had at least a two year degree or an associate’s degree. So like you mentioned, like people are getting that two year degree and then leaving.

Jack McFarlane 21:43
But I think

Nick Schlemmer 21:44
3.9 million students graduated

Jack McFarlane 21:46
with that. So yeah, and that’s not that. Yeah, exactly. That’s just the kids that graduated with it. Not that have the requirements like you had you could have your associate’s. Yeah, but you’re still in school. Exactly. I think a lot of that those do like my cousin, your sister, Hallie did a Running Start program in high school, which is becoming very popular. I mean, we come from very small town, okay, Waterloo, Illinois, not a big city. And we have a Running Start program. And what that is for people that don’t know, it is a way that you can start college classes, your junior year of high school. That way when you graduate high school, you have your associates, and it counts as graduating with an associate’s degree. Yep. And so like how he would go to the local community college, do classes there and get college credit. And then so when she graduated high school, she already has her associate’s. Yep.

Nick Schlemmer 22:41
And in with her doing that, she has I forget exactly what she got her associate’s in. But it’s not you still have your associate’s right. But it’s not I wouldn’t say it’s, it’s not quite as like getting an associate’s degree that’s highly specific to it’s not specific, your dedicated major, it’s just that you’ve completed pretty much the amount of credits to have an associate’s degree that like, we’re college classes.

Jack McFarlane 23:10
Yeah, it’s basically Gen Ed’s, it’s like a way to get ahead of most of your gen Ed’s. Yeah, it’s not very specific, because they know your junior year of high school, you have no idea what you want to do. For the most part, you don’t know what you might have. You might be like, I think I want to go into business or I think I want to do health, but you don’t know. So they’re just trying to help you get ahead of the curve. If that’s what you are wanting, you’re wanting to get in the workforce faster.

Nick Schlemmer 23:37
Yeah. And then and then I wanted to bring it back to the point that we were talking about, earlier, you had mentioned the number 60%. And then, by the year 2040 60% of people should be graduating with at least a bachelor’s degree. That’s a great point. That is what we’re estimating.

Jack McFarlane 23:58
That’s a great point. It is a bachelor’s degree. So it’s not even them. And associates. It’s the four year old degree that and that’s the whole population. Yeah. So I mean, that’s in the next 17 years, 30 more percent of the population will have a degree, that’s our generation, that’s Gen Z graduating. So you’re gonna have so like, if you are a business owner, or a hiring manager, you’re gonna have so many people that have good education, and are able to do a very good job, like, the talent pool is going to be immense. You know, it’s going to be like,

Nick Schlemmer 24:38
yeah, like you said,

Jack McFarlane 24:38
I think for us, we are we’re at the right amount of that, like, we’re at the kind of the beginning of the jump, so we should be able to find jobs, but it might be hard for people to graduate in 10 years, they might have a lot of competition. If your hiring manager I’d get excited. Yeah, this, we’re gonna have so many options.

Nick Schlemmer 24:56
We have so many applications coming in, and it’s gonna actually gonna be difficult to decide who to go with.

Jack McFarlane 25:01
Yeah. So I mean, but you know, I’m excited for it. It shouldn’t. It should mean that, you know, hopefully everything gets better and there’s more advancements and everything and runs smoother. But, you know, only time will tell.

Nick Schlemmer 25:14
That’s right. Only time will tell. And who knows what the future is gonna look like.

Jack McFarlane 25:18
That’s right. Well, I think that’s a great time. We’re going to take a little break. We’ll be right back at you with everyone’s favorite segment gametime.

Jack McFarlane 25:33
All right. We’re back from our break, guys. And we are a sighted. Okay, we’re both smiling. But Nick might be a little nervous. And honestly, I’m a little nervous too, because this is no ordinary gametime, we are really putting something on the line. Would you like to hear the punishment we are playing for today?

Nick Schlemmer 25:54
I would like to say no. But I would also like to say yes. So let’s hear it.

Jack McFarlane 25:58
All right. So the loser of today’s game will have to write a small rap or poem or rhyme and perform it on the next episode of the play by play.

Nick Schlemmer 26:10
Oh, no. So if I lose, you are going to give me a topic. And I pretty much have to become a songwriter.

Jack McFarlane 26:17
Yeah, you’re gonna you’re gonna be producer little slim. I’ll be well, if I lose, I’m going to be you know, I’ll be de JJ DJ. That’s my name. Little slim DJ Jay. Well, we’ll see. We’ll see he’ll be performing next episode.

Nick Schlemmer 26:34
Well, let’s find out what we are doing today for gametime?

Jack McFarlane 26:38
Yeah, this is a great one. I’m very excited. You know, we’re on the topic of college and degrees. So I thought we’d play a little bit of name that mascot. Oh, okay. How this is gonna work is I have eight schools for you. I’ll give you the name of the school, you’ll have an opportunity to guess if you guess the mascot, that is worth three points. Okay, but if you don’t know it, or you guessed wrong, you can get your first clue, which will be a more broad clue. A little harder. But if you guess it after one clue, you get two points. Then if you get if you get it wrong, or one another clue, it bumps down to one point. So you have an opportunity to earn one to three points each question. And your goal is to get 12 or more points

Nick Schlemmer 27:25
12 or more points with eight schools. That’s manageable, I think yes, I know I don’t have the best of luck in these game times. So go play along with me. Hopefully you beat me hopefully I don’t make myself look like a fool. Who knows.

Jack McFarlane 27:40
I think you can definitely do this. Some of these some of these. I will be honest, some of these are hard and obscure. I feel like some of these you can definitely do X but the if you just pull some random school. I don’t know. I didn’t I didn’t pull the most random schools in the world. I tried to make this you know, because you can easily I could have easily pulled a bunch of community colleges. I couldn’t be craziest. Yeah. So I think you’ve got this I’m excited. Let’s jump right in with question one. This is what I know you’ve heard of. I don’t know if you know their mascot. We’re gonna find out here. This is Tulane University.

Nick Schlemmer 28:18
Oh, yes, I’ve heard of it. What’s their mascot to lane there

Nick Schlemmer 28:30
are they like the Mustangs? That’s my guess.

Jack McFarlane 28:32
That’s a good guess it’s wrong, but that is a good guess it I could see them being the Mustangs right. But that would be SMU Mustangs. I think it’s what you think. So my first clue here for you is Surf’s Up.

Nick Schlemmer 28:47
Search. Are they like the Surf’s Up penguin? A penguin popped into my head because just because

Jack McFarlane 29:00
right now, it is not an animal. It’s not an animal.

Nick Schlemmer 29:03
So I’m gonna go with the two lane if it’s got Surf’s Up involved. The two lane wave riders Rough Riders something

Jack McFarlane 29:14
okay. Okay, that’s wrong, but you’re definitely on the right track. Okay, you’re getting close. This one might be the big clue for you. So this would be for one point. Okay. Blue and yellow. Plus the time so it’s a to two words. They’re the two lane blank blank. First word is blue and yellow. Second word, the tide.

Nick Schlemmer 29:38
The tide. Blue and yellow.

Jack McFarlane 29:45
What is blue and yellow make? Okay I’m not saying that is blue and yellow. What is blue and yellow make?

Nick Schlemmer 29:51
You know I should really know that.

Jack McFarlane 29:58
You want to take a guess you were on the right track. back with the right wave runners, wave runners.

Nick Schlemmer 30:05
a two lane. I’m just gonna stick with that. I know it’s wrong, but I have no guesses.

Jack McFarlane 30:12
All right, well, it is the green wave there. Tulane Green Wave.

Nick Schlemmer 30:17
Green Wave. Interesting.

Jack McFarlane 30:19
Yep. Yep. So that one is a little tough. But you’re on the right track. I think you’ve just got to stick with your gut. This next one is a school. You’ve definitely heard of it, actually. As of right now, on my other screen with college football game day, this school is on the screen right now. Okay, this is the University of Tennessee.

Nick Schlemmer 30:40
And I’m drawing a blank.

Jack McFarlane 30:43
Just give it a second.

Nick Schlemmer 30:45
Here’s it’s the volunteers.

Jack McFarlane 30:46
That’s right. There you go. The volunteers. So you’re off over three. That’s a good guess. Right there. A major school but honestly, a weird mascot. You know, the volunteers? Who came up with that? Yeah, but it fits so well. Yeah, it does. But like their mascot is a dog, right? Like the actual mascot that runs around on the football field is a dog I think. But that’s like your Utah like we’re the Utah Utes, which is a Native American tribe. But our mascot is swooped Red Hawk it’s one of those but But yeah, that’s a great guesser up to three points. Okay, next up is McDaniel College. MC Daniels another it’s another blank blank. So the McDaniel College blank blank two words.

Nick Schlemmer 31:41
Oh, man. Began I’ve never I’ve never

Jack McFarlane 31:48
heard of the McDowell you have not heard of this college. So I have

Nick Schlemmer 31:51
no idea where to even begin.

Jack McFarlane 31:55
I’m going to go and I should it is worth mentioning that for the really obscure colleges. I will give you two chances at three points. Okay, the first clue will still be worth three points for the obscure ones.

Nick Schlemmer 32:07
Okay. I’m just gonna go with I feel like we just talked about dogs. I’m just gonna go with the Bulldogs.

Jack McFarlane 32:14
Yeah, that’s a solid guess that’s always that’s a pretty common mascot, but it is wrong. Okay, so this will still be worth three points for this clue. stoplight color and movie genre.

Nick Schlemmer 32:28
Okay, so you’ll agree in a movie genre. The Red Raiders like the Red Raiders or something like Red Raiders?

Jack McFarlane 32:40
That is Texas Tech. The Raiders or something? I can’t remember what Texas Tech is. But I mean, that’s close, but not quite right. So here’s your final clue. This is worth two points. Not one. Okay, go. running high.

Nick Schlemmer 32:57
go running. Okay. So like screaming terrified something of that nature. So that obviously has to do with like being spooky. And need these points. These are big points. Green tears. Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s

Jack McFarlane 33:18
it. Got it. That was a great guest. Oh, it’s so good. No, that’s that is yes. There the green tear.

Nick Schlemmer 33:27
What does that even look like? What is it? It’s a green terror.

Jack McFarlane 33:32
I think that’s enough school where their mascot doesn’t match their mascot if you know what I mean. Yeah, so that was worth two points. You up to five. You’re on the right track, right. Okay. Okay. This next one is another one that’s worth three to one points. This is a school you’ve heard of. This is the University of Western Kentucky.

Nick Schlemmer 33:53
Oh, Western Kentucky. My buddy goes there. What is their mascot? Are they like the pirates?

Jack McFarlane 34:02
No, they’re not the pirates. Oh, I

Nick Schlemmer 34:04
can picture the logo. It’s like yeah, flag.

Jack McFarlane 34:08
All right. First, who are two points. It is more of an action. Not a thing slash person or animal. It is also one word.

Nick Schlemmer 34:20
It’s more of an action. The Western Kentucky I know they’re red and black that probably doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s an action. Just the the the Western Kentucky Raiders. That’s not really an action.

Jack McFarlane 34:46
So that’s wrong. And remember, it’s not a it’s not like a person or an animal or thing. It’s just here’s your next clue. For one point this might help a lot. This will be a summit of a mini mountain.

Nick Schlemmer 35:00
The Western Kentucky hikers peak.

Jack McFarlane 35:06
That is so close that really is close is the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Hilltoppers, man. So yeah, that is an obscured one. And that’s another one where it’s like, I want to say their mascot like that runs around the field is literally a red blob. I’m not even kidding. I’m pretty sure that’s what mascot is. So another just kind of out there outlandish one.

Nick Schlemmer 35:37
Okay, I think we have what, four? Four more schools?

Jack McFarlane 35:39
Yes. And all of these will be three in two points. Okay. Okay. So you get two guesses at three points and one gets two points. Okay. Number five here is Wichita State University.

Nick Schlemmer 35:56
Oh, they are I can picture it. But I feel like it has a weird name. There. It’s some sort of like a bee or a hornet or something of that nature. I think I’m just gonna lock in with the Hornets on the first.

Jack McFarlane 36:15
It’s a great guest. That’s a great guest. It’s wrong. You’re on the right track. You’re definitely picturing the right logo.

Nick Schlemmer 36:21
I know. I know what the logo is. But I like I said, I feel like it has a different name.

Jack McFarlane 36:25
Yeah. Yeah. All right, ready? Here’s your first clue. So for three points. Okay, stick a fork in an outlet.

Nick Schlemmer 36:33
Wichita, I want to say zaps.

Jack McFarlane 36:37
Ooh, that is that your guess? Yeah, let’s go with that. The wit chat is very, very close. You’re almost there. So here’s your second clue for two points. The feeling you might get when Nebraska beats a top 10 football school.

Nick Schlemmer 36:56

Jack McFarlane 36:59
Excited. Excited. might be one of the feelings but this would definitely be another very big feeling if that were to happen.

Nick Schlemmer 37:08
Well, so it’s not

Jack McFarlane 37:13
your close was zappers, remember to stick a fork in an outlet

Nick Schlemmer 37:15
for can an outlet, Nebraska and a feeling. Oh game?

Jack McFarlane 37:20
Yeah, yeah. It could just be changed in Nebraska winning a football game. Yeah. But

Nick Schlemmer 37:25
I guess you also get shocked if you stick a fork in an outlet. So the Wichita shockers? Yep, there you go. The shockers. Exactly.

Jack McFarlane 37:39
That’s two points right there. Scott is like a bee or Yeah, it’s like a I don’t even know what I don’t know what it is. So yeah, you’re up to seven, you’re doing great. Up to seven and you’ve got three left, three left. So I believe so. The five

Nick Schlemmer 37:56
points five points.

Jack McFarlane 37:58
This one is probably the hardest one on the list. Okay. Okay. This is the Evergreen State University. Blank.

Nick Schlemmer 38:10
Evergreen State University pines.

Jack McFarlane 38:15
Good guess and with the name of the school you would think that would be their mascot, but it is not. first clue. And for all these this whole questions were three points. Okay. This is a tough one. It’s so it’s one word. Okay. earth and water animal. So the first part of the word think Earth. The second part of the word Think Water animal. But it’s one word.

Nick Schlemmer 38:52
Earth water animal.

Nick Schlemmer 38:59
Earth is it the Evergreen? Man, this is a tough one. This is a tough one.

Nick Schlemmer 39:21
I wanted to say something along the lines of like a penguin the Evergreen penguins. But that doesn’t really go with Earth, but we can live out. That was going to be my guess.

Jack McFarlane 39:31
Okay. So that is wrong. Me. So this will still be worth three points. I don’t know how much this is going to help you. Honestly, this is tough. The third clue? The actual animal that this thing is, is a burrowing clam. They legit version. The real life thing of this word is a burrowing clam.

Nick Schlemmer 39:59

Jack McFarlane 40:02
But it is not it does not have clam in the name. Okay. So it is a real animal. The first part of the word think Earth, something that means earth. The second part of the word is an animal that is associated with water. So short does not live in the water. That should help to

Nick Schlemmer 40:24
way out there, but I don’t know why this doesn’t have anything to do with water, but the Evergreen nightcrawlers

Jack McFarlane 40:31
Oh, okay, I could see where you’re going. That’s a great guess. It is the Evergreen geo ducks. Geo for Earth and then an animal associated with waters dogs. But in reality, a geo duck is a burrowing clam. Which is crazy to me.

Nick Schlemmer 40:51
So we got to go and I have seven points. Yeah,

Jack McFarlane 40:54
you’ve got this. Okay. Number seven Presbyterian College.

Nick Schlemmer 41:01
I’ve heard of it.

Jack McFarlane 41:02
It’s another two word. That’s blank blank.

Nick Schlemmer 41:05
Don’t know their mascot. The fighting knights.

Jack McFarlane 41:12
Your guests? Your loving loving the night guess. Okay, that is wrong. So the first clue sofa worth three points. Okay. Is everyone has one at their house. This is not an animal or it is also not alive. Okay, so it’s blink blink. Everyone has them at their house.

Nick Schlemmer 41:37
Okay. Presbyterian. What would they be? What do we all have in our house

Nick Schlemmer 41:54
something along the lines of self. It’s a two word thing. Let’s go. The Presbyterian like shining lights or something of that.

Jack McFarlane 42:05
That’s not about deaths. That’s not a bad guess you’re I think you’re getting on the right track. Hopefully this clue helps you a little more. So this is for two points. You really need this.

Nick Schlemmer 42:15
I do. Okay, so

Jack McFarlane 42:16
the first word is a color. Plain and simple. Standard color. It’s not obscure. And it’s not green. Okay, we’ve had green a lot. It’s not green. Okay. The second word, you could consider the MVP of gardening.

Nick Schlemmer 42:36
The MVP of gardening?

Jack McFarlane 42:39
Slash like taking care of plants or your lawn.

Nick Schlemmer 42:44
Let’s go with the brown shovels. Oh,

Jack McFarlane 42:54
that is such a good gas. That you’re you that’s close to you. That’s a very good gas. And you were definitely on the right track. Bradshaw was That’s good. They’re actually the blue hoses. The hoses. hose for watering your plants I’d say is MVP of garden. That’s MVP.

Nick Schlemmer 43:15
The blue one where are we? Finally? Where are we coming up with these mascots who right? Right who’s

Jack McFarlane 43:21
coming up with that? All right, so I’ve lost time but you have lost but if you can get three points on this question. I will also do the punishment with you because some of these are pretty tough. Okay, so you are going to be rapping as little slim about give you in the next episode get excited. But you’ll have two guesses to see if I have to rap with you. All right. So this is Stony Brook college

Nick Schlemmer 43:54
Stony Brook College

Jack McFarlane 43:56
is one word that a Stony Brook college blanks Stony Brook college yellow Jack Gill Jack’s not about guess you’re on the right track with the animal. Okay. This is it for three points. Get one clue. Think swimming dogs.

Nick Schlemmer 44:21
Swimming dog. I have two things in mind. And I don’t know which one to go with.

Jack McFarlane 44:25
You can think out loud.

Nick Schlemmer 44:27
So I’m thinking a picture swimming dog. I think Newfoundland because that’s what they’re bred for. But then I also think something along the lines of like paddling like the doggy paddle the paddlers or something like that. Swimming dog, the and Stony Brook

Nick Schlemmer 45:01
Don’t know. I’m just gonna lock it in the Sony Brooke paddle.

Jack McFarlane 45:06
That’s a good guess I like the doggy paddle idea is wrong so I will not be rapping in the next episode you will be doing a solo performance. Oh no. Let’s finish out the question. Let’s see if he can still get it and this would be for two points. So the first part of the word think ocean for the second part of the word think prairie dogs

Nick Schlemmer 45:29
breed dogs ocean prairie dogs ocean with pre dogs? Oh no. I’m

Nick Schlemmer 45:49
mean. Like, I have not a clue.

Jack McFarlane 45:52
What else is the ocean called? And what else would a pre dog be called? It’s one word. It’s blank. Blank, but it’s one word.

Nick Schlemmer 46:07
Think ocean though.

Jack McFarlane 46:09
Yeah, what else would you call the ocean? And then what else would you call a pre dog? And not a puppy? Not like a miniature? It’s not not an actual dog. Okay, I believe in you.

Nick Schlemmer 46:24
Okay. Pre dogs. Probably like, wall or something. Coyote.

Jack McFarlane 46:38
You’re on the right track? I think what else would you call the ocean?

Nick Schlemmer 46:44
The sea. So the Sea Wolves? Yes. There you go.

Jack McFarlane 46:51
You finish the game on a high note. So that was for two points. So I think brings your grand total to 990. You were just one three point question away from you. So if you would have got like two lane right off the bat wave? Or even if he like, you were right there. I mean, because you have you had four of them. That so you went if you were going strictly percentage wise, you got 50% Right, which is pretty good. These are not easy. Yeah. Not bad. So I mean, you were right there the whole time. It came down to the last question. That was a very great effort you just gave Nick.

Nick Schlemmer 47:31
But we have something to look forward now for the next episode. That’s right.

Jack McFarlane 47:35
I’m excited. I think we should record it right now. Right now. Oh, no, it’s gonna be fun. I’m not going to tell the viewers the topic I’m going to give you it’ll be a complete surprise to you guys. Okay, so that was a fun game time.

Nick Schlemmer 47:49
That was a fun game time. And we’re wrapping up the show. It’s been great. What do you say we finish off with the quote of the show?

Jack McFarlane 47:58
We have to, the quote of the show is slowly becoming a favorite over game time. I feel like, like critical shows. Great.

Nick Schlemmer 48:07
I can agree with you on that. And yeah. So for today’s quote, it is from Diana Ross. And going back to what we started off this episode with, we’re talking about college and degrees and graduating. And this just kind of ties right along with pushing through getting that four year degree. And the quote is, you can you can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen yourself.

Jack McFarlane 48:39
Brilliant. That’s a great quote. I love the quotes. They’re so good every

Nick Schlemmer 48:45
I tell you what, I like an award

Jack McFarlane 48:48
year award for finding the best quotes that are on topic. Like that’s what I love. Like they make sense with the episode. I love the quotes. That’s another great one. Guys get out there. Don’t let it you know, don’t wait for anything to happen. You got to go out there and make it happen.

Nick Schlemmer 49:04
Do it yourself. Make it happen. But today has been great. This episode has been so much fun to produce me and Joe. Yeah. Episode we just finished. This is 16 episodes

Jack McFarlane 49:15
is 16. Guys, thank you. Thank you so much for sticking with us there. There are some big things coming. Okay, we’ve got some big things in the work. Maybe some pretty nice interviews coming up. You’ll just have to stay put. And we really look forward to the next episode with little slim, featuring his debut rap song. So yeah, guys. It’s been great. It really has.

Nick Schlemmer 49:40
It’s been great. Thank you for the continued support. We hope you follow along this journey with us. And thank you for tuning in.Bye for now.

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