HR Happy Hour 422 – Deep Listening and How it Can Make you a Better Leader

Hosted by

Steve Boese

Co-Founder of H3 HR Advisors and Program Chair, HR Technology Conference

About this episode

This week on the HR Happy Hour show, we were joined by Oscar Trimboli an authority on how deep listening, i.e., hearing the unspoken 80% of what is communicated, can make us all better leaders, employees, friends, and collaborators. On the show, Oscar shared some of the science behind deep listening, how we process information at different speeds  depending on how it is relayed, and offered advice and tips on how to both become a better listener and to help people share more of their ideas and opinions.

In addition, we talked about how the current Coronavirus pandemic has placed a premium on improving digital communication, and how making sure staying active, eating well and taking care or ourselves is key to making it through these trying weeks and months is necessary.


This was a really fun conversation, thanks so much to Oscar for joining us. Learn more about him and his work at

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