Inclusion Crusade 5 – Protecting Black Women in the Workplace – part 1

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Sarah Morgan

CEO, Buzz A Rooney, LLC

About this episode

Inclusion Crusade 5 – Protecting Black Women in the Workplace – part 1

Host: Sarah Morgan

Guest: Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis, Founder and CEO of 365 Diversity

This episode of the Inclusion kicks off a series for Black History Month 2022 focused on Black women in the HR and DEI space who’ve faced threats, loss of employment, and more following viral online incidents.

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis is a community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, and researcher who connects with local, national, and international communities, schools, businesses, and organizations. Born and raised in the city of Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Dennis lived in North Carolina for 17 years and now lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Dennis is the Founder and CEO of 365 Diversity. Her company helps change policies and actions, curriculum and class materials for K-12 schools and colleges-universities. This includes changing academic programs, career training, policies and evaluations for medical and health schools, medical and health organizations, and medical and health facilities.


Follow Dr. Dennis on Instagram at @365diversity

Read Dr. Dennis’s writings on Medium:

Read about Dr. Dennis’s negative experiences on Social Media HERE

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