The Play by Play: Gen Z Movie Mania, Golf Evolution, and Game Time Challenge

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The Play by Play: Gen Z Movie Mania, Golf Evolution, and Game Time Challenge

Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer chat about all things GenZ!

– Top ten favorite Gen Z movies

– Golf: the way of the past and a look into the future

– Game time: Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


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Transcript follows:

Jack McFarlane 0:17
Hi everyone and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Network. This is The Play by Play podcast hosted by myself, Jack McFarlane and Nicholas Schlemmer.

Nick Schlemmer 0:25
Hey guys, how’s it going?

Jack McFarlane 0:26
We are so excited that you guys are joining us. Once again, we’ve reached double digit episodes huge moment in the show’s history. We’ll be looking back from 100 episodes and being well look at our 10 – look how far we’ve come.

Nick Schlemmer 0:39
Yes, definitely huge moment, huge milestone as well. Hitting that double digits, like you said number 10. Whenever we get to 100 I’d be surprised if I could remember this 10th episode. Maybe we will, I don’t know.

Jack McFarlane 0:52
When we’re write it down in the history of The Play by Play actually, this one gets marked down for sure. Yeah. So thank you guys for supporting us through all the first nine episodes and we hope your continued support.

Nick Schlemmer 1:03
Yes, definitely. Thank you guys.

Jack McFarlane 1:17
Welcome to the first segment of the show guys being that this is our 10th episode, we found it just right to start off with a top 10. Now today’s top 10 is all about movies.

Nick Schlemmer 1:28
Yes, yes. So me and Jack, we each have our own top five movies and when they were made and produced, but then we also kind of have some movies that focuses on the Gen Z emphasis on what movies can bring back to us.

Jack McFarlane 1:41
Yeah, so for this list, we’ve gathered it from And like Nick said, it’s not necessarily the top 10 most favorite movies, it’s the top 10 movies that tie in Gen Z subjects and characters. Yes. And just to put this out there. has about 40 million subscribers on YouTube. So they are and they’re known for top 10 lists. So it is a pretty valid source. I should say when it comes to Gen Z movies. Yes, most it’s I don’t know. Why don’t you just take us through the first couple movies neck?

Nick Schlemmer 2:08
Yeah, so I’ll start How about I do 5, you do 5? That sounds good. Sounds good to me. Yeah. So coming in at number one, we have Eighth Grade. This came out in 2018. Number two, we have love Simon also 2018. Number three, probably the best one and on this list in my opinion, Spider Man Homecoming back in 2017. Number four, we have Dope coming in 2015. And then number five, The Edge of 17 back in 2016.

Jack McFarlane 2:36
Yeah, to round out our top 10, number six is booksmart from 2019. Me Earl and the Dying Girl in 2015. Teen Spirit in 2018 Blockers also in 2018. And then at number 10 The Hate You Give also 2018. Huge Gen Z movie or 2018.

Nick Schlemmer 2:57
I was gonna say anywhere from 2015 to 2018 it seems like they were just focusing on us and we were barely even like into our teen years yet.

Jack McFarlane 3:05
It was very Gen Z teen movie forward. But I say we dive a little deeper and one of these and as you mentioned the best one on the list. Hopefully it’s everyone’s opinion because Spider Man is awesome. I say we dive into Spider Man homecoming just a little bit more and see like what kind of Gen Z stuff it brings to the table? Definitely. I would say like, the main thing. Spider Man obviously is a teenager he is in high school. And so the movie focuses a lot on not only how is he going as a superhero, but more how is he getting through high school dealing with you know, having a crush and liking someone and boss and having to almost live a double life, which isn’t the most common theme the double life but it really is just the exploring through high school trying to figure out who you really are. And that’s a huge theme that is present Spider Man.

Nick Schlemmer 3:55
Yeah, no, I’d say you can almost use like from the very first Spider Man all the way up to the beginning is like how, like you said he’s a superhero, of course, but how like he also has to live his normal life in the background. And how like each of these movies is like him growing up in a way. But in this one in particular. It’s like more focused on on his in his high school career.

Jack McFarlane 4:16
Yeah, I mean, it is Spider Man homecoming through like the homecoming dance. Yep. I think another thing that it does well is it kind of shows whether it maybe this was not so much of a focus point, but the new technology that like they’re getting in that universe. It shows like how advanced that Peter Parker is with it already as a teenager how good he is with the technology when a lot of the grown ups in that universe just cannot use it.

Nick Schlemmer 4:42
Yeah, definitely. It’s kind of similar what it is right now. Yeah, I would say so. Yeah. And then me Jack, we both have our top fives here. So if you want to start off with yours, name yours. Tell us a little bit about it. I’d love to hear it.

Jack McFarlane 4:55
I think we should just go back and forth here. So I’ll go one, you go. Okay, so we’re doing our number ones down. So here we go. Number one best movie all the time, according to me, is No Country for Old Men. Oh my goodness talk about an amazing movie. It won four Oscars including Best Picture like Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing and Best Director, an amazing movie from 2007. It’s like, I won’t describe all my movies, but this one I will it’s my it’s a passion movie. It is like a Western. But it it’s just, it’s not your classic Western. It’s all I can say without giving it all away. It’s got Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem and Cormac McCarthy, all starring in it. Amazing job, all of them. It’s the best movie ever. Definitely.

Nick Schlemmer 5:39
With that quote, right there best movie ever. I’ve only seen like maybe 10 minutes of this in the beginning, so I guess I need to go and watch it.

Jack McFarlane 5:47
It’s so good. I’m telling you. It’s so good.

Nick Schlemmer 5:50
I would argue that my number one is a pretty good choice as well. I have Stepbrothers coming into mind. Number one made back in 2008. With Will Ferrell. I mean, how could you not love a good Will Ferrell movie.

Jack McFarlane 6:02
That is so true. And Stepbrothers. What a great one.

Nick Schlemmer 6:05
Yep. I couldn’t tell you how many people I know that could quote, the whole movie almost. Oh, yeah. So many different quotes that you could use in so many different areas. It just it’s so much fun. Ya know, it’s a unversal movie.

Jack McFarlane 6:18
That’s what it is. Definitely. Alright, so my number two, you know, I love musicals. I love music. And number two, I got LaLa Land, which should have won best picture in 2016. And it got announced fun fact got announced at the Oscars. It was the wrong call. But it stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. And it’s the music and it’s fantastic. That’s what I love about it.

Nick Schlemmer 6:40
Awesome. Yeah, I haven’t seen that one either. So maybe I’ll need to tune into all of all of your top five here. But coming in at number two for me. I I like the new era. Kind of war movies. I guess you could say that kind of genre. I liked the new era what they could do with it with the different animations and stuff. So I have Saving Private Ryan. This came out anyway. 1998 So it’s still not as new as we think it is. But Tom Hanks, he’s just he can play a lot of roles very well, I think.

Jack McFarlane 7:10
Yeah, I think yeah, exactly. With your point Tom Hanks is such a good actor. I mean, just the other day I watched Castaway which maybe should have been on the list. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one. But he is just so good. At everything he does include Saving Private Ryan. That is some very good movie. Yeah, yeah, definitely. So my number three is a is a fairly new movie just came out last year. It is the Batman with Robert Patterson. He’s from Twilight is where you’re supposed to do it from and going into it. I’m like, I don’t know how good it’s gonna be. Oh my gosh, I’ve seen this movie. No joke. Probably 20 times. It is fan tastic. This movie is the best Batman by far best superhero movie by far.

Nick Schlemmer 7:48
Wow. Okay. Yeah, that’s a big statement right there. Yeah, I was gonna I think I’ve seen maybe two Batman movies. And this was, this was probably 10 years ago. This was Yeah. And I’m only 21.

Jack McFarlane 8:02
You got to see this. I’m telling you. It’s on HBO Max. anybody listening? Nick? You have to watch the movie. It’s fantastic.

Nick Schlemmer 8:08
Okay, okay. And then for my number three sticking with I got one more war more movie for you. Fury back in 2014. With Brad Pitt. I think this movie was perfectly executed in how like it only talks about this one group of guys and like their tank life and get them going into battle. That’s it, but it covers. I think it’s like over two hours long. It just tells like the whole story.

Jack McFarlane 8:36
Wow. Yeah. See, I’ve never seen that movie. I mean, that sounds really good.

Nick Schlemmer 8:40
Oh, yeah. No, I would say it’s a really good one to watch. If anybody’s listening hasn’t seen it either. I would highly recommend it as well.

Jack McFarlane 8:47
Sounds really good. And I’m also a big fan of war movies. They’re fantastic. Anyway, coming in at number four for me. funniest movie of all time best comedy movie of all time. Right here is Happy Gilmore 1996 Adam Sandler. It’s like stepbrothers. Everyone can quote it. Everyone knows it. The the run up I mean, at Top Golf. They have a sign that says no Happy Gilmore is allowed. That’s how popular this is because the run up hit the golf ball a million miles. So funny. It’s best Adam Sandler movie. It’s amazing. Shooter McGavin. That’s right. Just shoot it. Go home ball.

Nick Schlemmer 9:23
Yeah, it that’s just an iconic movie. If you’re if you’re never played golf before. I think you would still love that movie. Even if you have no idea what he’s doing. It’s just a comedy and more than anything.

Jack McFarlane 9:36
I mean, it’s golf. But is it really golf? I mean, yeah, it’s hard to say he goes it’s hockey golf with Adam Sandler. What is not to love?

Nick Schlemmer 9:45
Exactly. So my number four I have the new Avatar: The Way of Water. Probably one of the longest movies I’ve ever sat down and watched. It’s a little bit over three hours, but I tell you what, every minute was worth it. It was a real good movie.

Jack McFarlane 10:01
Yeah, I gotta say, I’m not a big Avatar fan, which might be a hot take, but I did go and see this movie with my family and it was good. And for me to think an Avatar movie is good. means it’s a really good movie because I gotta agree. Yeah, it was fantastic. It was really the CGI. Yep, was incredible in it.

Jack McFarlane 10:20
It just blew me away.

Jack McFarlane 10:23
But coming in at number five, I’ve got a tie of a movie. It’s a movie trilogy. But the third one’s terrible. So bad. So you might have guessed it. It’s Hangover. Okay. 2009 2011 Amazing, amazing, amazing movies. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms. All three amazing actors on their own. And all three hilarious, they go together. It’s like the best team ever created.

Nick Schlemmer 10:49
It’s the best, the best, funniest. And also like, the worst trio you could have put together. Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 10:57
That’s so true. That is the best way to say it. Yeah, that’s it right there.

Nick Schlemmer 11:01
It’s the best worst.

Jack McFarlane 11:05
They all bring out the worst in each other. And that makes the best movie.

Nick Schlemmer 11:07
Yep. Exactly. Exactly. So coming into my number five. I have just like you said the whole series because I like them all. I have the Ice Age, all the Ice Ages. I’ve been stuck on those ever since I could remember watching movies back in 2002, all the way up to 2016. They are producing these. And I just watched all of them. Just the other week. I just binge watched every single one of them in. It’s probably one of my favorite favorite animated movies. I could say.

Jack McFarlane 11:36
Ah, it’s really good. I haven’t actually seen the whole series. I’ve actually only seen the first one. I just saw it yesterday. Okay, so I need to really catch up on my stage. It sounds like I didn’t know it. Was that good? Yeah. It was really good. Movies. Good.

Nick Schlemmer 11:49
I think it just gets better. So I think you’re gonna really enjoy Yeah,

Jack McFarlane 11:52
I’m gonna have to I’m gonna definitely binge watch my Ice Age here. Right after the podcast, definitely.

Nick Schlemmer 12:10
So moving right along here. It’s happened to our second segment of the show. Talking about almost everything golf with the new golfer looks like the media world and golf and just how golf is changed from the past all the way up until the present Jack the unit starters off.

Jack McFarlane 12:26
Yeah, I say no better place to start and exactly with what you said is the new golfer. I want everyone to envision golf. What does it look like? Well, the answer is an older white male, who is you know, very strict. Everything has to be super nice right? Now 50, 60, 70 years ago, this probably was the case. But nowadays, it is a whole lot different. Not only with the variety of people, women men old young playing the the rules getting stricter. And by rules. I’m more mean etiquette getting less strict with more comfy hairstyle clothing, or you’re not even wearing dress clothes to golf.

Nick Schlemmer 13:10
Yeah, and like you said, like we’re talking the ages from as soon as you could pick up a golf club all the way until your time on this world is over. You’re gonna golf and so you can’t like once you get that addict, it’s an addiction. You’re gonna, you can’t anymore. So yeah, it’s hitting. It’s hitting everybody. And then yeah, like how Jack talked about clothing on how it’s getting more relaxed? Yes. Like we said, you’re still going to have those strict private clubs that you got to have the Polo and the pants and the hat and all that. But a lot of times just a public course you can almost wear anything without those not sleeveless. And they’re expanding their target audience to everybody.

Jack McFarlane 13:51
Yeah, for sure. And I think you made a really good point there with with the word public course. That is, I believe one of the bigger factors is it’s a lot more accessible now. And we’ll get into that in a little bit. But yes, public courses is the key to expanding golf.

Nick Schlemmer 14:09
I’d say the first thing that is changing in the game of golf is the use of technology on how that can be implemented into almost every aspect of the entire, as soon as you pull up to the golf course all the way into your leaving, including everything happening in the round of golf as well. Technology is in every situation there.

Jack McFarlane 14:28
I mean, some examples we have, as some of you may know, me and Nick are in the PGM program at the University of Nebraska and just in our building alone, we have three golf simulators. So you can play golf, day and night, rain or shine. We have this putting simulator that does different breaks. We have a track man which tracks any stat you could think of in a golf swing, it’ll track that so technology like that is just propelling the game even further and players are getting better and better.

Nick Schlemmer 14:59
Yeah, definitely. And then Just to add on to like one more thing we have, it’s almost like a movie grade camera to where it could slow down to, I think it’s like 1000 mega pixels per second to where it’s a 10 second video is like five minutes. And whenever you really slow it, it’s a super slow motion camera. Yeah, just like you said, all of these different income upgrades, I guess to, to technology in the in the golf industry has just changed the way that that you play golf that you teach golf, how you sell golf, like everything?

Jack McFarlane 15:34
A big point. Yeah. I mean, the selling has changed, too. I mean, it technology has affected everything, all the way down to video games. I mean, what better way to spread golf to the younger ages than make golf video games?

Nick Schlemmer 15:46
They’re probably going to start off playing a video game then go into a course.

Jack McFarlane 15:49
Exactly. Yeah. And then I think the second thing, and maybe the biggest thing that is changing golf is the media of golf, with things like YouTube or Netflix documentaries, or just how you watch it on TV.

Nick Schlemmer 16:02
We’re seeing it now on YouTube, we’re seeing it goes back to just influencers. There’s influencers for for everything in life, there’s fashion, anything, but now we’re seeing that in golf. And whether that’s on tick tock, it’s on every social media. But I think the main one that I want to mention is is YouTube, to where you can find you’ve heard I’m sure everybody’s heard this a million times you can find anything on YouTube. Yes. And and that just, that’s just one big category find anything? Well, then you dive down deeper into it. And you can find anything golf related on YouTube, whether it’s just people playing it, teaching it, learning about new equipment, whatever it may be. Everything’s on on YouTube nowadays.

Jack McFarlane 16:45
Yeah, and YouTube is actually the reason I got involved. Because God during COVID, you know, golf, YouTube really exploded all these people, you know, going out playing rounds, doing fun challenges, it really motivated me to get out on the course and try. And I was terrible. And so I watched YouTube to get better. And I’m still terrible. But you know, I’ve enjoyed it.

Nick Schlemmer 17:04
It’s a long process.

Jack McFarlane 17:06
It’s a long process. It’s a lifelong, like we said, lifelong. Maybe one day when I’m 89. Just before I’m 90, we’re going to be swinging the club. Good lot of YouTube to come. But YouTube really is Jokes aside, YouTube really is the best media for golf. I think it’s even better than watching golf on TV. If you’re watching on TV, you’re watching obviously, the PGA or some form of professional and they’re perfect every single time. Yep, you’re there miss. They’re miss is five yards, right, five yards.

Nick Schlemmer 17:35
So there’s a lot more real. There is the average person. Great shot. Yeah, like, yeah, like just watching the professionals on TV. And we and you kind of mentioned the viewing aspect. There’s a higher view count on YouTube than if you were to just to tune into a tournament on television.

Jack McFarlane 17:55
I would definitely agree with that with the number of videos that are on YouTube that I would say 100% For sure.

Nick Schlemmer 18:00
Yeah, more people are viewing golf on the social media or YouTube side, then actual golf tournaments, I would think Yeah.

Jack McFarlane 18:08
But then like kind of bouncing back to actual golf tournaments. And this is also on YouTube, or really nowadays, it’s in any golf video. It’s like called the top tracer. So basically just traces where the ball goes, when you hit it. And I think that’s actually like a silent, really good thing for golf. Because you know, back in the day, you’re watching, it’s you can’t follow a golf ball on a TV screen.

Nick Schlemmer 18:29
You just can’t Yeah, it’s hard to do in person sometimes.

Jack McFarlane 18:31
Yeah, it’s hard to do in person. So this tracer makes it really engaging, and our Grandpa loves it. Because he he’s told me multiple times, he cannot watch golf, or could not watch it off, because he just couldn’t see the ball at all. And now he really enjoys it because he can follow along. So I think that’s another huge thing in the media world of golf that is bringing more people to the game.

Nick Schlemmer 18:49
Yeah. And and I think one more point that that we can make just on golf in general is the pricing in the golf industry, if you kind of want to dive into that.

Jack McFarlane 19:01
Yeah. So in the past, you’re buying, you’re buying tour level pro level sets, everyone thinks golf, oh, it’s so expensive. It costs $150. To go play the local country club, I have to have the nicest clothes, I have to buy $1,000 worth of clubs, buy $50 golf balls. And while this is still the case, in some places, depending on your level of golf, you can spend that much money I know we’ve spent a good amount of money on golf clubs and such. But for the average person, we go back to the public golf course that you mentioned earlier in this segment. You can now go play 18 holes for under 40 bucks at most public golf courses, I would say go in the afternoon so you don’t have to dress up super nice. You can get golf balls for under $20

Nick Schlemmer 19:47
You might as well like yeah, you can get I mean if you really want it you can go to Walmart and get like a 50 pack for under $20. Now like, like how Jack mentioned how you can spend $1,500 on clubs and all that like There’s always going to be options. So just you tailor it to whatever you want to spend. There is still that high, high number option. But yeah, now there’s so many more options. It working up to that to where the entry level golfer can just kind of work its way up the system have better equipment in every aspect.

Jack McFarlane 20:20
Because obviously, a cheaper golf equipment won’t perform the same way to a higher level player than tore level club will. But if you’re just starting a golf a buck, I mean, I started on a box that you started on a boxset these are cheaper. I mean, you can get it for under $100 Go to a sporting goods like $70 for a full set of clubs.

Nick Schlemmer 20:41
And I got the I don’t know what you would call it the expensive boxset. But it was 220 bucks. So Dang, only 100 is fine. Yeah, I was. They didn’t show on the course. But But I mean, you can get them for 100 200 300 it just kind of varies to what you’re looking for. And, and most of the time, that’s just how many clubs come in the box set. You’re not going to get a full bag of 14 clubs in a in a box set. You probably only get like 10 or nine. Yeah, you’re not gonna get every wedge, but it’s gonna give you the basics. It’s gonna give you the starting you go play golf. Yeah, you can go play golf. Now. You have and the best part is,

Jack McFarlane 21:23
the best part is although it is meant for more beginner level, you can still play really good with these clubs. These aren’t Oh, yeah, clubs. These aren’t like wooden clubs grabbed out the antique shop for $1. I mean, these are quality clubs, like my first set was a Callaway box set. I mean, it was I think $120 was this, you know, a box. And it was good. I mean, it lasted me all the way up till just a couple months ago. Yeah. So these are quality options for super cheap. So that no matter what status of wealth you have, or how much money you have, you can go enjoy the game of golf. Yeah, and that has grown it exponentially.

Nick Schlemmer 21:59
Definitely I couldn’t agree with that more than for anyone listening who hasn’t taken up golf or, or even betting and I would recommend just giving it a shot, whether it’s putt putt or just going to the range and seeing what you could do. Yeah, I couldn’t tell you how many people that I’ve seen like, Oh, you just go up there and you hit a golf ball and fly straight. That is the most untrue thing I think you could possibly say. If you want to learn about learn a lot about somebody go golf with them. You’ll see you’ll see every emotion is a battle in their body come out on the golf course.

Jack McFarlane 22:35
That’s very true. Yeah, good golf a try. I mean, even if you go the biggest thing for me was like feeling like I didn’t belong like it was almost intimidation, you know, going to the golf course the first time and seeing everyone in the Polos and stuff. Like you know, go later in the afternoon. Just go out there have some fun. That’s the biggest part. And that’s what Golf has really changed. It’s gone from strict. We you know, you do everything this this this way, too. Let’s go out there and have some fun.

Nick Schlemmer 23:00
Yep, definitely. And then I could just kind of going off to just to recommend something. A lot of times if you just if you have like a local just par three course, you only need maybe three or four clubs Max, you can just carry him within your hand if you don’t have a bag. But those are probably the most I would call it chill situations are golf courses that you can go to to where like you said if you’re just trying to figure it out, have some fun, go hit a ball around, have have some have a drink, whatever it may be just those kinds of just you don’t have to go get a golf cart and play 18 and all that. Just play nine holes like a par three course it’s a great experience.

Jack McFarlane 23:37
No so everyone we’re telling you come get involved in golf a lot is happening. It’s changing for the better. And it is really fun.

Nick Schlemmer 23:43
I definitely couldn’t agree more.

Jack McFarlane 23:59
Our final segment. It is time. It’s my revenge time. I did very poorly in episode nine. So I’m coming back with a game time for Nick here. may get a good guy.

Nick Schlemmer 24:11
I’m looking forward to it. Now you have no idea what

Jack McFarlane 24:14
this is no reaction. Alright guys, it is time. I know. You’re all wondering it. Everyone on the show is thinking man. Is Nick smarter than a fifth grader?

Nick Schlemmer 24:25

Jack McFarlane 24:25
I think it’s a fair question to ask. So today we’re gonna find out we have some Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader? Questions for you, Nick. I’d say you be aiming for, you know, 70% and I think we’ll call you smarter than a fifth grader.

Nick Schlemmer 24:38
I would take Yeah, I’m hoping for seven because I remember like freshman year of high school is watching that show and getting questions wrong. So we’ll see how we do.

Jack McFarlane 24:48
Well, I think you got this. Like don’t guys, here we go. I’m gonna get it. Here we go. Some of them are a lot easier than others. So here we go. Are you ready to see if you’re smarter than a fifth grader?

Nick Schlemmer 24:58
Let’s go. I’m ready to go.

Jack McFarlane 25:00
Alright, question one, which Gen led US troops during the Vietnam War? Oh, no, I’m just kidding. I got you there. That was actually a question for college students, but I thought I’d prank you a little bit. The real first question right here. How much is 14 times five?

Nick Schlemmer 25:21
Oh, no.

Jack McFarlane 25:22
No calculator. 30 seconds.

Nick Schlemmer 25:25
Okay, here we go. 14 times five. I’m just gonna guess 76

Jack McFarlane 25:30
Oh, now that’d be a good guess. If it wasn’t a five Nick five in five or zero. That’s a poor guess. It was 70 minutes. Oh, for one guys. I’d be smarter than a fifth grader. All right, question two. The Tropic of Capricorn lies in which hemisphere?

Nick Schlemmer 25:47
The southern hemisphere.

Jack McFarlane 25:49
That’s correct. We’re gonna we’ll bounce back one for two to go. What is the plural form of the word deer?

Nick Schlemmer 25:58
I knew this at one point is it I’m just gonna go is it herd?

Jack McFarlane 26:02
No, it’s deer.

Nick Schlemmer 26:05
I was thinking in my head.

Jack McFarlane 26:09
Deer, what would you call that be noted that Nick has gone hunting a lot in his life. Yeah, that

Nick Schlemmer 26:13
that was part of my life. got that wrong. Okay. Question Four.

Jack McFarlane 26:20
During World War Two on the day known as D Day, out what location did Allied troops invade Europe?

Nick Schlemmer 26:29
I’m going with I don’t know, because I don’t want to embarrass myself.

Jack McFarlane 26:33
He says okay, yes. You know, I’ll give you I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it to you got it right before I said it. What country Nick? Actually this is the real one here. What country I’ll give you the point. If you can tell me the country

Nick Schlemmer 26:47
What country is Normandy in? Belgium.

Jack McFarlane 26:50
That is not a bad guest actually. That’s a pretty solid guest but it’s France for fun history fact. Nazi Germany blitzkrieg through Belgium to get to France and invade and take over so you were pretty close.

Nick Schlemmer 27:04
I’m not the biggest history history buff.

Jack McFarlane 27:06
You’re what one for four? Well, if we counted a b two will count it will count it for you two for four. You’re getting there. Question five. What landmass on Earth is known as the island continent. Why? Now? You might have heard my pause there and I am in utter disbelief. As I said island continent. And Nick is in

Nick Schlemmer 27:29

Jack McFarlane 27:32
Two for five. I think I might have got him guys. I five at listening at home. Yeah, I hope join this as much as I am. Because Yes.

Nick Schlemmer 27:43
Everything bears right now.

Jack McFarlane 27:45
Moving on Question six. Who invented the light bulb? Five seconds.

Nick Schlemmer 27:56
I don’t know.

Jack McFarlane 27:58
All right. Thomas Edison that I should have said. It’s gonna go with your gut because guess what, you now cannot get a 70% vote. Now. You’re looking for a six out of 10. Question seven. What is the law of the longest river in the United States?

Nick Schlemmer 28:16

Jack McFarlane 28:17
That’s a close guess. But it’s the Missouri, trick question because I feel like most people would guess Mississippi there. Yeah. And it’s the Missouri River. To for seven, eight. That’s You’re doing great. Question Eight, who painted the Mona Lisa.

Nick Schlemmer 28:35
Oh, my gosh. Who painted the Mona Lisa. Picasso

Nick Schlemmer 28:50
That’s a valiant attempt but it was Leonardo da Vinci got just a lot better than he is to for eight.

Nick Schlemmer 29:02
I need to go back to fifth grade.

Jack McFarlane 29:05
Final two questions. Let’s get them both right here. Nick. Question Nine Maine borders, which US state?

Nick Schlemmer 29:12
New York.

Jack McFarlane 29:13
That’s not a bad guest and maybe half right if you count it because it’s a New Hampshire, New Hampshire. So you’re pretty close on that one. Nick. Let’s get it here. Final question. You got this, Nick. I really do believe what President is on the $5 bill.

Nick Schlemmer 29:28

Jack McFarlane 29:30
Oh, that’s a good guest but it was Abraham Lincoln and the Land of Lincoln. Pretty cool spring. Well, I think we should give him a big round of applause. Yep. Nick is not smarter than

Nick Schlemmer 29:44
I am not smarter than a fifth grader. I apologize. Everybody who just listen to that.

Jack McFarlane 29:49
Two for 10 I think we got on that time guys because I mean that went better than I could have ever imagined. I’ve really enjoyed that.

Nick Schlemmer 29:57
I would like to think that most of our our audience here is probably getting eight, not nine. Yep. And I put up a what? Two

Jack McFarlane 30:06
A two, two. You’re just being nice letting the audience really beat up on this one.

Nick Schlemmer 30:11
Yep. Yep, that’s what we’ll go with. Nonetheless, that was fun. I like all these gametime segments.

Jack McFarlane 30:18
10 times best time, game time, best time, game time,

Nick Schlemmer 30:21
Best time. And well, we’re almost done with the show here. Let’s go ahead and wrap it up with with my quote of the show.

Nick Schlemmer 30:37
Today’s quote is coming from Marv Levy. He was the head coach in the NFL for 17 seasons, I believe most of us with the bills. Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. And I just love that because we’re all going through different battles that we have in our life. And not backing down is one of the hardest things to do, but can also be one of the best things to do. So I just want to leave that with you guys. Thank you for tuning into the show today. I had a blast. I hope Jack had a blast.

Jack McFarlane 31:06
Yeah, thank you guys so much. We really do appreciate it. Here’s to 10 times the number 10 episode on the road to 100 100 more game times. By the way, we love it!

Nick Schlemmer 31:15
100 More game times. Looking forward to what the future has for us. Thank you for tuning in, guys.

Jack McFarlane 31:21
Yeah, thank you guys so much. Have a nice day.

Nick Schlemmer 31:22
And bye for now.

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