Enhancing Workplace Bereavement Policies: Incorporating Pet Loss Support

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Sarah Morgan

CEO, Buzz A Rooney, LLC

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Inclusion Crusade 18 – Enhancing Workplace Bereavement Policies: Incorporating Pet Loss Support

Host: Sarah Morgan

Guest: Erika Sinner, CEO of Directorie

Welcome back to the Inclusion Crusade, where I am on a mission to create workplaces where employees feel safe, seen and supported. One episode at a time. This week I sat down with Erika Sinner, CEO of Directorie. Erika is on a mission to champion empathy not only within her company but globally. Through the evolution of her career, she has become an advocate for organizations to update their bereavement leave policies and why that’s important. We talked about how to support managers and employees alike, and how empathetic leadership improves employee engagement. We both share our personal experiences with grief in the workplace and discuss ways to help others through it. To learn more – listen in!



To learn more about her mission please visit petsarefamily.info or follow Erika on her on social. She would love to hear from you.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erika_sinner

Website: https://www.directorie.com/ and https://www.petsarefamily.info/home

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